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June 6, 2023

Interestingly, from the Bokeh Museum 45.76 33 4 video, you can now watch it through the application of your choice. You can find the application options at

Bokeh Museum Video Editor Application 45.76 33 4 New Version


One way is that you don’t have to look back and forth for the Bokeh Museum 45.76 33 4 video link, both old and new. So it will be more practical if you just download the application version.

At, we have provided several variations of the application that you can download for free.

After Focus Pro Version Application

The application that is the choice of many people in terms of videos and bokeh photos is After Focus. Before this, you may have heard of or even used the application.

If we talk about bokeh photos and videos, there are several application names that are quite well-known and one of them is After Focus. Not without reason, yes, the application is well-known and can be said top one in the bokeh editor category.

When looking at the explanation of the After Focus application from the photo of the application, you will find that the main feature of the application is blur bokeh. This bokeh blur is applied to the general background part of the photo.

So that After Focus is often used by people who want to edit photos into bokeh backgrounds in a short time and the process is not complicated.

Name AfterFocus Pro
Price Paid
Feature Premium
Downloads 100,000+

Alight Motion Mod


The best thing you can get in this sophisticated era is a cool video editor application and its modifications. Who doesn’t want to edit videos in Alight Motion?

Especially the premium features which are really cool make all editors tempted to use them. The limitation is that these premium features are paid or require users to subscribe.

Here comes the Alight Motion Mod application, which was remade by a third party and certainly not from the application developer. You can only get this third-party version of Alight Motion from certain sites that provide links on the internet.

However, be careful with Mod application users because it can harm your device considering that security and permissions are not very clear.

Name Alight Motion Mod
Price Free
Feature Premium
Downloads 50,000,000+

Bokeh Effects Editor


The choice of applications regarding photo editor bokeh effects and also videos still falls on the Bokeh Effects Editor. From the name alone, it reflects the usefulness of this bokeh effects application for what?

The most certain thing is that you don’t just find a blur background effect. There is such a thing as an overlay feature and this is useful for combining your selection of bokeh lights filters with your original photo.

What for? So that the filters don’t overlap and your edits will be more natural. So, if the bokeh lights photo that you have made wants to be uploaded to any social media, it is also very possible.

There is also a share feature which functions to speed up the process of sharing photos or videos without changing the original resolution of the photos.

Name Bokeh Effects Editor
Price Free
Feature Original
Downloads 100,000+

CapCut Video Editor


Everyone is familiar with the CapCut application right? If you frequently open Tiktok, you must have seen this Capcut link which is directly linked by the content creator so that other users can use the same template.

Is there a template in the CapCut application? The answer is yes and you can find various types of tiktok video templates or others in the video editor application.

If you want to participate in making videos that are trendy or viral, just search for the name of the video or enter the most related keywords. Now, a template will appear where you can immediately add photos and videos according to the directions.

Without the need for a lot of adjustments, the results are good because it’s a ready-made template.

Name CapCut Video Editor
Price Gree
Feature Premium
Downloads 100,000,000+

Dazz Cam


Want to make your photos more aesthetic without having to edit them again? There is a Dazz Cam camera ready to help you and solve this problem. The Dazz Cam application is currently being targeted by young people.

You won’t regret it if you download the Dazz Cam application to your cellphone because it’s really that useful. Especially for those of you who are too lazy to spend a lot of effort so that photos can be aesthetic.

If you already have Dazz Cam, all you have to do is select the camera effect you want to use and the results of your photos will definitely be very aesthetic. Dazz Cam Apk also has quite a variety of effects, you know.

So, your photos will always have different nuances and not just be monotonous.

Name Dazz Cam
Price Free on iOS
Feature Original
Downloads 10,000,000+

Download the Best Full HD 45.76 33 4 Bokeh Museum Application

Which application do you want to download? Or do you still need more recommendations regarding the bokeh museum 45.76 33 4 viral, this really pink high school student?

Don’t worry, because still has many other explanations.



Nowadays, there are many video editor applications that offer template features to make it easier for users to edit. For example, the Easy Cut application, which turns out to have prepared many template options that are ready to use.

Maybe the templates in Easy Cut can’t be connected directly to Tiktok, so many don’t know. However, that’s not a big deal because you can use it right in the app.

You don’t need to be confused anymore about which video editor application you want to use. Just determine which specifications are most suitable for use and match the size of the application again to your smartphone device.

Name EasyCut
Price Free
Feature Premium & originals
Downloads 10,000,000+

Funimate Apk Mod


Want to edit videos and look like a pro editor? What you need is an application capable of producing level videos advanced with easy use.

The answer is the Funimate application and everyone can search and download applications on the Play Store or similar application stores. Features and other things in Funi mate are not much different from other applications.

Maybe the main difference is only in the application display as well as some additional features that might be more complete.

Name Funimate
Price Free
Feature Premium
Downloads 10,000,000+

Gogo Live Apk


An application that also provides interesting bokeh video content is the Gogo Live Apk. In GOGO Live, you can interact directly with fellow users or create content together.

And you can also be a user who only enjoys all the content in the Gogo Live application. Don’t worry about the content of the hosts on Gogo Live because all of them have beautiful faces and are enough to entertain you.

Price Free
Feature Premium
Downloads 1,000,000+

You can download several options for the Bokeh Museum 45.76 33 4 application or just one according to your taste.

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