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June 6, 2023 – Searching for sites that have been blocked will indeed be very impossible if you do it directly through the Google search engine. So instead of that you need to explore it in another way, to be precise by opening the Croxy Duckduckgo Proxy service first.

There are lots of advantages that you can get from this service, and you can take advantage of all of these advantages for free on Android and iPhone. Here Mimin will explain all the advantages of searching for the video, so that you can also take advantage of all the advantages in it.

Croxy DuckDuckGo APK Proxy Review

Croxy Duckduckgo proxy

Croxy DuckDuckGo Proxy is a browser-like service that will allow you to open all sites on Google. So for all sites on Google, later you can open them easily when you use the Croxy Proxy service.

One of the advanced capabilities that you can rely on from this application is opening a blocked site. And you can do this easily, without the need to set up additional applications such as a virtual proxy network or what is commonly known as a VPN.

You can also do the search process for blocked sites very quickly, without the need to wait for a long process. Due to the process of removing blocked sites, it will usually take a very long time if you use other browser services to search for them.

Every one of you who uses the Croxy DuckDuckGo Proxy will definitely get lots of benefits that you can have without the need to subscribe. So there’s nothing wrong if the Android phone that you have now provides a very good browser service like DuckDuckGo.

Here’s How to Use the Croxy DuckDuckGo Bokeh Proxy


To take advantage of a browser that has advanced capabilities like DuckDuckGo, of course, expect you to open the service first. Because for the Croxy DuckDuckGo Proxy service itself is a browser that you can find in the form of a website.

The sophisticated system that it has, of course, can only be accessed when you have successfully opened the browser. And Mimin says again that you can open the sophisticated system of DuckDuckGo Proxy very easily, or without the need to use a VPN application again.

But for those of you who are using a service like this for the first time, you might feel a little confused about how to use the Croxy DuckDuckGo Proxy. Therefore Mimin will provide a tutorial first, on how to open DuckDuckGo easily.

  1. The first step you can open Google or Chrome first.
  2. After that, you can enter directly Search Column.
  3. In that column, you just enter Croxy DuckDuckGo Proxy Keywords. For convenience, you can also enter a URL
  4. You do the search process, and if it is successful you will be redirected to the initial appearance of the site.
  5. When the site has been successfully opened, then you can Enter Keyword from any site you want to open.
  6. Later you will see several options, from the search results for the site or service you are looking for.
  7. If you have, you can open the site you want to open, by clicking on the name of the site.

With the advanced capabilities provided by the Croxy DuckDuckGo Proxy, now you can open any site that is already blocked. And you can do all of that very quickly, because this browser already provides a search feature with a fast search system.

Advantages You Can Get From Croxy DuckDuckGo Proxy


Opening a site that has been blocked is of course a distinct advantage that you can later find from the Croxy Proxy site. And all that you can get, because on the site there is already an excellent feature that you can use for free.

The existence of an excellent feature, of course, is a system that is most relied on by the developer. Because indirectly, they were able to make Croxy DuckDuckGo Proxy have a very superior system and not shared by other similar sites.

What’s unique is that you can also find all the available features, with a display that’s so simple that you can use it easily. So for those of you who are using the Croxy Proxy for the first time to open blocked sites, this is no longer a problem for you.

Of all the excellent features that you can find later, here Mimin has provided a summary for all of you. The goal is that you can understand even more, with all the existence of the features and functions of each feature contained in the Croxy DuckDuckGo Proxy.

1. Can Be Accessed Without Registering

One of the advantages that you can get later, is that you can immediately use the system without the need to register. Policies like this are very different from other browsers, because other browsers will definitely require you to register.

2. Free of Subscription Fees

You can access all the sophistication provided by this application at any time within 24 hours. And no matter how much or how often you use the Croxy DuckDuckGo Proxy, later you can use it without the need to subscribe.

3. Fast Video Search

To give you another convenience, later you can also get access to searches that are so fast. It doesn’t need to take a long time or in just a few seconds, the site you are looking for can later open immediately.

4. Open All Bokeh Videos

All users of this service, of course, use the system more often to open a blocked site. That way you can get access to a much wider search, thanks to the sophisticated system that this application has.

5. Ads Never Appear

In order to provide comfort when you access it, this application will allow screen display without any ad interruptions. This advantage is also very different from other search engines, where almost all of them will always be filled with advertisements.

6. There are Search Categories

You can open millions of sites or websites on Google, of course, very easily through the Croxy DuckDuckGo Proxy. Because in the main view of this application, you will be shown a search category which will make it easier for you to open sites like any.

Link Download Proxy Croxy DuckDuckGo APK Video Player

Before browsing all blocked sites from this service, you need to open the Croxy DuckDuckGo Proxy first through the device you have. And specifically for those of you who use a cellphone device, you can use this browser in the application variant.

If you take advantage of the Croxy Proxy in the application version, then you will get more benefits from the site variant. Of course you can get these advantages in terms of features which do have more complete types and functions than other variants.

When you want to take advantage of a service like this for a long time, then you better have the app version. And you can download the application version via Playstore, or you can also use a download link that Mimin has provided in the following table:

Application Name Croxy DuckDuckGo Proxy APK
Size 37MB
Version Latest
OS Android 7+
Price Free
installed 10,000,000+
Ratings 4,6
Release Year 2016
Download links Here

A performance that is so sophisticated from this service, of course you can use it as a substitute for the Yandex application. Because as you know in the explanation that Mimin conveyed above, this application can help you open a blocked browser.

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