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June 7, 2023 – Almost every time, surely you need an application that is embedded in your cellphone to support all your activities that you do. Because HP devices won’t be able to work properly, if they don’t have the most popular Indonesian Yandex 2020 video application.

The number of types application which you can find right now, including in a technological development that you can find easily today. So if your cellphone is not equipped with these various applications, Mimin guarantees that the cellphone that you have cannot be used optimally.

Download the Most Popular Yandex 2020 Indonesia Videos Application

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A technological development that is increasingly rapidly, will certainly allow you to simplify all matters from various things. In fact, you can also use it to make a profit, because some of the current applications are indeed compatible if you use it to make money.

Here Mimin will explain about several money-making applications, and several other applications that are very compatible to use for the next few years. So to immediately find out all the variants of the application, right now you need to pay attention to all the contents of the following article.

1. Video

Download-Application-Videos-Yandex-2020-Indonesia-Most Popular

An application called Vidio will later help you watch all the Premier League matches in 2022. This application is already very popular, because almost all the broadcasts in it are the best broadcasts from all over the world.

Some of them are like providing action films which you can later watch and download very easily. But before that you need to subscribe first, so that the services you get from the Vidio application can be much more complete and profitable for you to use.

Application Name Video
Size 47MB
Price Free
Version v6.4.5
installed 50,000,000+

2. Lightroom Mod

Videos-Yandex-2020-Indonesia-Most Popular-Viral-No-Sensor

Each of you who uses the Lightroom Mod application, of course, can do the photo editing process in a very easy way. And the photo editing process that you do through this application too, you can later get with results that are so stunning for everyone to see.

Here Mimin offers the Lightroom application, in the Mod version or which has been modified by the developer. Because by using the Mod version, later you can get a much bigger advantage in having photo editing equipment.

Application Name Lightroom Mod
Version Latest
installed 100,000,000+
OS Android 7+
Price Free

3. Neo Bank

Videos-Yandex-2020-Indonesia-Most Popular-Viral-No-Sensor

Now, you can do the transaction process very easily, especially if you already have an application called Neo Bank. So for the Neo Bank application, it functions as a very sophisticated digital wallet service to support all your activities in carrying out your daily activities.

With all the capabilities that this Neo Bank application has, later you can also generate coffers of money from every mission that you carry out. Therefore Mimin offers an application called Bank Neo, so you can also get coffers from carrying out the missions in it.

Application Name Neobank
Size 39MB
Price Free
OS Android 7+
Version Latest

4. KineMaster Diamond

Videos-Yandex-2020-Indonesia-Most Popular-Bokeh-Museum-Indo

Sometimes the Android mobile device that you have requires additional applications that are useful in editing a video. So, the most appropriate application for Android phones is KineMaster Diamond, whose existence already provides lots of video editing tools.

Even if you are an expert in understanding this application, you will later feel that the tools available are very similar to the editing tools from paid applications. So instead of that, Mimin recommends that you download KineMaster Diamond, because at any time, of course, you need to edit videos.

Application Name KineMaster Diamond
Size 87MB
Price Free
OS Android 7+
Version v7.4.5

5. Joox Mod APK

Videos-Yandex-2020-Indonesia-Most Popular-Videos-Viral-Japan-Duration-3-Hours

In spending free time, of course there are lots of activities that you can do, so that free time doesn’t feel boring. One of them is like listening to music online, by utilizing an Android-based application called Joox Mod APK.

Mimin deliberately recommends the Joox application in its modified version, because only in that version can you get various benefits. And the most important advantage is that you can listen to music as much as possible for free, or without the need for a subscription.

Application Name Joox Mod APK
Price Free
Year of Release 2018
OS Android 7+
Version Latest

6. LINE Camera

Link-Videos-Yandex-2020-Indonesia-Most Popular-Viral-No-Sensor

The camera system that is embedded in the Android cellphone device itself, you really cannot rely on to make cool photo shots. Due to the system on the camera, it has a drawback that will make the photo shots darker or less clear.

But for now you can handle it very easily, because for now there is already an application called LINE Camera. Because with all the capabilities that the LINE Camera application has, later you will feel a significant increase in the quality of your HP camera.

Application Name LINECamera
Size 34MB
Version v6.3.4
Price Free
Updates August 2022

7. Rezu


Now Mimin, switch to a money-making application, where the money-making application that you can use right now is Rezzu. The money-making system that you can do from this application is by completing exciting missions that have been provided by the developer.

Of course from each of these missions there will be rewards in the form of coins which you will need to collect later so that later they can be exchanged for money. You can run all available missions for free, and you don’t need to do any additional download processes for these missions.

Application Name Rezzu
Price Free
installed 10,000,000+
Version Latest
OS Android 7+

8. mRewards


Now you can use an application called mRewards too easily to make money and also your DANA balance. From every time you complete a mission, you will be given a reward containing important items to be exchanged into money.

The process of completing the mission of this application is certainly very easy for you to do, because the appearance of the application looks very simple. Therefore Mimin offers this one application to you, so that you can also take advantage of all the benefits that you can get from the mReward application.

Application Name mRewards
Size 40MB
Price Free
Version Latest
OS Android 7+

9. Lucky You


Complete the exciting missions contained in the Lucky You application, and you can definitely get lots of benefits later. One of the advantages that you can get from this application, is the existence of interesting items that you can certainly collect to be exchanged into money.

This one money-making application can be said to be the newest service which is still quite worth it for you to use. And of course you can easily find the existence of the application, because you can download the Lucky You application via the Playstore.

Application Name Lucky You
Price Free
OS Android 7+
Version v6.3.4
installed 1,000,000+

10. Cash Tubes


For those of you who like to watch interesting Yandex videos, for now you can simultaneously use it as an access to make money. So by using the Cash Tube application, you will be presented with various collections of very interesting Youtube videos for you to watch.

Then when you watch all the videos provided, you will immediately get a reward in the form of coins. And up to here, of course you already understand, that it is these coins that you can immediately exchange for money or other exchange options.

Application Name Cash Tube
Version v2.6.4
Size 34MB
Release Year 2018
Price Free

How to Watch Videos Yandex Browser Search MP3

An application with various types of functions that Mimin recommended above, of course you can download all of them or by selecting just one of them. Because Mimin is also sure that some of the applications that Mimin has recommended above have already been downloaded by you.

Especially for making the most popular Indonesian Yandex 2020 videos, of course you can take advantage of video editing applications and several camera applications that Mimin has recommended. And if you have managed to have all of these applications, then you can take advantage of all the application systems properly.

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