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June 7, 2023

RumahKejudi.co.id – In a content that you usually find on the internet, of course now you can find it easily through certain applications. For example, the viral North Sumatra Xxnamexx Mean Xxii Xxiii Xxiv content, which you can now find and download easily via the Android application.

Now, of course, with the presence of the Xxnamexx Mean Xxii Xxiii Xxiv North Sumatra site, the problem of finding bokeh museum videos doesn’t need to be confused anymore. Because all kinds of bokeh videos originating from all over the world can later be easily found in it.

Xxnamexx Mean Xxii Xxiii Xxiv North Sumatra

So, of course, if you often watch bokeh videos, you will often be curious about how these videos are made. Where to make a bokeh video from Indonesia, this is done in a simple way, namely using an ordinary cellphone camera.

But in the process of making it, you can take advantage of additional applications in the form of HD cameras that can be used on Android devices. If you are interested in the type of application used, now you can also listen to the following reviews.

1. Open Camera

This means that this application has reached 50 million downloads, so this application is equipped with various advanced features that can later help in the process of making your bokeh videos.

Open Camera is equipped with various types of lighting features that improve the quality of your videos, gaess. You’ll also find the Camera ISO feature here, with settings you can manually adjust to maximize results.

Application Name OpenCamera
Size 16MB
Version v2.0,3
Updates June 2022

2. Blur DSLR Backgrounds

Xxnamexx Mean Xxii Xxiii Xxiv North Sumatra

Blur Background DSLR is a very popular Android HD camera app and has been used by millions of users for this app. This DSLR Blur Background application is packed with a myriad of excellent features which will later improve video quality.

Apart from recording videos so that the bokeh videos that you make can be maximized, you can also immediately maximize the editing features provided. And certainly this editing feature is easy to use because the appearance of this application is very simple. And, if you are interested in this application, please just download the application through the Play Store and Apps Store.

Application Name DSLR Blur Backgrounds
Size 11MB
Ratings 4,8
Application Price Free

3. BlurCamera

Xxnamexx Mean Xxii Xxiii Xxiv North Sumatra

Like the quality of DSLR camera cameras, bokeh videos can be made only with the Blur Camera application. The Blur Camera application is equipped with many interesting features that can later support every video transition that is made.

This allows you to create stunning video works without lowering the resolution obtained. The Blue Camera application can only be accessed on Android devices, so iOS device users can download other applications.

Application Name BlurCamera
Size 20MB
Updates 2022
Version Latest

4. PhotoDirector

If you like recording videos with a dark background, you can now install the PhotoDirector application. An application that is equipped with an ISO camera function, which can later become your mainstay to produce good quality videos.

PhotoDirector also comes with a lot of nifty lighting filters, so now you can install them on your respective phones. The size of this application is quite small, so the download process that is carried out later does not take up a lot of quota.

Application Name PhotoDirector
Size 50MB
Updates 2022
Version Latest


By using the North Sumatra Xxnamexx Mean Xxii Xxiii Xxiv application called Snapseed, later you can make videos in an aesthetic style. This application is made like an expensive camera that is widely used and has some excellent excellent features to use.

The advantage of this application is that it can be accessed on iOS devices, so that any device used will of course be very compatible with the application. And you can directly choose to install it now.

Application Name Snapseed
Size 100MB
Updates 2022
Version Latest

6. VSDC Free Video Editor

The ultimate video editing app for laptops that is free to download but doesn’t offer the usual quality of editing. Because even though it’s free, VSDC Free Video Editor has quite complete features compared to other applications, other features actually have to be paid for.

The resulting output is fairly complete with various types of extensions. Starting from simple and light like 3gp to good quality like MKV or HD.

With various results, beginners can maximize their bokeh video edits.

Application Name VSDC Free Video Editor
Developers VSDC Inc.
Updates 2022
Version Latest

7. Google Camera

Don’t want to lose to other developers. The large Google company also has a camera application that allows us to take bokeh photos. By using the Google Camera application, we can easily make photo backgrounds with bokeh.

Whether it’s a finished photo or applying effects in real time when taking photos. Apart from that, Google Camera also has other interesting features. Such as HDR +, video stabilizer, 360 degree photos, smart brushes, slow motion, and so on.

But unfortunately this application only runs optimally on Nexus and Pixel devices. Even if we use another smartphone, we can also use this application. But first we need to adjust the settings.

Application Name Google Camera
Size Light
Updates 2022
Version Latest

8. AfterFocus

The next Camera app that we recommend is AfrerFocus. With this application we can blur the background of a photo like a photo from a DSLR camera. There are two ways that we can use the AfterFocus application to make blurry photos.

The first is to use automatic mode. In this mode, we simply mark the part of the photo where we want to add a bokeh effect with just one touch.

Later, the AfterFocus application will automatically blur all the backgrounds in the tote bag. Also includes complex photo objects.

The second uses manual mode. With this mode we can choose for ourselves which part of the photo we blur. Apart from that, the MotionOne application also offers various other basic effects to make our photos cooler.

Application Name AfterFocus
Size Light
Updates 2022
Version Latest

9.Real Bokeh

Video Xxnamexx Mean Xxii Xxiii Xxiv North Sumatra can be updated directly via Real Bokeh with various cool features. You can create high-quality bokeh effects, making parts of the video look very real without editing.

Do you want to add light effects? The Real Bokeh application offers up to 33 light effects, while the selection of bokeh effects can include up to 36 types. After the Bokeh Museum video editing process is complete, you can save the video in full HD quality.

Application Name Real Bokeh
Size Light
Updates 2022
Version Latest

10.Square Blur

The beautiful appearance of the application proves that the edits from this bokeh video application are of very high quality. The Square Blur application comes with a variety of complete video editing features that can be accessed for free or by subscription.

Features commonly used in the Square Blur application include trimming, adjustment, and cropping. To make the video look blurry, you can apply a blur effect to the desired area. This application also offers save options with different resolutions, gaess.

Application Name Square Blur
Size Light
Updates 2022
Version Latest

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