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June 6, 2023

One of the best places to watch all the best complete android bokeh movies from year to year is at Yandex All Movies Apk. And you can get the application link at


For those of you who want to use the search for free movies, then use the Yandex All Movies application on your cellphone. There you will find lots of recommendations for full lights bokeh films, bokeh no sensor, both on Android and iPhone.

Or use this app similar to Yandex All Movies with and find your favorite bokeh movies there. What are the applications? Full explanation is available at

CapCut Video Editor Apk


This CapCut application is a video editor that is now being favored by smartphone users. They find it easy to edit videos from this application.

Previously, you might have felt that editing videos was a difficult thing. Yes, it’s hard, but this CapCut will help you to make the video editing process easier and faster.

The secret is to just use the video template that CapCut creators have created when you want to edit a video. All you have to do is select the template and then immediately enter the video or photo according to the specified number.

But automatically your video will be in sync with the music from the template.

Name CapCut Video Editor
Downloads 100M+
Version Latest Version
Review Ratings 4,2

Video Editor Glitch Effects

There are people who prefer to edit photos or videos with a glitch theme. The color of this glitch effect is also much brighter and also gives a shadowy impression.

Maybe not all video editor applications have effects with glitch themes and most of the effects are just that. However, there is the name of the Glitch Video Editor application.

This application is famous for its various glitch effects and also additional filters eccentric other. Glitch Video This effect makes more sense if you use it to edit videos that really require a lot of effects.

Such as slow videos or other exciting videos so that the effect goes with your video.

Name Glitch Cam – Video Editor Effects
Downloads 50 million+
Version Latest Version
Review Ratings 4,2

Canva Design & Photo Editor


For those of you workers, school children, students, or others who need an application to make a design or other project that requires a design, use the Canva application.

We highly recommend this application for users because from just one application you can do many things. And the advantage of this application is that you can work on a project together with other people.

For example, you are asked by a teacher or lecturer to make material with PPT with a group. So, if only one person is doing it, it’s better to invite everyone in the group to make a PPT in Canva.

You just look for the PPT template, then share the PPT project link with the intended person. So, when they enter the link, they can immediately start the PPT creation process as well.

This applies to all the projects you do on Canva. The advantage is that all the items that will support your PPT can be searched for free on Canva.

Name Canva Design, Photos And Videos
Downloads 100M+
Version Latest Version
Review Ratings 4,8

LightX Photo Editor


The best application that you can use to cut photo backgrounds using a cellphone is LightX Photo Editor. The cut of the image here is also quite neat so you can make the results of the photo for other things.

There are two choices of background remover tools that you can use, namely person and object. If you want to remove the background where the contents are photos of people, then just select the person.

But if the photo is another object, then select the object tool and the background will automatically be erased without you having to cut it yourself.

Name LightX Photo Editor
Downloads 10m+
Version Latest Version
Review Ratings 4,5

Snow Selfie & Photo Editor


One camera application that has been used by more than 100 million people in the world is SNOW. Why is the SNOW app so popular with people? SNOW is a camera app that can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.

Apart from that, you can use this application to edit photos or directly take a selfie camera. All the features here can be used for free and nothing is premium.

Not to mention the choice of effects and filters that are here are really good and will make your selfie even more beautiful.

Downloads 100M+
Version Latest Version
Review Ratings 4,1

Collage Maker Photo Editor

Collage Maker Photo Editor is a photo editor application that has collage features as well as story templates in one place. If you want to make several photos in one place.

Then the feature used is Collage and all you have to do is choose how many collages are needed. However, if you want to make the story better then use a story template.

What is the maximum number of photos that are included in the collage in this Hoto Grid? You can combine up to 20 photos into one and just choose what form of collage you want. Do you want your edits to be even more interesting? Just take advantage of the stickers or templates that are here.

Name Collage Maker – Photo Editor
Downloads 100M+
Version Latest Version
Review Ratings 4,9

PREQUEL Aesthetic Photo Editor


One of the photo editor applications that has various aesthetic effects such as 90s, VHS, and also vintage is PREQUEL. Additional new effects in the application are cartoon effects.

Now we will discuss about the first cartoon effect boom among social media users. This cotton effect is really cool because it can make our selfie photos as beautiful as disney princesses.

Not only this effect that will make your photos cool, but all the types of filters in this PREQUEL are aesthetic and must be tried.

Name PREQUEL Aesthetic Photo Editor
Downloads 10M+
Version Latest Version
Review Ratings 4,8

Cut Cut

Cut Cut is a photo editor application whose main feature is to cut a photo background. If you have finished cutting the photo background, then paste it directly into another background.

This kind of application will make it easier for you to channel your imagination in editing photos. You can place your photos in different places.

Or if you want to combine your photo with someone’s photo but want to match the background, then you have to cut one of the photo backgrounds first.

Name Cut Cut Photo Editor Cut Out
Downloads 50 million+
Version Latest Version
Review Ratings 4,5

By using the Yandex application for all these films, you can watch all bokeh full no sensor videos. You can look for other alternatives at

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