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June 1, 2023 – For those of you who like to look for entertainment events, you can take advantage of several types of supporting applications that you can find on the PlayStore or Appstore. Because for now, there are many official applications that share some interesting content, such as bokeh film videos, for free.

Where this was very difficult for you before, because some entertainment applications like that can only be had for a fee. With that, you need to try to have the application, so that later you can get all the excitement in watching this entertainment program.

Application for the latest Android 2022 Bokeh Film Video Indonesia


Along with the development of technology, of course you can’t just find one application which is useful in watching entertainment content. But you can also get an advantage, from the presence of a money-making application that you can use for free.

Even now, the number of applications does not only have one variant, but you will find several other application variants. And of course here Mimin will share all categories of the application, through a summary that has been presented as follows.

1. Bling Stories


Thanks to the presence of the Bling Story application, you will always be presented with a selection of interesting videos from all over the world. The videos available in it are really interesting, and you can download all of them so you can watch them online again.

For the Bling Story application, you can also use it easily, in generating coffers of money by collecting coins. This kind of coin collecting mission is certainly very easy for you to do, so from now on you can try the application.

Application Name Bling Stories
Size 23MB
Version Latest
Updates August 2022
OS Android 10+

2.Fizo Novels


Fizo Novel is a fairly new application, which for this application itself provides lots of interesting novels in it. For all the categories of novels provided by this application, you can get all of them for free and the genres are so complete.

Apart from providing an interesting selection of novels, you can also use this application to make money, by completing all the missions in it, you can later get a very complete selection of novels, and at the same time Mimin reminds you that you can have them for free.

Application Name Fizo Novels
Size 34MB
Version v6.3.4
Updates 2022
Price Free

3. Neo Plus


By utilizing the Neo Plus application, for now you can have a digital wallet with maximum capabilities. A digital wallet application will also provide benefits for you, in generating coffers of money that you can have for free.

There are several additional missions that you can receive from the Neo Plus application, where you can carry out all of these missions very easily. So this is what makes Mimin feel interested in the Neo Plus application, and try so that you can try the application too.

Application Name Neo Plus
Size 39MB
Version v6.3.2
OS Android 10+
installed 10,000,000+

4. Read Plus


Over time, now everyone can get various sources of information very easily. Starting with social media services, up to the presence of additional applications such as Baca Plus which always provides interesting news in it.

Thanks to all the interesting news in the Baca Plus application, later you also have great potential to earn money. You can’t miss the uniqueness and benefits like this, so for now you can download the Baca Plus application.

Application Name Read Plus
Size 28MB
Version Latest
Updates 2022
OS Android 10+

5. BuzzBreak


With the presence of the BuzzBreak application, you can later read a news story while generating the coffers of money in it. Thousands of types of updated news that you can find every day, will help you to add insight.

You can have the existence of this application for free, and the news you read in it will also have the potential to make money. Your task from this application will only need to read as much news as possible, and collect coin rewards to quickly exchange them into money.

Application Name BuzzBreak
Size 45MB
Version Latest
Updates 2022
Price Free

6. MiChat


Getting to know someone virtually seems to be a trend most favored by young people today. Especially now that there is a MiChat application which will make it easier for everyone to meet whoever is in it.

So for this application itself it will be very useful, in bringing together other users with other users. Which is also supported, with the existence of chat and video call features that you can get easily and for free.

Application Name MiChat
Size 54MB
Version v7.3.3
OS Android 10+
Updates August 2022

7. LithMatch


The availability of an application called LithMatch will make it easier for you to get acquainted with someone from all over the world. In the LithMatch application, you will meet millions of other users from all over the world, whom you can later get acquainted with.

The reason is that in this application, each of you will be provided with a feature that is useful for carrying out the communication process virtually. Of course in the LithMatch application you will also be presented with a video call feature which will obviously give you a very interesting impression later.

Application Name LithMatch
measure 56MB
Version v5.3.4
OS Android 10+
Updates 2022

8.GB WhatsApp


Using the WhatsApp application in the Mod version, of course, will provide distinct advantages for you as a user of the application. And a unique thing about the WhatsApp Mod application, where for now you can find lots of variants of the WA Mod application.

One of them is the GB WhatsApp variant, which until now provides a lot of excellent features in it. Where all of these superior features have such good functions, and will give you your own advantages in using chat applications.

Application Name GBWhatsApp
Size 46MB
Version v5.3.1
Price Free
OS Android 10+

9. Remini Pro


Maybe there are still very many of you who are always dissatisfied with the results of the photos that you get on the Android cellphone that you have. But since the presence of the Remini Pro application, you can get rid of all these feelings of dissatisfaction very easily.

So in this Remini Pro application you will be presented with a useful tool to improve the quality of photos very quickly. So what used to be a normal photo, later you can turn it into a more beautiful photo.

Application Name Remini Pro
Size 67MB
Version Latest
Updates 2022
OS Android 10+

10. CapCut Pro Mod APK


If in the past everyone could only edit videos via a PC device, but for now everyone can edit a video via a HP device. This can happen, because there is already an Android video editing application that you can use for free.

And there is no need to doubt the ability to edit videos, because it is certain that the results of the videos that you get will look very optimal. The various video editing tools that CapCut Pro Mod APK has are very complete, and they will support you in creating stunning photo works.

Application Name CapCut Pro Mod APK
Size 75MB
Version v8.4.3
Price Free
installed 50,000,000+

An application that provides entertainment content that can also make money, of course Mimin has provided it above and hopes that you will download the application. The reason is that just by watching Japanese bokeh film videos, you can later get lots of benefits from the rewards provided

What’s more, all the applications that Mimin offers can also be had for free, without any additional costs that you need to pay. So what are you waiting for, please choose the application recommendations listed above and download the application that is very interesting for you to use.

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