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May 28, 2023 – There is an application that you can find right now, by using which you can open various large sites that have been blocked. The application is called Simolex, whose existence you can use with a Virtual Proxy Network or what is commonly called a VPN.

Until now, you can use Simolex APK for free, and take advantage of all the performance in it to open blocked sites. And most importantly, you can have this application for free, or more precisely, you can use the Simolex application without the need to subscribe.

Simolex APK Application Review


Simolex is a VPN-like application in which it provides a large selection of VPN networks from all over the world. Thanks to VPN applications like this, of course each of you will be able to open much bigger things via the internet.

Even with these sophisticated capabilities, each of you can later open a site or websites that have been blocked. It can be said that this application was developed by a third party, so for anyone who wants to have this application, they will not be able to find it through the Playstore.

Several systems are offered by the developer in this application as well, all of which are of modern and sophisticated standards. So the process of connecting between your cellphone and the available VPN network will take place very quickly without taking a long time.

To get a good quality VPN network, of course you can also take advantage of several connection options in it. And you can have all of that for free, without the need to subscribe or spend money on this one application.

Superior Features of the Latest Version of Simolex Free Fast VPN


The application that we are discussing now, of course, has been designed as well as possible by the developer of this application. Which in this case, each user can certainly get a lot of convenience when accessing the application.

In the Simolex APK application, you can indeed take advantage of all types of VPN services that are already available in it. You don’t even need to download all of that manually, but everything will be immediately available after you have successfully downloaded and installed Simolex.

All the conveniences and many advantages that you can get from the Simolex application, of course you will never miss its superior features. Due to the modification process, which must have been added by the developer, is the existence of superior features that can work very sophisticatedly.

As a potential user of this application, of course you also have to understand all of these superior features. The goal itself is so that you can understand more, with all types of features and functions of the superior features themselves which you can later have.

1. Keyword and Link Search Feature

To make it easier for you to open the desired bokeh viewing site, you can later use the search feature in it. So you only need to enter a link or keywords, to open a site that you really want to visit.

2. Complete VPN Network Availability

As you know, right now there are many types of VPN that you can find from all over the world. And the unique thing is that all of these VPNs are available in the Simolex application, so all you have to do is open or choose a VPN network that you like.

3. Without the Need to Do the Registration Process

By downloading and then installing this application, you can immediately take advantage of all the advanced features in it. So without the need to register let alone make a subscription process, in this application you can definitely use a VPN network with a stable network speed.

4. Free Until Whenever To Use

The developer of this application will later allow each user to be able to access the application for free. Whether it’s a sophisticated system or a VPN network that is available in it, surely you will be able to open it very quickly and also for free.

5. Very Fast Search Process

Because the internet speed of each VPN can run stably, each of you will be able to open any kind of bokeh viewing site so quickly. The browsing process will also run smoothly, without any ad interruptions.


Maybe many of you are already aware that right now there are several VPN applications that you can have easily. However, what becomes one of the obstacles for many people is the process of using the application, which requires a subscription before accessing it.

Then with things like this, a developer appears who tries to create a VPN application with a choice of networks that can be accessed free of charge. An example is Simolex Pro, which always offers lots of free VPN networks with very fast connection access.

By just opening the Simolex application, the system will automatically offer some of the best VPNs in the world. But what is clear is that you need to download the application first, via a link that Mimin has listed in the following table:

Application Name Simolex
File Size 10MB+
Version v1.0.0
Updates New Version
OS Android 4.5
Application Fee There isn’t any
Download links Here

If you want to download this application yourself, of course you can later take advantage of a third-party application store service that can be accessed via any type of browser. But to make it even easier, there’s nothing wrong if you use the link that Mimin previously provided above.

Watch and follow how to install Simolex Fast VPN Android 2023

Application store services such as Playstore and Appstore are not the most appropriate service for downloading Mod versions of applications. Especially for those of you who want to download the Simolex Mod APK application, only third-party application stores provide it.

It doesn’t even end there, but you also need to do the next process before the application is ready to use. Where the process is to install it manually, for example like a few step by step which you can see in the following tutorial:

  1. The first step is you go inside FileManager which is in your HP.
  2. After that, you immediately do it by opening the menu that says Internal Storage.
  3. In that menu, you can proceed to click on an additional option that says Downloads folder.
  4. When you successfully enter the download folder, proceed to the next stage, namely by selecting the menu Download History.
  5. If you have searched for an APK file, from the Simolex Pro application that you have previously downloaded.
  6. And when the application file has been found, please proceed by clicking on an option that says Install.
  7. Later options will appear After Additionand when you buy it there will be options Unknown Source.
  8. The last time you gave Check Mark in that option, and automatically the installation process will take place immediately.

By following the easy steps that Mimin has provided, you can definitely install the Simolex application perfectly. And when everything is done, then your task now is only to take advantage of all the advantages available in it.

Is Simolex Free VPN Online Bokeh Streaming Safe to Use?


The emergence of an application that operates as a VPN service, of course, is not your first service that you can find today. But previously there were many VPN applications which of course you can find easily through the cellphone device that you have.

But if you like watching bokeh museum videos, then the presence of Simolex is perfect for use. Because as you know, the collection of bokeh museum videos can only be obtained through several sites whose existence has been blocked.

Then after you read it by utilizing the Simolex application, the site will automatically open immediately. And the question is, can this VPN service called Simolex be very safe for you to use through the cellphone device that you have now.

Well, here Mimin already has the answer, where for a VPN application like this it is very safe to use. The reason for the damage that might occur, it’s all caused because the site you open to watch bokeh videos is only filled with advertisements.

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