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June 2, 2023

Circulating a video link of the red kebaya being obscene in a hotel with a man and going viral on social media. The video, which lasts about 16 minutes, turns out to be a woman making obscene scenes with her eyes closed.

Because this video is quite viral on Twitter and many people are looking for the video link. In fact, the video has been widely shared via the WhatsApp group and many have received the video.

Interestingly, this perverted actress wears a red kebaya which is synonymous with traditional Balinese clothing. The exact location of the video is not known at this time, but it is believed to have taken place in a hotel room.

So that you are not curious, just download the video below, before it is deleted.

Download Video Full Red Kebaya 16 Minutes

red dress video

The video shows a woman in a red kebaya entering a hotel room to bring an ashtray to one of the hotel guests.

There was a conversation like “Mission, sir,” said the woman in the red kebaya.

Then the woman in a red kebaya who was suspected of being a hotel worker also provided cleaning services for dirty hotel room floors.

Then the Lady came to put the ashtray on the table. A burly man wearing only a towel immediately appeared and followed the woman.

But scene after scene changes when a male guest at the hotel appears in the video. The man continues to tease the woman to want to be hugged by the man.

“No… no, my boss will fire me later,” said the woman in the red kebaya in the 16-minute viral video.

The man also wore a mask that covered his eyes. The man asked the girl to put the ashtray. He also ordered the floor to be cleaned.

For now, the video is still searchable on DoodStream and Twitter. After the 16-minute viral video, netizens flocked to find the viral video link for the Kebaya Merah woman.

In the video, a beautiful woman with a slim body is seen wearing a red kebaya, she also has a black eye patch.

In this video, a woman in red knocks on the hotel room door. Like in a soap opera, a woman in a red kebaya knocks on the bathroom door of a hotel room to deliver ashtrays to guests. She also wore high heels and a black mask that only covered her eye area.

The viral video of this red kebaya woman received several comments from netizens. Not a few netizens suspected that the scene had been planned. This was because the male and female actors wore masks that covered their eyes.

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red kebaya video 16 minutes

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internet museum bokeh videos 2022

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