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June 6, 2023

Jovanka – Gadgets cannot be separated from your daily life, because there are many things that make you dependent on it, for example watching content and entertainment films. Through the help of gadgets you can watch hot films with a duration of one hour and without censorship recently.

The various applications in the gadget will certainly support your activities in many ways, from communication, entertainment, games, making proposals for school assignments, making designs for office work, and many other things. To see hot films, you can download one of the applications that Mimin will recommend.

Application to Watch Hot Movies Full Version Stunning No Skip No Sensor


You can get the application that you need to watch hot full version movies on your favorite Google Play store or you can also look for modifications in the links that have been provided. Apart from the two options, it turns out that you can also view it through a website, of course without censorship and skipping.

So for all of you who are looking for an application to watch hot movies, you can listen to the list of applications below. These applications will certainly add to your passion and enthusiasm in living these uncertain days, to find out the full details you can see it now.

1. WeTV


The first application that is included in Mimin’s recommendation is WeTV, this application provides a lot of interesting videos, whether domestic or foreign, which you can access for free. Unless you are someone who can’t wait for each episode, you can pay premium to see 2 episodes earlier than the free one.

WeTV’s popularity is inseparable from the films shown, one of which includes local and foreign series which are often the subject of discussion on social media. Handsome and beautiful actors, interesting storylines, and not boring plots have made many eyes on WeTV.

Until now, WeTV has held various awards from several world-renowned institutes. WeTV is also the most popular viewing application on the Asian continent, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and so on.

Application Name WeTV
Size 59MB
Download 50 million+
Updates October 19, 2022

2. Videos


If you feel bored and need interesting entertainment, you can download the Video application on the device you have, you will find thousands of films, series, national and international TV shows, even live shows from famous TVs around the world that you can access through this platform. .

You can see Drakor with various titles in this application, through this application you can also save your quota, because you can determine the video quality according to your wishes and abilities, select 144p quality for quota saving mode.

Through this application you can see various bokeh videos without skipping and without censorship, you can watch bokeh videos safely and calmly without having to think about your data plan, because you can set it yourself according to your wishes.

Application Name Videos
Size 19MB
Version 5.88
OS Android 5+
Downloads 50 million+

3. Netflix


Another reference that you can choose to watch Hot movies currently falls on the Netflix application. This application provides a large selection of films for you, both standard and hot and adorable. Apart from that, Netflix is ​​the best-selling movie and drama watching service in the world, you can watch various films from all over the world.

The resolution presented here is HD and 4K, so you can watch with a clear screen, no blurry words that can interfere with your viewing pleasure. List of popular films that were present here such as Squid Game, Stranger Things, Money Heist, and so on.

There are two viewing options that you can take here, either through an application or through a website where you can search for it on a search engine or your favorite browser. Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Smart TV, and various other desktops can reach this viewing service.

Application Name Netflix
Size 31MB
Version 8.45.0
OS Android 7.0+
Downloads 1M+

4. Iflix


This application, which was released by the country of Malaysia, has many viewing options and has collaborated with many countries, so you can watch many series, box office, tv series, Drakor, Hollywood, Thai dramas, Indonesian dramas and the like only on one platform, namely Iflix.

This service for watching hot movies without censorship has also collaborated with XL Axiata, if you are an XL user, of course you can watch movies here and see as many hot scenes as you like without having to think about subscription fees. Iflix is ​​a legal place to watch available on websites and applications.

Application Name Iflix
Size 59MB
Version Varies by device
Downloads 50 million+

5. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar

In the Asian region Disney is better known as Disney+ Hotstar, both of which are a different service but are now a combined service that can be accessed by various audiences around the world. Disney has collaborated with Indonesian cellular service, namely Telkomsel.

Disney films are very popular all over the world, Mimin is sure that each of you must have seen Disney films and cartoons as a child, from Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Toy Story, Tinkerballe, Frozen, Moana, and various other cartoons. Examples of films that you can see on Disney are Marvel superheroes, Maleficent, Million Dollar ARM and the like.

Disney subscription fees are relatively cheap and affordable for all groups, moreover you can share watching with your children and family, because not only bokeh but also cartoon films are available. Telkomsel provides certain packages with Disney+ Hotstar subscription gifts for a predetermined period.

Application Name Disney+Hotstar
Size 44MB
Version 12.4.7
OS Android 4.1+
Downloads 10 million+

6. VIU


Then the next viewing application that you can use to watch bokeh and museum videos is VIU, where in general this application provides mostly Korean films. You k-drama lovers will definitely know that, where Korean dramas themselves often show scenes of kissing, hugging, and some other crazy things.

So after knowing that, there must be some of you who want this application to be in your hands, and it turns out that VIU also provides a variety of other shows, such as dramas from Indonesia, Japan, China, and several other neighboring countries.

Application Name VIU
Version 1.0.21
Size 22MB
OS Android 5+
Downloads 1 million+

7. iQiYi


Furthermore, iQiYi is an official site that you can use to view existing bokeh films, this application deserves a thumbs up because it provides a variety of good films at very low prices, where you can subscribe by spending only Rp. 3,000 rupiah for one full moon.

Actually, even if you don’t subscribe, it’s okay, but you will find limitations when viewing movies and anime in this application. Usually some of them are still locked and you can’t open them because you haven’t subscribed.

Because it is already known for its low prices but always being updated in providing a variety of anime, iQiYi has many fans, especially in East Asia and its surroundings, including Indonesia. You don’t need to worry, iQiYi has provided a variety of hot movies, both on Drakor and anime, of course, all of this will make your day even more beautiful.

Application Name iQiYi
Version 4.9.0
Size 64MB
Downloads 50 million+
OS Android 5+

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