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June 3, 2023 – Even though there are already lots of bokeh links, maybe there are some of you who don’t know how to use these links. For this reason, this time Mimin will give you a way to open the full bokeh lights bokeh video film for you. There are various ways, whether it’s using a link or an application.

Everything will help you see bokeh films, where viral content and favorite scandals are available in full. Without using the help of a VPN, you can properly open all sites that are blocked by the government. You just need to be connected to the internet network to open it.

How to open Bokeh Viral full Museum Lights Video 18+

How to Open a Bokeh Movie

How to open a viral bokeh film using the link above is the easiest way that Mimin can recommend for you. Because you only need to click on the link, a number of videos will appear showing 18+ museum scenes in clear quality. You can try it if interested.

Most bokeh services are not available in app stores, so you need to download them via the special links provided. One of them is to use the link that has been shared above. But apart from that there are still several applications that you can use to see bokeh, take a look at some of them.

1.Real Bokeh

Real Bokeh

Real Bokeh Light Effect offers you some cool bokeh videos from all over the world, which are sure to raise your spirits. There are a number of features that you can use to the fullest, such as beauty shapes, light leak effects, colossus, glitter touches and so on.

You can immediately share your work via social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media. With this feature, you can share your work faster, it even looks more practical than usual. For the results themselves, they will certainly look charming with all the touches of filters.

Application Name Real Bokeh
Version 6.3.7
Size 32MB
OS Android 5.1+
installed 50,000,000+

2. Frame Lapses

Frame Lapse

This editing platform can be used by Android or iOS devices by downloading it in their respective application stores, whether it’s the App Store or Play Store. Frame Lapse is able to create maximum bokeh effects with high quality, so it will be easier for you to manage all your edits.

This application focuses on time-lapse videos, just like the name itself, namely Frame Lapse. There are a number of background blurs that you can apply to your bokeh photos to make people curious about what’s inside. In conclusion, this application is able to create maximum results when used.

Application Name Frame Lapse
Size 24MB
OS Android 6.0+
installed 10,000,000+

3. Insta Bokeh Effect

Insta Bokeh Effect

Most of the effects possessed by Insta Bokeh Effect are not owned by other applications, so many bokeh lovers edit videos using this application. You can feel an interesting sensation by editing your bokeh videos here, because this application also provides cool stickers for you.

You can use all kinds of stickers, effects, templates, and existing features for free, without being charged in any form. This allows you to be able to edit videos periodically and in stages in this application, without having to think about payments.

Application Name Insta Bokeh Effect
Version 4.0.23
Size 28MB
OS Android 4.0+
installed 20,000,000+

4. Mago Live

Mago Live

You can make slideshows, transitions, fast motion, slow motion, add stickers, effects to backgrounds in the Mogo Live application. This platform provides a number of cool features that you can definitely use in video editing later. You can also add music as a background.

Mogo Live presents a classy and good quality video editing, you can see it through the results displayed. Where this application is able to provide clear and professional-looking results for each user. Even if you are a new user, you won’t feel dizzy with its appearance.

Application Name Mago Live
Version 2.9.30
Size 20MB
OS Android 6.1+
installed 100,000,000+

5. Vote


By utilizing the Votee application, you can get additional income outside of your regular salary. It’s no wonder that currently Votee is highly sought after by a handful of people, even you can be one of them. You only need to carry out the tasks that have been given, where the task is in the form of a survey that you need to fill out.

To run it is not difficult, you just need to fill in as many surveys as you can. For every survey that you successfully complete, Votee will give you a commission of 1000 rupiah. You can transfer the money that has been collected into digital money.

Application Name Vote
Size 29MB
OS Android 4.1+
installed 5,000,000+

6. BuzzBreak


You can get information from anywhere, such as the internet, social media, or other applications. Even today, there are many services that provide access to reading news, for example, BuzzBreak. With this application, you can find updated information from within the country to abroad.

In this way, you will not miss the latest information that is currently viral and much talked about by the wider community. Not only updates, BuzzBreak is able to provide up-to-date and reliable information. In fact, this application provides rewards to each user in the form of coins every time they finish reading.

Application Name BuzzBreak
Version 9.2.65
Size 35MB
OS Android 5.0+
installed 10,000,000+

7. Bokeh Camera Effects

Bokeh Camera Effects

To take clear pictures, you no longer need to use a DSLR as a powerful way. Because Bokeh Camera Effect is able to provide maximum results, you can make good use of it. This application is able to provide extraordinary effects on every bokeh photo you take.

Finding it is not difficult, because you can download it in application stores such as the app store or play store. Dozens of types of effects are available to you, and you can use them freely. In its use, you don’t need to make payments every month because the Bokeh Camera Effect is available for free.

Application Name Bokeh Camera Effects
Version 6.2.753
Size 33MB;
OS Android 5.1+
installed 20,000,000+

8. After Focus

After Focus

You can use this application to edit your favorite bokeh photos, because After Focus is able to provide interesting backgrounds to filters for you. You can try it if you want to get maximum results in each of your photo shots. Later you can upload your edits on social media platforms.

Offering quite a variety of effects, ranging from Grain to Lux will be available here. If you want to get maximum results, then combine all the effects and filters that exist. This way, you no longer need to rent a DSLR camera and pay for it.

Application Name After Focus
Version 7.89.2
Size 18MB
OS Android 4.0+
installed 50,000,000+

Tutorial or How to Open a Bokeh Movie on an Android Phone No VPNs

Tutorial or How to Open a Bokeh Movie on an Android Phone

As you know, bokeh videos are scattered everywhere and you can see them freely. Whether it’s on social media, links, places to watch, or similar applications that provide. One method that you can use is to use an application, to find out how, please see Toror below.

  1. Choose your favorite viewing application (you can choose above).
  2. Install one of them.
  3. when you have, Open and register an account.
  4. In the search field, please Type desired keywords.
  5. Later bokeh videos will be available for you.

You already know that there are various ways to view bokeh sites, one of which is using a link or website. Mimin will give a way for those of you who don’t know that yet. Please refer to the discussion below to find out in full.

  1. Open search engines your favorite.
  2. In the search field, Type xxx, yandex, proxy or similar sites.
  3. Open your destination site and do a search.
  4. In the column provided, please enter Keyword your mainstay.
  5. Bokeh videos will be available in full for you.

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