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May 28, 2023– Now there will be many things that will help provider users, especially Telkomsel. Because by using Telkomsel, users can get credit and quota loans with the Telkomsel Paylater feature. Want to know how to use Telkomsel Paylater?

For readers who are curious about how to use this service. Users can keep looking at this article for lots of information about the app. Maybe many are not familiar with the services of this one Telkomsel provider.

If so, instead of lingering, just look at some of the discussions below regarding registration tutorials to Telkomsel Paylater payments.

What is Telkomsel Paylater?

How to use Telkomsel Paylater

Of course, getting here you will find many things that will facilitate your activities. Now it’s also very easy to buy internet contingents and pulses. Especially when it’s a critical moment and your quota or credit suddenly runs out.

Like it or not, users have to shop at that moment. But don’t worry, especially for Telkomsel provider users. Now you can easily buy credit or quota. Only by using the Telkomsel Paylater service can you immediately get credit or quota.

Telkomsel currently has several additional features that will make it easier for application users. The Buy Now Pay Later feature is available just like any other shopping app. However, this can only be used to purchase quota or credit for Telkomsel users.

There are many types of data packages that users can purchase using this service. Starting from orbit data packages, data packages for watching streaming applications (Amazon Prime and Netflix) and so on. Anyway, all Telkomsel users who often enjoy various content in the application will get a very satisfying service while using this service.

Users who want to use this service need not worry about its security. Telkomsel Paylater services are registered and directly supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Regarding the various ways to use Telkomsel Paylater, you can see the discussion below.

Here’s How to Register Telkomsel Paylater Easily & Quickly in 2023

This service from Telkomsel certainly will not provide interest for users. Of course, users get 0% interest if they make payments within 30 days. Therefore, many users benefit from the Telkomsel Buy Now Pay Later service.

Telkomsel users who want to use this service must register first. Of course, users need to download the Kredivo application first. Because of this service, Telkomsel is working with Kredivo.

So, for those who don’t know how to register, just look at the registration steps below.

  1. The first step is to open the Kredivo application. If you don’t have the app yet Kredivoyou can download it from Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. If you haven’t entered an account or have an account at Kredivo, just register.
  3. Follow all the steps for registering a Kredivo account according to the instructions in the application.
  4. After successfully logging in or creating an account, all you have to do is send the data needed to request registration to Telkomsel Paylater > wait for confirmation from Kredivo.
  5. If Kredivo has approved the submission, the user can immediately use the service.
  6. Free purchase of credit or quota through the Telkomsel Paylater service.

After completing account registration and successfully delivering this service. This means that the user has officially joined the service Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) from Telkomsel.

How to Make Payments Using Telkomsel Paylater

How to use Telkomsel Paylater

Of course, after purchasing through the service. Users must make payments so that payments don’t accumulate later. Because every purchase of credit or billing quota goes directly to the user’s Kredivo account.

For those who don’t know how to pay Kredivo bills. You can listen to several steps to pay bills easily. Following are the procedures for making Telkomsel Paylater payments:

  1. The first step is simply to enter the Kredivo application.
  2. If you are already on the main page, you can select Transactions > Checkout.
  3. These payments can be made in different ways and also each payment through the channel has its own rules, such as:
    • Payment via Alfamart can only be made once per day.
    • If there is a billing reminder email and you want to pay according to the amount in the email, make payment in the second step.
    • BCA and Permata Bank users can make payments by entering the amount they paid themselves.
    • If you pay via Indomaret, Mandiri and also Alfamart, you have to do the second step in payment.
    • If you make payments through Tokopedia, do the following: Open the Tokopedia application/website > Top Up or Payout > Prepaid Installments > Telkomsel paylater > Pay by invoice > Finished.

With these payments, of course, now there are no more annoying bills for users. For those who want to know how to buy credit or internet quota, use this service. You can also see the following discussion about using Telkomsel Paylater in full.

How to Use Telkomsel Paylater to Buy Credit & Quota

How to use Telkomsel Paylater

After knowing the various ways to register and pay bills from Telkomsel Paylater. Now is the time to find out how to use Telkomsel Paylater easily. Loan credit or quota in this service is very easy for you to do.

For those who are curious about how to borrow credit using this one service. The following are some of the steps for borrowing pulses and quotas in a simple way:

  1. First, just open it My Telkomsel already available on the device
  2. If you are already on the start page of the application, go ahead with you select product what you want to buy.
  3. After meeting, make sure you have chosen the correct application, if you have, just go ahead Click Buy > Select Payment Options >Choose Telkomsel Paylater.
  4. Next, you can just switch to the Kredivo application.
  5. Log in directly to the account Kredivo > Enter the OTP Code that can be obtained from the application.
  6. After everything is correct, select pay
  7. Finished

Those are some of the explanations that we can convey regarding How to Use Telkomsel Paylater, hopefully it can be useful for those of you who want to borrow credit and quota using Telkomsel Paylater. Thank You….

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