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June 6, 2023

For those of you who want to download the bokeh museum video on an Android cellphone or iPhone for free, then you can directly use the existing Viral Telegram Link.

In this bokeh application there is a function that can be used to edit videos with a blur effect so that objects are very clearly visible. If you want to try this application, please download the link for free below.

viral telegram links

As stated above, guys, here is admin who will give you a viral telegram link that can be downloaded on cellphones with all types of Android and iOS.

So, for those of you who want to use the application, then see the discussion below, and don’t miss it.



The application that you will be able to use to easily remove the background of a photo is an application called LightX. To use this application later, you will be able to do it for free, you don’t need to make payments anymore.

Besides being able to remove the background in your photo, later you can also do many types of editing, you know. Right, if you have a photo that only takes one shot, like that in the video, then you can use this application later.

In using this LightX application, you will also be able to do this share the results of the editing are immediate, gangs. So you don’t need it anymore save The first photo can be shared like that. Wow, this LightX application is really cool to be used to edit photos like that.

Application Name LightX Photo Editor & Retouch
Google Play ratings 4,5
Application Version 2.1.7
Minimal Support OS Android 6.0+
Developers AndOr Communications Pvt Ltd
Application Download Links Here

Photo Editor – Lumii


The application called Photo Editor – Lumii is an application that will be able to provide many kinds of things to its users. Do you know that for example in the Photo Editor – Lumii application there are lots of cool features in the application? If you don’t know, check out the discussion here.

The Photo Editor – Lumii application will be able to provide a lot of things like that, gang. Like for example, you want to do some enlightening photo editing. Then later you can use all the tools that can support your desire.

After that, if you want to use the Photo Editor – Lumii application, you don’t need to download the paid application. The problem is that later you only need to download the application for free. After that, you can immediately use the Photo Editor – Lumii application.

Application Name Photo Editor – Lumii
Google Play ratings 4,8
Application Version 1,503,114
Minimal Support OS Android 5.0+
Developers InShot Inc.



One application that can later be used to edit bokeh photos and videos is an application called Picsart, guys. If you use this Picsart application, later everything will be cool and also produce high-quality videos.

Oh, gangs, you too will be able to use lots of the coolest filters, you know. Want you to do crop Your photos can be of various sizes. Later there will be a choice of sizes or you will be able to adjust the size yourself, gangs.

Not only that, you can also add lots of stickers that will make your photos even better. That’s why, there are already many users of this Picsart application. You don’t have trouble using this application, it has a very simple appearance.

Application Name Picsart Photo & Video Editor
Google Play ratings 4,2
Application Version Has variety
Minimal Support OS Has a variety of devices
Developers PicsArt, Inc.



If you hear the name of the Photoshop application, you will immediately understand the application on your PC, right? Now, no, gang, because it’s deep smartphones yes, the Photoshop Express application is also available, you know. You will be able to do many things easily too.

The tools in the Photoshop Express application are equally complete, you know, the same gang as the applications on the PC. So you won’t feel really different if you use this Photoshop Express application. At least the worksheets are smaller in size, hehe.

Application Name Photoshop Express Photo Editor
Google Play ratings 4,5
Application Version 8.3.979
Minimal Support OS Varies on device
Developers adobe



To download the Snapseed application, later you won’t have any trouble downloading it, you know. The problem is, if you download the application, you just have to look for it on the Google Play Store.

Everything will also be easy to use, gangs, that’s why you can just download this application to make it easier for you to edit it. Editing photos is easier, anyway, if you use the Snapseed application, it’s gangs.

Application Name Snapseed
Google Play ratings 4,6
Application Version Has variety
Minimal Support OS Has variety
Developers Google LLC



An application that can be used very easily to edit celebrity-style photos is the Lightroom application. In its use, yes, the Lightroom application can be used very easily. If for example you have a photo like that, and the photo looks like it’s not bright enough, you can use the Lightroom application.

Right, yes, you can use this one application gang very easily. There are features color grading, curves, noisy and many others too. Do you want to use the application right away or not, gang? Come on, download this Lightroom application.

Application Name Lightroom Photo & Video Editor
Google Play ratings 4,3
Application Version 7.5.0
Minimal Support OS Android 8.0+
Developers adobe



So, there is another application gang that can be used to do aesthetic photo editing, namely the VSCO application. For those of you who want to use a lot of cool filters, you can just use a few of them right away. How do you want to download it right away, gang?

Application Name VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
Google Play ratings 3,7
Application Version 283
Minimal Support OS Android 6.0+
Developers VSCO



Have you ever wanted to do photo editing that looks like a cartoon effect? If you have, friends, then you can directly use this PREQUEL.

Anyway, yes, the PREQUEL application gang, you can use this viral telegram link very easily. Everything can be used if you subscribe, gang.

Application Name PREQUEL Aesthetic Photo Editor
Google Play ratings 4,8
Application Version 1.46.0
Minimal Support OS Android 7.0+
Developers Prequel Inc.

This is an explanation of the information from us regarding the latest 2022 viral telegram link link which can be used to watch the Indonesian bokeh film which is currently viral.

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