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June 7, 2023

With the development of technology, it will certainly make it easier for human activities every day. Even more so if the development is in technology such as the internet. You can use various applications to make your activities easier, one of which is Si Plump.

This one application is an application that can facilitate viewing activities. Every time you are going to watch especially fun videos, of course you need a site that provides lots of links, right? Finding a site that can be used is also not easy.

You could say finding a site that can be used to watch is rather difficult nowadays. If you don’t know many keywords to do searching the video. Therefore we highly recommend you to use this one application.

For that you need to see some discussion about the application below. Because will provide some information about this fun video watching application. So that you are more confident about using the application that we will discuss now.

Explanation about Si Plump No VPN


Lots of applications created from website Oh, I see. It’s the same as the application that we want to discuss on this one. In the past, this fun video watching application could only be used on a site. So you can only access the video through the site.

Using the site as a place to watch is a rather complicated way to watch. Besides being a bit complicated, you must also have a hard time using it. The features on a site are not as complete as the features available in the application.

As time goes by and also the development of technology you will no longer have trouble using a site. Like now you can easily use the application. Of course, all the applications that exist today have various advanced features.

Like the application to watch this fun video, Si Plump. You can easily use the application. Apart from using the application easily, you can also get premium features. All premium features that are here can be obtained for free.

Lots of people have used this one watching application. Because by using this one application you can more easily watch various videos. You can also easily watch live broadcasts, which are available a lot in it.

For those of you who are very curious about all the features available in this application. You can immediately see some of the features that will be obtained through the discussion that follows. Let’s just take a look at some of the information.

Some Interesting Features of The Plump Apk 2022


As we all know that using an application will be easier if it has advanced features. All the features available in the application can also make it easier for you to carry out various activities in it. In addition, the existence of features will also attract the interest of potential users.

A very cool and sophisticated application will be determined by the number of features in the application. Like the application that we are discussing this time, yes, all the features in this application are very helpful. You won’t be disappointed after downloading this one application as a viewing application.

Those who are very curious, you can see some of the explanations below.

1. You can choose the video quality according to your wishes

The quality of a video will sometimes affect mood watching from someone. Usually, if the quality of the video you have is very good and also HD, you will be very happy if you watch it. Now by using the application you can choose the quality by adjusting the data quota package that you have.

2. Ad-Free Feature

Every time you watch, the thing that can irritate you the most is the presence of advertisements. Which according to some people, advertisements are one of those annoying things. But don’t worry, if you use this one application, you will definitely be free from all advertisements.

3. Easy-to-Use Application

If you are looking for an application that is very easy to use. Of course you can use this one video watching application. Because the appearance of this application is very simple. If the display application is simple, it will automatically be very easy to use.

4. Compatible With All Devices

No need to worry about applications that don’t match the device you’re using. Now you can use this application calmly without fear that the device will not be compatible with the application.

5. There is a Save Video Feature

Usually video watching applications will provide a video save feature. It’s the same with the application that we are discussing on this one, because you will definitely find a video saving feature. Can easily save videos without bothering.

6. Use Apps Without a VPN

Applications for watching fun videos usually require a VPN to be able to use the application. But for this one application it is very simple, yes, you no longer need a VPN to be able to use this application.

The advantages and disadvantages of using the Si Plump application


Applications will usually have advantages and disadvantages as a complement to an application. As with applications in general that have advantages and disadvantages. This application also has several advantages and disadvantages.

For those of you who want to know some of the advantages and disadvantages. Just look at the explanation that I will give below.

1. Advantages of The Plump Application

As explained above, this application has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, here are some advantages that you must know.

  1. You can use the application for free.
  2. Not only that, you can also find various video collections.
  3. You won’t find it buffering or lag.
  4. The size of the application is very light and friendly for little mobile storage.

2. Flaws Found

After knowing some of the advantages of the application, these are the disadvantages that exist in the application.

  1. This application is not official in Indonesia.
  2. Can attack malware or do something dangerous.

Download and how to install the latest version of the Si Plump application


After knowing some information about this one application. Now is the time for you to know about the download link for the application. How to download an application using a link is a very easy way. We are sure that all of you can do it.

So, here is a download link that can be used to download this watching application.

Application Name The Plump
Version Latest Version 2022
OS 4.0+
Size 8MB
Download links CLICK HERE

Here are some steps that can be used to install the application.

  1. You need to open menu settings – additional settings – security and privacy – install unknown source applications. You can just follow the picture above.
  2. Then open file manager menu – find the name of the application – click install.
  3. Finished.

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