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June 6, 2023

An application that has bokeh video editing capabilities is currently being sought after, because an application like this is currently viral on Japanese Twitter.

If you want to try an application that supports Android and iPhone, then you can see the explanation below.

Japanese Sage 2022 Twitter Bokeh Videos APK

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On Twitter Japanese Sage you will find various recommendations for interesting applications, especially for editing photos and videos according to the creations you want.

In this explanation, the admin will provide several links that you can use to access Twitter Japanese Sage. The following is a collection of the latest Japanese Sage Twitter links which contain full HD no sensor bokeh Twitter viral videos from

1. Viva Video Apk


Are you looking for a video editor application that is easy to understand for each tool? If you are a beginner who doesn’t know much about editing tools, then you can first download the Viva Video application.

You can learn to edit videos starting from cutting and then merging one video clip with another. Then add transitions between the clips to make them look connected to each other again.

You don’t need to use heavy features first, the important thing is that the video you want to edit into one can have good results. With the Viva Video application, you can use all the editing tools that are there, then preview the results.

So, before you really want to choose the type of transition or effect in Viva Video, you can first see a comparison between one and the other.

And usually in a video editor application there must also be a tool to add text or filters and effects which are very useful for editors. Maybe if your skills are cool, you can be even more varied when editing a video in the application.

Name Viva Video
Androids 5.0 and up
Reviews 4,6
Downloads 1,000,000+

2. Bokeh Camera App


Who here has a hobby of taking pictures, whether it’s a place or a selfie? Of course, nowadays people use their smartphones more often when capturing something than using a direct camera.

There are several types of camera applications that not many people know that they can be downloaded onto their cellphones. Have you ever felt bored or bored with the same shots?

Or your cellphone camera is a mirror and you can’t adjust the focus and brightness automatically. If you are having problems like that, then I have a solution for you.

Just download the Bokeh Camera application on Google Play and this is specifically for Android users only. If you take a photo using this application and use the rear camera, the results will not be mirrored.

Another advantage that Bokeh Camera has is that when you activate the rear camera to take a picture of an object, it can use the automatic bokeh feature.

So, if you activate this feature, then you just have to tap on the screen and then point the camera at the object that you want to focus more on. The results will immediately have a bokeh effect.

Name Bokeh Camera (Beta)
Androids 6.0 and up
Reviews 3,6
Downloads 100,000+

3. The Nichi Collage Maker application


It doesn’t feel right when after the photos, the results are uploaded right away without editing or adding anything. and people who like to edit photos are of course not only girls, but lots of guys too.

Maybe it’s just a different type or way of editing it. Maybe the application that Mimin will present this time is mostly used by girls to edit their photos.

This is especially for those of you who don’t want to be complicated to adjust the shape of the template, effects and others, but want the results of the photos to be aesthetic. Don’t worry, you can use the Nichi application to edit photos.

This application is very well known as a photo editor and collage maker application with aesthetic designs and results. Without having to bother choosing components to include in your photos.

You can just choose which template and frame shape are suitable for the photo you want to edit. Within each template some have one or more frames.

All you have to do is adjust it to your liking or how many photos you want to include in the same template.

Name Nichi Collage Maker
Androids 6.0 and up
Reviews 4,1
Downloads 10,000,000+

4. Snapseed Apk


One of the goals of people when editing a photo is so that the quality or photo is better to look at, right? Who doesn’t want to have HD quality photos and also looks neat.

If your focus is to improve the quality of the photo, whether it’s improving the size, shape, and so on. Then you have to use a special editor application, such as Snapseed.

In Snapseed, you really won’t find funny photo templates or unique effects. But more to the editing features to improve the quality of a more complete photo.

Starting from resetting the brightness, fixing the photo background, removing unwanted objects and so on. The tools here are much more complete, so if your wish is to make the photo quality much better.

So we recommend downloading the Snapseed application to your respective cell phones so that you can use it to edit photos anytime and anywhere.

Name Snapseed
Androids variation
Reviews 4,8
Downloads 100,000,000+

5. After Focus Pro App


A useful photo editor application for turning ordinary photos into automatic blur bokeh is After Focus Pro. This application is known as an application for editing photos to blur.

Users can make the photo completely blurry or only in some areas of the photo. The advantage of this application is that you can use the brush feature or other tools to add the blur effect according to what you want.

So, the effect is not added automatically to all photos because you don’t necessarily want that, right. Just try to take a picture of a night scene and make it aesthetic by editing it using the After Focus pro application.

Name AfterFocus Pro
Androids 5.1 and up
Reviews 4,3
Downloads 10,000,000+

6. Inshot Video Editor


The most popular video editor and slideshow maker application among users is Inshot. And for those of you who have downloaded Inshot, you will know that this application can actually be used to edit photos too.

Especially for those of you who want to edit photos with music, but not slideshows. You can really edit and add music with this one application. If it’s about the editing features, you don’t need to ask again.

If you don’t really understand the world of editing and are still afraid to edit videos in other applications. Then this Inshot can be a place of learning for you.

In the Inshot application, you can also add your own watermark so that no one can use your video without permission. Yes, the editing features are here too, it’s not complicated to use and the majority are the basic editing tools.

However, the Inshot application has two versions of the feature which users have to choose from. Do you want to use the limited features that are there. Or you can use all tools without exception.

The way that you can use the editing tools in Inshot without exception is by buying a premium account or subscribing according to the time offered.

Name Inshots
Androids 6.0 and up
Reviews 4,9
Downloads 500,000,000+

7. App Blur Background


You can use this application to create blur background photos with different variations. Why so? In the Blur background application, not only one type of blur filter is provided.

You can immediately use a wide variety of existing blur effects to blur parts of your background. If you want to make an interesting bokeh photo, then you can edit it right now.

What makes this application enjoyable for users is because of its simple appearance and use. They will not be confused by the features or editing tools available there.

and the recommendations for the Blur Background application that we provide here you can also use to remove the background part of the photo. And after that you can replace it with another image or background.

There are already provided free backgrounds that you can add to your photos. So you don’t have to search the gallery anymore and the editing process will also be much easier.

Name Blur Photos
Androids 5.1 and up
Reviews 4,8
Downloads 1,000,000+

8. PIP Photo Editor


A photo editor application that has a wide selection of editing tools in it is PIP Photo Editor. It can be said that this one application is quite unique, especially in some of its application functions.

Besides the usual editors, you will also find various types of effects for other editing tools, such as PIP, scrapbook, blend photo, and so on. What is a scrapbook? So, this tool is similar to photo templates except that it includes different grid shapes.

In fact, here there is also a photo mirror with a variety of forms available there. You don’t need to worry anyway if you’ve downloaded this application.

Each feature has been grouped separately so that once it is included in one feature, the tools that are there will not mix with one another.

The main feature of this application is PIP where you can add photos on top of other photos. Many users are looking for this feature so they can add photos with other photos without disturbing each other.

Name Photo PIP Photo Editor
Androids 4.1 and up
Reviews 4,6
Downloads 5,000,000+

By using the photo and video editor application that we recommended above. Then you can create unique content to upload to Japanese Sage’s Twitter.

Or if you just want to see various videos or full no-sensor bokeh photos that are there, you can too. We,, will share various other interesting information which would be a shame if you missed it.

Just check the website and look for what you want to know there.

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