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June 6, 2023

The Yandex Japanese Translation application is often used to access Japanese bokeh video sites that cannot be opened on the normal web. Do you want to download the Yandex Japanese Translation application?

Download the Yandex Japanese Translation Apk Full Bokeh Video Application


One of the most popular types of Yandex applications among netizens who like to watch the latest Japanese videos is Yandex Japanese Translation.

Maybe you rarely find keywords that ordinary browser applications can search for. Therefore, you should look for the latest Japanese meaning sites on Yandex Japanese Translation.

Snapseed Apk

To improve the quality of the photos you have to make them look better is Snapseed. The editing tools in Snapseed can be considered quite sophisticated in terms of increasing professionalism in the photos you edit.

It can be seen from the offered features in the Snapseed application, you rarely see them elsewhere. If editing on Snapseed, your focus means wanting to improve the shape of the photo to make it look better.

In editing photos, it’s not just adding ordinary effects, but people who are pro in editing will usually focus more on more detailed things in the photo.

For example the shape of the building in the picture and if there is a slope or too odd shape. Then you can fix it properly using the Snapseed application.

Name Snapseed
Category Photo Editor
Developer side Google LLC
Rated For Everyone

Bigo Live APK


Enjoy all the live broadcast videos that are broadcast on the Bigo Live application for 24 hours straight every day. You can also become viral when you play or decide to host an event on this Bigo Live application.

Together with other users, you can interact with each other and expand your network of friends. When you use the Bigo Live application, you can search for various live broadcast events hosted by people in other countries.

When you enjoy a live broadcast, you can provide comments as a form of interaction with the host.

What’s interesting about the Bigo Live application is that all the events that the readers bring are beautiful, you know.

Name Bigo Live
Category Video Editors
Developer side Bigo Technology Pte
Rated For teens

DSLR Camera Full HD


In the Yandex application, you can also find recommendations for applications that are similar to the original DSLR camera. One of the information that you will find is this DSLR Camera Full HD.

If you already know how to use the application properly, then it’s no longer impossible for you to shoot really cool results. The usefulness of this application is not far from the name of the application.

When you download the DSLR application, it will really help those of you who want to take selfies or rear cameras without having to use other effects.

The ability of the camera on this DSLR Camera to adjust the blur focus between the object and the background is very good. Because of that, this application is recommended as an apk that is similar to a DSLR camera.

Name DSLR HD Camera
Category camera
Developer side TechJack
Rated For Everyone

Picma Photo Editor


Retouch your old photos or from old albums with the Picma Photo Editor application. This application is great because it can make old photos that may not be clear anymore turn out to be clear.

At least the old photos that were probably taken in the 2000s can be seen again. Not only that, you can also fix photos that you think are a lot damage or the blur with this Picma.

This photo enhancer tool has a variety of funny features too, namely cartoon effects. When you have increased the resolution of the photo quality in Picma, just continue editing the photo by adding the cartoon effect.

There is also a face animation feature that you can use to make your editing experience even more exciting.

Name Picma AI Photo Enhancer
Category PhotoEditor
Developer side PicMa
Rated For Everyone

Trendsmap Japanese Video Link In Yandex Japanese Translation

On Yandex Japanese Translation, there are also several free-access bokeh video links that you can open for free, you know.



There is the Fotor application that you can use to blur photos which will add to the quality of your photos to make them even better. The blur effect in Fotor is not only used to cover objects.

But the blur effect can also increase the resolution or clarity of the main object in an image. When you place the position and also the blur effect is right.

So here the final result is that your image will automatically become the bokeh photo video that is here.

Name photo
Category PhotoEditor
Developer side Everimaging Ltd
Rated For Everyone

AfterLight Apk


The photo editor application with the simplest appearance than any other editing apk is Afterlight.

Afterlight features effects and filters, but these are just basic colors. And other additional editing features are just for adjusting light, image rotation, and so on.

Name AfterLight
Category PhotoEditor
Developer side After Collective Pte
Rated For Everyone

Tik Tok Lite Version


If you want to download the Tiktok application with a smaller size version, download Tiktok Lite. Maybe some of you so far only know that there is only one Tiktok application.

Tiktok Lite has been released for a long time and there are also many users. You can download these two different versions of the application into one template too, you know. the videos on Tiktok Lite are also not much different from the original Tiktok.

The most visible difference when you use this application is that there may often be lag or the like considering that this application is a lite version of the application.

For the developers, these two versions are the same and Tiktok Lite is safe for you to download while downloading it via the Google Play Store.

Name TikTok Lite
Category Social media
Developer side TikTok Pte Ltd
Rated For Everyone

Lightroom Adobe Apk


Make your photos cool by editing directly in the Lightroom application from Adobe. This application makes it very easy for those of you who want to edit photos in all situations.

Whatever the shape and atmosphere in your photo can be edited in such a way through the Lightroom application. The good thing about using the Lightroom application is that you can copy the preset results that have been made to a different photo by simply pasting the preset.

Actually, you don’t need to make this preset repeatedly because one or two presets can be used for various photos.

Name Lightroom
Category PhotoEditor
Developer side adobe
Rated For Everyone

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