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June 7, 2023

RumahKejudi.co.id – Hello, friends of rumahkeadilan.co.id, we are back again to discuss the internet museum bokeh video viewing application. Which discussion this time is related to the apk for watching bokeh videos 185.63.l53.200 Young junior high school students.

In this sophisticated era, of course, it will make it easier for you to be able to download the Bocil 185.63.l53.200 Bocil viewing application. Even without using additional applications such as VPN, you can still download the 185.63.l53.200 video for junior high school boys, how do you do that? Let’s follow the full review below.

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For those of you who want to download the 185.63.l53.200 Bocil application, of course you will follow several conditions that will be determined. One of them is that you have to have the download link first, gaess.

Now regarding the bokeh video link, you don’t need to worry, guys, because we have prepared several bokeh video links that you can use and download the videos for free, guys. Intrigued by some of the Bocil 185.63.l53.200 Bocil video links that you can use? Let’s look at the reviews below:

1. Tezza

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The first application that you can use is the Tezza aesthetic photo editor, gaess. Where is this one application, of course you can be more interested in developing your creations in editing and also creating a bokeh effect in it, gaess.

This application called Tezza can not only give you the ability to edit photos independently, gaess. But this photo editing application provides a variety of interesting templates that you can use easily and for free, of course, guys. You can even add various other items.

Name Tezza
Developers Tezza
Version 2.24.6
Size 250MB
Android OS Minimum 4.4
Ratings 4.4

2. Phonos

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The next application is an application called Phonto, where this application has a fairly simple interface, gaess. This application allows you to be able to add text to a photo according to your needs, guys. There are more than 200 types of fonts already available in this application, you can even download other fonts if you need them.

There are various editing tools that are quite interesting in this one application, gaess. One of them is that you can adjust the spacing between one letter and another as you wish or you can change the spacing between the lines. There are also various color choices for those of you who want to make your writing more attractive.

Name Phonto
Developers youthhr
Version 1.7.107
Size 21.82MB
Android OS Minimum 8.0
Ratings 4.8

3. Nebi

The next application is an application called Nebi, where this application has been designed with an extraordinary appearance for you guys. You can also create an effect with an interesting 35mm film filter. There’s something even more interesting, with just one tap you can make photos more perfect and stunning.

In this application there are also more than 20 retro camera effects that are so beautiful that they can make your photos look like the 90s. If you want to download this photo editing application, then please refer to the following explanation:

Name Nebi
Developers Brain Vault
Version 3.1.0
Size 27.91 MB
Android OS Minimum 5.0
Ratings 4.4


The next editing application for Android and IOS is an application called FIMO, in which this application is able to capture images with extraordinary beauty and magic. You can also use old school effects and filters like vintage to make it look more classic. There are also 7 presets that you can use in this application.

You will also be able to get various other advantages such as the aesthetic effects of more than 400 gaess effects. This one application can also make it easier for you to meet other editors, guys. So you can get various relationships and creativity will also increase.

Developers FIMO Studio
Version 3.7.2
Size 88.29MB
Android OS Minimum 5.0
Ratings 4.4

5. Foodies

The Foodie application is one of the best photo editing applications that you can use to add a whole variety to snapping an object, gaess. This one application has been specifically for those of you who want to edit photos of food, gaess. Apart from food, you can also take scenic photos and get selfies too, gaess.

There are also 30 more filters with professional quality for you to capture gaess photos. Not only can you edit photos, gaess, but you can also edit videos through this application.

Name Foodie
Developers SNOW Corporation
Version 4.4.1
Size 80.39MB
Android OS Minimum 6.0
Ratings 4.3

6. Pomelos

The next application is an application called Pomelo which also provides various advantages in the form of presets, filters and so on. In this one application there are also more than 80 of the latest filters that are so sophisticated and of course you can use them for free without having to subscribe.

You can also use some basic editing tools such as adjusting contrast, brightness, sharpness, temperature and many others. And, you can also use all the presets in the Pomelo application by downloading the application first.

Name pomelo
Developers Pixocial Technology Pte. Ltd
Version 3.0.170
Size 27.82MB
Android OS Minimum 5.0
Ratings 4.0

7. Bazaart

The next application is also an application called Bazaart with one of the most famous tools in it, namely you can remove the background of a photo, gaess. You can also make collages in this application with several file types such as JPG, PNG, and many others.

Please change the background of your photos to make them more stunning with quite extraordinary excitement by adding music, stickers, different fonts, text, and many others. Complete info below:

Name Bazaart
Developers Bazaart Ltd
Version 1.61.1
Size 17.24MB
Android OS Minimum 8.0
Ratings 4.4

8. Soda Beauty Camera

The last application is an application called SODA Beauty Camera with an advantage that is no less interesting, guys. The Soda application is a beauty camera application that gives you quite extraordinary effects even though you don’t use make-up. In fact, this application has also been used by more than millions of people in all parts of the world.

You can also use this application to take a picture directly and of course you can also make edits as you wish. Removing noise on your face and unwanted blemishes is also very easy to do, guys. Here’s the full explanation:

Name SODA Beauty Camera
Developers SNOW Corporation
Version 6.4.4
Size 94.14MB
Android OS Minimum 6.0
Ratings 4.4

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