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May 30, 2023 – For those of you who like to look for interesting things through internet access, then you will need to take advantage of a service that can reach a wider site. For example, by using the Blue Proxy site, which will be able to reach blocked sites without any restrictions.

Because as you know, there are lots of sites on the internet that have been blocked thanks to the interesting things in them. But since the help of Blue Proxy, now you can visit all the blocked sites very easily.

About Blue Proxy Anti Blocking Service


Blue Proxy is a browser-shaped service in which there is a search system without any restrictions. So when you want to search for something through this browser, then you will be able to reach all the things that should be on the internet.

In other terms, this kind of Blue Proxy browser can help everyone open blocked sites. And the process of browsing the site is also very fast, without having to wait long, of course the site you want will open immediately.

Thanks to the existence of a browser service that has access to this kind of search, of course each of you can later write down whatever things you’re looking for. Where it all has a free nature, without any subscription fees or any other kind to take advantage of all the advantages that exist in it.

Of course, a browser service like this needs to be installed on your cellphone, because you will definitely need Blue Proxy at any time. Especially if you are a very active smartphone user, then like it or not you need to open this kind of Blue Proxy service.

Here are the Best Free Blue Proxy Recommendations for 2022


A Blue Proxy service in the form of a browser like this, of course you can only get it in the form of a website. Indeed, basically you can also find Blue Proxy in the form of an application, but if in Mimin’s opinion the use of the application is not effective enough for you later.

Until now, you can find proxy website services easily, and you don’t need to use a VPN anymore. Where for the type of Browser Proxy in 2022 you can also find it in different versions, but with the exact same system.

For those of you who have used this kind of browser service before, maybe you already have several versions available on the cellphone that you are using now. But what you need to know is that in 2022 there is a very sophisticated Browser Proxy service for you to use.

And because of that, Mimin will provide a description, regarding the best anti-blocking Blue Proxy recommendations currently available. So, just take a look at all the lists of these proxy browser services, through a summary that Mimin has shared as follows.


In the very first recommendation you can choose, because in this application you will find a very fast browsing access. Where this will definitely support all of you, in browsing a blocked site that you like.


To find a browser service that has unlimited search access, you can now download In terms of security, you don’t need to doubt anymore, because Mimins has proven himself that the system is very safe to use.

3. DuckDuckGo

Of course you can open a site that has been blocked by the government easily via the DuckDuckGo site. And what is clear is that you can get this site for free, or rather you don’t need to do a subscription process which might be quite inconvenient for you.

4. Croxy DuckDuckGo proxy

Without needing to take a long time, later you can open a site or website that has been blocked by the government. This site also provides a VPN service which of course you can easily use to browse important things.

5. Yandex

The proxy browser service that you may be familiar with is the Yandex service with all the sophistication that you can find in it. You can access Yandex searches so quickly, and what is clear is that there is a safe system to use.

How to Watch Bokeh Museum Videos via the Old Version of Blue Proxy


Of the many proxy services that you can find today, of course, almost all of you only use them for a few things. Where you usually do this when you want to watch bokeh videos, which you can basically find through the browser service.

So, since you already know all the best Proxy Browser variants, your task now is to just open them. And after you have successfully opened the service, you can immediately take advantage of all the browsing access available in it.

So for those of you who are new to using proxy browsers, of course you will feel a little confused about using it to watch bokeh videos. But you don’t need to worry anymore, because Mimin has also provided all the writing steps in the following review:

  1. In the first stage, you first open Google services that are on your device.
  2. After that you can proceed to enter the search field.
  3. If you have, just search for the keywords from the site that Mimin has provided above, and continue pressing the search icon.
  4. Wait a few moments, until the first option on the Google screen shows the Blue proxy you are looking for.
  5. Then you can enter the site, and also switch to the search field in it.
  6. So, just enter Keywords from the bokeh video you want to watch, and end by clicking search.
  7. And when everything is done, then all you have to do is choose the type of site you want to open.

For even easier, you can save a link from a site to watch the bokeh video that you want to watch. Because by using this method, later you can be directly directed to the intended site and watch all the content on it.


The use of a browser service like this is indeed more often found on the website or website version. Because the search process will definitely run faster, and you don’t need to download additional applications, which obviously will only increase storage space on your cellphone.

However, as Mimin explained above, you can also find this kind of Blue Proxy service in the form of an application. Where you will later be presented with a more excellent feature that you obviously won’t be able to find on the site version.

Therefore, on this occasion Mimin will also include a link from the Blue Proxy application which you can download for free. And to take advantage of this link, you only need to click the download button, which you can see in the following table right now.

Application Name Blue Proxy Anti Block Site
Size 34MB
Version v4,4
Updates August 2022
Price Free
OS Android 10+
Download links Click here

Only by taking advantage of the link above, the download process that you are doing on the Blue Proxy application will definitely run immediately. And what is clear is that you can use the link for free, as well as the download process which will certainly run very quickly.

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