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June 6, 2023

Technological advances in the field of photography are progressing very rapidly, this is none other than because there is a video museum application for Android phones called lights bokeh bokeh full jpg.

This application can be used to blur images or videos or focus on certain objects, are you interested in trying this application? Let’s download below.

Lights Bokeh Bokeh Full JPG Video Museum application

lights bokeh bokeh full jpg

Create video content via an Android or iOS cellphone to make it even more unique and your edits are easier for many people to recognize using the Lights Bokeh Bokeh Full JPG application.

You can find all the applications that we will discuss in for free on the Play Store. So, later if you have found which application you want to download, download it now.

Blur Bokeh Background


Now you no longer need a professional camera tool to get the best bokeh videos and photos. You can immediately use the Blur Bokeh Background application.

In fact, the use of this application does not need to require a variety of special skills because all users can operate the application. In the Blur Bokeh Background application, there are various types of blurry effects that are really similar to DSLR cameras.

And the main advantage of this application is that it can increase the focus of your photos. Even though the background of the photo is a little blurry, it won’t disturb the focus of other objects.

Apk category Editors & Effects
Name Blur Bokeh Background
Updated On February 1, 2022
rated teens

Bokeh Photo Effects App


It seems that if you just add a normal blur effect photo, the result is not quite right. The photos will be more comfortable to look at when other bokeh lights effects have been added.

Now this application will indeed make your photos even more attractive and even more amazing. When you choose one of the bokeh lights effects from the Bokeh Photo Effects application.

All you have to do is add them to the photo effects and then later you can just adjust how clear each of these effects is. Well, this application also has a border tool which will be able to give the impression of a frame to the photo being edited.

If you are confused about looking for a bokeh photo effect from this application, the feature you have to choose is bokeh. There are included bokeh blurry effects and also the latest 2022 bokeh lights effects.

Apk category Editors & Effects
Name Bokeh Photo Effects
Updated On August 30, 2021
rated Everyone

Love Bokeh Photo Effects


Insert effects into the photos that are being edited and the results also look very blendable with Love Bokeh Photo Effects. This application has lights bokeh photos with unique shapes and textures from each filter.

Even some of the bokeh lights effects that are here don’t exist in other bokeh effect applications. Once you have downloaded this application, your photos will be more unique and also attractive.

Users can add more than 2 types of bokeh lights to one photo and mix them together. In this case, you also have to be careful in selecting the effects because not all of them are good when mixed.

The average size of this bokeh lights apk is not big, including this Love Bokeh Photo Effects. And you can really download this application even though you have little memory left.

Apk category Editors & Effects
Name Love Bokeh Photo Effects
Updated On April 1, 2018
rated Everyone

PhotoGrid CollageMaker


A collection of photos that you have captured on your cellphone can be put together in one frame with the Photo Grid application. This Photo Grid application is now quite sought after by many people.

Especially since editing with the layout is being favored by teenagers so that the results are more aesthetic. and also this Photo Grid is suitable for those of you who like to often get confused when editing photos.

If you can’t choose which photos you want to edit specifically, then just edit them together into a collage. The forms of the collages here are very varied.

Apk category Editors & Collages
Name PhotoGrid CollageMaker
Updated On August 25, 2022
rated 3+

Photo Blur


There are so many blur photo editor applications in the Google Play Store or other application stores. Maybe you are here looking for recommendations for a blur editor application that has good quality.

In this discussion, the admin will try to explain about one of the blur editor applications which is quite a hit. Try the Photo Blur application method in the Google Play Store.

Enter the keyword Photo Blur and you will immediately find the application in question. The main function of this application is only to edit blur photos. And all the effects are just a blur filter, OK? If you want bokeh effect lights, maybe you can download another application.

Apk category Editors & Effects
Name Photo Blur
Updated On July 2, 2018
rated Everyone

Google Camera


A camera application that has various modes and features in it and is arguably more sophisticated than a regular camera is Google Camera. Looks like you really have to try this one application.

Here there are various modes for photos or videos, such as portrait, motion, slowmo, and many more. You can also adjust the camera features or settings so that the captured photos are more suitable and appropriate for the time they were taken.

For example, if you take photos at night, you need to activate the night mode feature so that the photos are brighter. And you don’t need to use either flash you know if for example there is still a lot of lighting around where you take photos.

And even if you use flash, your photos at night won’t be cat’s eyes anyway. Just try to take photos with this Google Camera and see for yourself the quality.

Apk category camera
Name Google Camera
Updated On September 2, 2022
rated 3+

Photo Lab Bokeh Effects


Do you want the atmosphere of the photos in the new year to look more lively and also interesting? Here, don’t forget to edit the photo later in the Photo Lab. If New Year’s photo is identical with fireworks and at night, yes.

So that your photos are maximized and look good when uploaded to social media, then Photo Lab Bokeh Effects is great for you to try. Not only are there filter lights bokeh which are all cool to try.

You can also choose frames or photo frames that suit your individual tastes. Don’t forget for the new year to edit your photos immediately in the Photo Lab Bokeh Effects application.

Apk category Editors & Effects
Name Photo Lab – Bokeh Effects
Updated On 21 February 2020
rated Everyone

Bokeh Blender Effects


The lightest bokeh effect application with the best blend effect that will make your edits not look like edits is Bokeh Blender Effects.

Bokeh Blender Effects really doesn’t need to be doubted about its ability to produce full HD bokeh lights using just a cellphone. All Android users can download this application for free as well as use its features.

Apk category Editors & Effects
Name Bokeh Blender Effects
Updated On November 18, 2019
rated Everyone

Edit your best photos with the best Lights Bokeh Bokeh Full JPG application for amazing results.

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