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June 7, 2023 – You can find a variety of interesting video content on the internet, of course, easily through an Android or iOS application. One example is the museum 2022 artist’s viral video content, which you can later find easily through the application.

Besides providing application entertainment You can also find an application with other functions that will definitely help you in carrying out your activities. As an Android user, you can have more variants of the application, for example, you can later download the application in the Mod version.

Viral Video Museum 2021 application for Indonesian artists

viral video museums

Simontok is the best application in 2022 which you can later use to watch entertainment content. But what you also need to know is that there are still many other best types of applications that you can use to watch entertainment content.

You can use the excellent features in each of these applications later to make it easier for you to find the content you want. So for those of you who want to take advantage of all the sophisticated systems of the application, then you can listen to the list of applications as follows.

1. Maxtube


Watching videos presented by the Youtube application, now you can also do it through an application called Maxtube. Even with this application you can also download all the videos provided, with download results that are definitely high resolution.

The Maxtube application also has a size that is so light, which of course will allow everyone to be able to use it. So you can search for the existence of the Maxtube application, then download it to watch the videos you like.

Application Name Maxtube
Size 37MB
Version Latest
Price Free
installed 10,000,000+

2. Hello


In the next recommendation, Mimin included the Helo application, and until now you can also use Helo to find interesting videos. By watching interesting videos in this application, later you can also collect coins to make money.

Because in Helo there are exciting missions that you can do, and all of these have the potential to give you money. Inviting friends is the most important mission that you can do from the Helo application, because in this mission you can get more money.

Application Name Hello
Version Latest
Price Free
Size 57MB
OS Android 7+

3. Snack Videos


Snack Video is included in the category of entertainment applications that always provide a lot of exciting and interesting content from around the world. You can find various kinds of interesting content from the Snack Video application, all of which you can watch for free.

What’s more, you can also get money from the Snack Video application, to be precise by watching videos and collecting coins into the account that has been provided by the developer. So there’s nothing wrong if you take advantage of all the advantages of the Snack Video application now.

Application Name Snack Videos
Size 78MB
Updates 2022
Price Free
Version v6.4.5

4. Clips Claps


This interesting video provider application, like ClipsClaps, is indeed very popular and widely used by smartphone users. Because in the ClipsClaps application, each user will be presented with various interesting videos from all over the world.

Some interesting content in it too, you can later use to generate coffers of money. And that’s all you can do by collecting as many coins as possible, and then exchanging them for real money.

Application Name ClipsClaps
Version Latest
Size 64MB
Updates August 2022
Price Free

5. KineMaster Diamond


Apart from an application that provides entertainment content, now Mimin goes on to provide an application that you can use to edit videos. The application that Mimin recommends to you is called KineMaster Diamond, and you can use it for free.

In terms of the editing tools that you can find from the KineMaster Diamond application, of course you don’t need to doubt it anymore. Because the main superior features provided by the KineMaster Diamond application will later allow you to be able to save video results without leaving a watermark.

Application Name KineMaster Diamond
Version Latest
Size 87MB
OS Android 7+
installed 50,000,000+

6.GB WhatsApp


An application in the Mod variant, of course, is the best application that you can easily download now. And one of the best variants right now is called GB WhatsApp which has very complete excellent features to help you in carrying out the communication process.

With all these advantages, you can also do many other activities that are quite interesting to do. So Mimin recommends GB WhatsApp to you, so that later you can try all the sophistication that the GB WhatsApp application has too.

Application Name GBWhatsApp
Price Free
Version Latest
OS Android 7+
Updates July 2022

7. Lightroom Mod APK


To produce even better photo shots, of course you can take advantage of a photo editing application which is now widespread and easy to use. The application is called Lightroom Mod APK which already provides lots of advanced photo editing features.

Even all of these features are exactly the same, with a sophisticated feature that you usually find in paid photo editing applications. There will be many advantages that you can get from the Lightroom Mod APK, so for now you can try using it.

Application Name Lightroom Mod APK
OS Android 7+
Version Latest
Size 98MB
Updates 2022

8. Joox Mod APK


To fill your free time, of course you can also listen to music from all over the world. Where you can later take advantage of the Joox Mod APK, which already provides lots of popular songs from all over the world that are presented for free.

Here Mimin recommends the modified version of Joox, because in terms of features, the Joox Mod APK is far superior. Because there later you can make your own playlist of songs which you can definitely make very easily and also in a free way.

Application Name Joox Mod APK
Version Latest
Price Free
OS Android 7+
Updates August 2022

9. Open Camera


The Android mobile device that you have, should be given an additional camera application so that the results of the photos that can be seen can be maximized. And one of the additional applications that you can choose right now, is a sophisticated application called Open Camera.

In the Open Camera application, each of you will indeed be provided with a sophisticated system that is useful for improving the quality of HP cameras. In fact, you will also be provided with other advanced features that function to maximize the results that have been taken.

Application Name OpenCamera
Version Latest
Price Free
Size 19MB
Updates 2022

10. TikTok Lite


TikTok Lite Mimin input on the last recommendation, where for this last application you can also play to make money. The way you need to work is to watch as many videos as possible, then collect coins and enter the account that you have.

And after you have collected enough coins, you can immediately exchange them for money. Of course you can also withdraw it into your DANA balance, with an exchange fee that has no deductible fees or admin fees.

Application Name TikTok Lite
Version v7.4.5
Size 34MB
Price Free
OS Android 7+

From the recommendations above, Mimin has included several variants of money-making applications that you can definitely use for free. And for applications that provide viral video content for museum 2021 artists out in the stomach, of course you can find them easily through the Playstore application store service.

Meanwhile, for some Mod applications, you can only download them through third-party application store services too. Of course you can later download all of these applications onto your HP device, so that your Android phone has even more optimal functionality.

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