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June 6, 2023

Watching a short video or a video of long duration, of course, there is an application that can provide it. Usually you will definitely need the YouTube application to carry out its activities. But you know there is no other application for you to use, namely YouTube Vanced Apk.

Now this one application is rumored to have a lot of uses and is also more sophisticated than other YouTube applications. Because if you use an application like this you can watch more freely and it’s also profitable.

Apart from getting entertainment, you will also get various conveniences when using this one application. You will definitely be able to use applications like this to help get rid of boredom. Or accompany when you have free time like that.

So if you are not too familiar with the application that we will discuss this time. You can continue listening to some of the explanations that we will provide below for you. Because will give you some information about this viewing application.

Lots of people are discussing and looking for this one application. Therefore we are happy to give you some explanations. If so, just look at some of the explanations that we will give to you below.

Detailed Explanation of the Latest YouTube Vanced Apk Application


Watch videos with various types of viewing of various durations. You will definitely need an application that is very supportive to be able to use it. The most sought after application is the viewing application which has lots of videos available in it.

Watching like this is indeed one of the activities that you can do when you have free time. Sometimes not only do you have free time, many do watching activities. But you also often do these various viewing activities while watching.

So, for that, you really need the most complete viewing application. Nowadays, of course, you will really need an application that is very suitable to be relied on everyday. In the process of watching so that it can make you even happier.

Now there is also a YouTube application that you might be able to rely on for your daily viewing activities. What is certain is that applications like this are very well known by people around the world. Most people will definitely be very familiar with an application like this.

Not only that, but there are also many of you who open this one watching application every day. Did you know that there is a very interesting application if we compare it to the original version of YouTube? Yep, now there is a watching application with a modified version.

By using the YouTube Vanced Apk you will get lots of interesting features in this one application. That way you will definitely find a variety of very interesting application views. This modified version of Youtube is actually almost similar to the YouTube Premium application.

It’s just that the modified version of the application will definitely be more usable for free. So you can save more if you use this one application. Now, for more information about this one application, you can see some of the explanations below here.

Link Download YouTube Vanced Apk For Android


For those of you who want to know some further information about this modified YouTube application. Maybe you need to download the application first. So that when you are interested in using this application you will definitely be able to use it right away.

If you want to use this modified YouTube application, you need to download it first. So, for those of you who want to get this application, you need to download it using a special link. Because this one application will not be available on the official platform of the application provider.

The name of the modified application is definitely not available on the Google Play Store or the App Store. Because applications made by third parties like this are arguably not official yet. So you can only download using this application link.

So, don’t worry about application links that are rarely available. Because you will definitely easily find various links in articles that provide discussions like this. If so, you can immediately see the download link for the application below.

Application Name YouTube Vanced Apk
Version v0.22.22.212658
OS 5.0+
Size 5.95MB
Download links YOU CLICK HERE

Here’s Install YouTube Vanced Apk Manually


After downloading in the modified YouTube application using the link above. You can’t use the application if you don’t download it first. Indeed, downloading using a link is somewhat more difficult.

But don’t worry, the ways you can do it are quite easy. We are sure that all of you can do it very easily. So for that you definitely need a few steps to install the application. The following are steps you can take.

  • The first step you need is to make sure the application download is complete.
  • Continue with you starting the application installation process manually. Can choose menu settings > additional settings > security and privacy > install unknown source applications. After that you can slide the menu on or just follow the picture above.
  • After that, you can continue click file manager > just search for app name > click install.
  • Finished.

Here Are Some Interesting Features of YouTube Vanced Apk


Every time you want to use the application, of course you will need an explanation of the features in it. Because with the features the process of using the application will run very easily. For that you really need an explanation of its features.

The features in this one application are sure to distinguish between various applications. Each application certainly has different and unique features. For this reason, the features in each application must have their own characteristics, like that.

Therefore, we will give you some explanation about the features in this modification application. So that you are not curious and will immediately understand when using the application. Immediately, you can see the various explanations below.

Use the Application For Free

By using this one application you will definitely be able to use the application for free. Unlike the use of premium applications in general, which require you to make payments. So you can freely use the modification application freely and also for free.

Get Picture Of Picture Mode

For those of you who like to use applications while opening other applications. No need to worry because in this one modification application a picture of picture mode has been provided. You can easily use two applications at one time.

Usually, if your cellphone already has a split screen feature, you can definitely open two applications at the same time. So usually by using this application you will be able to use both very easily. You will no longer have trouble using this one application.

Save Videos Offline

Those who really like to use applications offline will definitely be happy to know about this one application. You can use an application like this offline if you have saved the video. So you can freely watch all videos offline like that.

Usually, people prefer to watch without being disturbed. Or when watching, you don’t want to be disturbed by various notifications. You can turn off cellular data and also enjoy watching offline.

Watch All Videos Without Ads

So if this one feature you can say you won’t miss it in every modification application, OK? Every time you have a modified application, you will definitely bring this feature into the application. You can freely watch or use the application without fear of ad interruptions.

Because when there are ads that bother you, you will feel annoyed, right? For that, you need a modification application so that the mood is maintained. Maybe this one modification application can be a solution for those of you who hate the presence of advertisements the most.

Use Dark Mode

Dark mode or dark mode, of course, is widely available in modern applications. Modern applications will certainly provide a variety of very modern designs. That’s why this modified YouTube application provides various modes for you.

Complete YouTube Features

Don’t worry about all YouTube features that will be lost because of using a modified application. You will be able to use this one application to get various features of the default YouTube application. Everything is fully available here.

Tutorial on Activating the Features Available in YouTube Vanced Apk


You can usually use a modified application like this in a sophisticated way. If you want to use this one application perfectly, you need very good application settings. Usually people will fail to use this one application because they don’t understand how to set the application.

For that, you really need the correct application settings. Therefore we will give you the steps for setting up features in the premium YouTube application. The following are some steps you can take to activate the various features you want to use.

  • Your first step can open first the YouTube Vanced Apk application.
  • The main page that has been provided in this premium YouTube application will be available. Immediately you can open profile menu in the application.
  • Later there will be many menu options that you can choose from. You are looking for settings, if you have found it you can click settings.
  • There are other options you can choose from vanced setting.
  • Now there are many features that you can use for free. Later you can select several features and do it right away Activation.
  • Done and congratulations, you can use the application with various advanced features so that it is very easy to use.

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