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June 6, 2023

For those of you who are looking for an application to find various types of interesting videos, please download APK which can be used on Android and iOS cellphones.

Currently the bokeh effect function can be very useful for you HP users with low specs, this can help the quality of photos and videos become HD, so below is a collection of applications that you can download for free.

Application Full Bokeh Video Uncensored

Most applications that actually contain bokeh videos are very hard to find, but don’t worry because Mimin has provided an application that you can download for free on an Android or iPhone cellphone.

Filmora Go


The Filmora Go application is an apk video editor available on the Play Store and also the App Store. In this increasingly advanced era, we, as the current generation, inevitably have to understand existing technology.

For example, if you have to create video content for an assignment or something else, the FilmoraGo application will be very helpful. Right, if you want to combine the videos, you will need a video editor application, right?

Without a video editor application, it will be difficult for you to combine video clips or add other items. Well, your editing skills are needed.

There are many media that you can use to learn how to edit a video directly from the Filmora Go application. There is no more reason not to know how to edit videos because many platforms contain videos from these applications.

Review Rate 4,7
Downloads 50 million+
Application Name FilmoraGo Video Editor
Price Free

Pro Video Editor Node Video


This Node Video application is a type of editing that you must try to improve your skills in editing videos. Especially if you are a worker here whose job is to create social media content.

You will really need an editor application that has features that can make your video seem more modern. You can adjust every component in your video, such as music, sound, visuals, and others, to make it look clearer.

When adjusting the color in the video it is also very easy because of the pen tools. When you edit videos with your cellphone using Node Video, it will be even easier to move the pen tools.

Press the pen tool on the screen and adjust the color you want until it produces a video that fits.

Review Rate 3,9
Downloads 1 million+
Application Name Node Video Editor Pro
Price Free



This Magisto is the easiest application to use to set the duration of each video that is being edited. How to edit videos on Magisto?

It’s not difficult to make videos on Magisto so that they look like professional video editors. Enter the video that you recorded previously into a new project from the application.

When you edit a video, you want to add text and others, then you can adjust the position of the text and also the shape of the writing font using the text feature. As a video editor, this application is actually quite simple because you don’t have many complex features in it.

Magisto has also been downloaded by many people and now is the time for you to be part of this fun video editor application.

Review Rate 4,2
Downloads 50 million+
Application Name Magisto Video Editor
Price Free

B612 Camera Editor


Make your selfie activities more exciting with only one application, namely B612 Camera & Photo Editor. Users who like adorable photo and video filters are obliged to have the B612 application on their respective cellphones.

Or you lack confidence when taking photos with an ordinary camera, so just choose the filter you like on B612. The B612 has always been the choice of users in terms of filters and photo effects.

Not to mention the photo editor that is here, like a tool makeup, retouch body, sharpening, and so forth. Or if you are bored of being a filter user, you can make your own version of the filter in this B612 application.

Review Rate 4,3
Downloads 500 million+
Application Name B612 Camera & Photo Editor
Price Free

Collection of Internet Museum Bokeh Video Applications 2022

This link has many variations and almost all of them can still be accessed today. Bored with the video in the first link?

You can look for recommendations on the YouTube link for other videos from rumahkeadilan.co.id.

Unistory Apk


The best place to edit the best moments of your life to share on instagram is the Unistory app. Why do we have to download the Unistory application?

For those of you who are active in playing Instagram and don’t want to look less attractive than other IG users, try editing using this one application. UniStory has great photo templates with frames that are definitely designed very aesthetically.

You have many recommendations for ideas for editing photos and videos to serve as stories on Instagram. If you want to upload it elsewhere, you can still do it and the quality of the edited photos is also quite good.

Custom your own frames and templates that you want to use the results more reflect your own edits.

Review Rate 4,8
Downloads 5 million+
Application Name UniStory
Price Free



Are you confused about finding the right photo text editing application and also have a complete selection of fonts and are free to use? Ordinary photo video editing applications can actually edit photo text or the like.

However, usually the features are incomplete and there are also not many choices or font variations available. Therefore, here we recommend users to use the Phonto application.

Phonto is a special application for editing text in photos with a wide selection of unique fonts. You can combine different types of fonts for different types of writing.

Or to make it look more attractive, don’t forget to enter a color that matches the concept of the photo text.

Review Rate 4,7
Downloads 50 million+
Application Name Text on Photo – Phonto
Price Free

Lomopola Cam


The polaroid camera application with vintage effects that you can download for free on the Play Store is Lomopola Cam. Dispa here who always wanted to have an original Polaroid camera?

Before trying the actual camera tool, you can first download the Lomopola cam application because the results are not much different. It’s just that the photos you took from Lomopola cannot be accessed print-out directly.

You have to buy Polaroid paper and print the photos yourself.

Review Rate 4,6
Downloads 1jt+
Application Name Lomopola Cam
Price Free

Camera Code


Koda Camera is an application whose camera effects have the theme of analog film or vintage and retro. There are several kinds of effects or camera filters that you can try when you want to take a picture.

The key to getting good photos when using this application lies in the lighting and also selecting the appropriate photo filters.

Review Rate 4,6
Downloads 10 million+
Application Name Camera Code
Price Free

For those of you who have never used the link in a browser, there’s no need to be confused. Just type the IP address in the search engine and the results will appear immediately and please look for other interesting articles at rumahkeadilan.co.id.

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