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June 7, 2023

For those of you Android or iOS users who are still confused about how to set APN XL. So, before that, did you know what APN was?

If you don’t know about APN, then in the discussion of the article this time, we will share information about APN XL. Of course this information will be very useful for those of you who use this operator.

Therefore, continue to follow the discussion of the article this is over, my friends.

APN Meaning (Access Point Names)


Maybe many still don’t know about APN, even though this is one of the features on your smartphone device. This APN is closely related to the internet network and also the cellular card that you use on your cellphone.

As we know so far, every cellphone, be it Android or iOS, must have a cellular card so that it can connect to the internet. Having an internet connection is very important because without it you cannot access anything related to information.

So, what exactly is APN and what is the function of this tool? Listen carefully to the explanation that admin will give in this article.

APN stands for Access Point Name, of course every smartphone has this tool or feature. It can be said that this APN is a link between the smartphone that you use and the cellular operator that you use on your cellphone.

The use of this APN really has an influence on speed Is your internet slow or fast? For example, this APN is a setting on a cellphone to connect a PDN according to what the user wants, such as 3G, 4G, or GSM.

In this APN you will find certain information that will be used by operators to make decisions. Whether to grant internet access permission to your device or not.

You have to set up an APN and use one according to the type of cellular operator used on your cellphone. In this case, we will tell you how to set APN XL and several types of APN XL which are great for you to try.

Functions of APN XL for its users


This APN has quite an important function for smartphone users and is closely related to the quality of your internet. In accordance with the previous explanation that this APN is a tool that connects the device with the operator you use, for example XL.

Here we will provide an explanation of the function of APN, especially for XL users. If you feel you have never set up an APN at all. So first know what the actual function of this APN is.

1. To Make Internet Connection More Stable

This APN has a function that is quite important because it affects the stability of your internet network. If you don’t use the correct APN and operator.

This will affect the stability of your internet and can make your connection lag and so on.

Therefore, later we will explain how to set the APN for the device and mobile card that you are using. This is what you should know about the APN function so that you don’t just set it without knowing its meaning.

2. Speed ​​up the Internet Network

Apart from making your internet network more stable, this APN will also help you to improve your internet network. Maybe all this time you often experience slowness or something like that.

You have to check first whether the APN that you set is in accordance with the network or cellular operator that you are using. So, those are the general functions of this APN that you should know about.

Maybe you are wondering if there is one type of APN or another? The following is a discussion of the types of APNs that exist.

Types of APNs You Need to Know

APN or Access Point Name has two types, namely Public APN and also Private APN. What’s the difference between Public APN and Private APN?

As the name implies, this Public APN is a network provided by the operator and can be accessed freely or openly by users. This APN is the most widely used by users because it is not easy to get and access it.

Unlike the public APN, this Priate APN can only be connected if you are already connected to the gateway and cannot be accessed in general.

After we discuss the meaning, function, and types of Access Point Names. The time has come for us to discuss how to set up an APN, especially for those of you who use XL devices.

How To Set APN XL For Android Users


Every smartphone device that you use can be set according to the cellular operator that you are using. Maybe so far you’ve never felt like you’ve ever set up an APN when using a cell phone.

However, if lately you feel that your internet network is slow and unstable. Maybe you should know how to set this XL APN. Remember, the method that we provide below is specifically for you Android users who use the XL operator.

  1. First, open the menu “Arrangement” on your cellphone.
  2. Then select the “Connection” feature or the like and click on the section “Mobile Network”.
  3. After that tap reading “Access Point Name” or “Access Point Name”.
  4. Then you select the XL network and click the operator name.
  5. Then you can enter the APN section and write it down “Send. ee” and if you press “OK”.
  6. Please click “Server” and enter the following IP address “”.
  7. Continue filling in the MMSC section with
  8. And in the MMS Proxy menu enter the following numbers “”.
  9. Don’t forget for the MMS port section you can enter the number “3128″.
  10. Fill it again in reading “MNC” with numbers “11”.
  11. In the Authentication type section, select it “PAP” And “CHAP”.
  12. And in the menu select APN type “default, mms, supl”. Then select IPv4 in the APN Protocol menu.

The way to set the APN that we will tell you here includes APN XL, which has a super fast internet network.

How to set APN XL on iPhone


Just like Android, iPhone users who use this XL operator can also set this APN on the device. And the method is actually not much different from the previous steps.

If you are still confused, then just take a look at the steps below regarding how to set APN XL on an iPhone device.

  1. Please enter the Settings application on your iOS device.
  2. Then the feature method “Mobile Data” or network.
  3. Click select “Access Point Name” and click the cellular operator that you are using.
  4. Next, select the APN section and write it down “Internet” then press “OK”.

Those are the steps for setting the fastest APN XL and an auto-stable connection via iOS and Android smartphone devices.

What about other mobile operators? Are the APN settings the same or not? Curious right? You can immediately find the answer at

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