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June 6, 2023

Rumahjustice.co.id Go Live TV Apk is an application for watching ongoing streaming broadcasts. Through this application, you can enjoy various types of exciting shows, one of which is currently showing the 2023 World Cup.

If you are curious about the details of the Go Live TV application, see the explanations and reviews below. You will understand more clearly about how to use it and the features in the Go Live TV application.

Review Go Live TV Apk

go live tv apk

Go Live TV is an application platform for streaming so you can enjoy existing entertainment. This application can be accessed free of charge without paying, without having to subscribe first.

Many channels are available on Go Live TV, you can search for channels according to your individual taste in this application. In this application with many channels, you can also choose various types of programs that you like.
Starting from drama to sports, one of which is watching the world cup which is currently popular. You can watch everything for free with just an internet quota or a wi-fi connection.

Of course, Go Live TV is perfect for watching the world cup, apart from the world cup there are many other sports-related categories. What is certain is that the Go Live TV application will be very useful for you to have access to all kinds of fun shows when you are bored.

You can download this application with a small cellphone space, so all devices can download this application. You also don’t need big specifications to have this application. In addition, by having a complete viewing category, users can access each broadcast more easily. Without having to change sites every time you want to watch the show. Only by searching for the title you want to watch, you can already find it.

Premium Features Go Live TV Apk Latest Version 2023

go live tv feature

Surely every modified application has an advantage in the existing features. The Go Live Tv application also has premium features that you can experience when accessing the application without having to pay or it’s free.

You may not find these features in similar applications, let’s see the explanation below.

1. Diverse Channels

Having many channels is one of the advantages of this application. With many channels, you can choose whichever program you prefer. The ease of searching for showtime titles is also one of the advantages of this feature.

The variety of channels and content will make you feel at home using this one streaming application. Of course, this application can keep you updated about the latest events. You can also watch different types of genres or different viewing categories at any time.

The variety of channels and types of programs will not bore you. These features can make you continue to use the application or even depend on this application. If you want to watch your favorite shows, you don’t have to worry about using apps or searching other sites anymore. you can find everything on Go Live TV.

2. Very Complete Language Choices

The next feature to be discussed is language. Through this single feature, you can use various languages ​​according to your convenience. In this application, users can select the desired language either in the application settings or in the subtitle language. You can also use a foreign language to learn while watching.

Not only will users have fun, but you can add new vocabulary by watching today’s shows on live TV. In addition, the use of language can be selected so that you understand every conversation or dialogue in the program.

Wouldn’t it be fun if you didn’t understand the contents of the actor’s conversation? So subtitles will really work to help you understand each dialogue.

3. Free of Subscription Fees

The last feature is that users access this application for free. Another thing that users are looking for is something that smells free or free. Of course, you don’t need to register first to be able to watch various types of shows when using this application.

There is no limit, you can also access it for free for 24 hours straight. And you can see many things through this application. This free access will also make it easier for you to be more efficient. Like watching TV shows in general, this application helps you find entertainment. The difference is through the application you can watch it anywhere, anytime and in the spare time you have.

Streaming Categories You Can Find On Go Live TV Apk

go live tv category

After knowing an overview of the Go Live TV streaming application, you also need to know what types of programs are in this application. There are lots of broadcast categories on Go Live TV that you can enjoy. Here are some of the categories in Go Live TV:

1. Sports

Impressions that are currently on the rise are related to sports. Especially football because currently the world cup grand event is taking place in Qatar. The fierce competition between the teams continues to this day, making fans not want to miss even one match. So that there are lots of football fans who watch live broadcasts on this application. Because you can watch the match clearly and easily.

2. Entertainment

Entertainment and fun are not spared while watching the show. There are times when you want to enjoy a cool and relaxed show. One of them is watching this entertainment program. You can find this program in this application.

3. Movies

If you like a film, you can also access it through this application. Where this application is also quite complete for the films provided. With various types of genres, you can choose the film that you like the most.

4. Cook

If you like cooking content, you can access this category in this application. Of course, programs in this category can provide culinary inspiration for you and can help those of you who are confused about what to cook every day.

5. Documentary

Interested in documentaries? This application also provides documentaries from various sources. Of course, you can easily access it in this application.

6. Religion

Not only entertainment, this streaming application also offers religious content. In this category, you can feel calm listening to the speaker delivering a lecture or sermon. And can motivate ourselves to do good every day.

7. Gossip

Can’t be separated from everyday conversation, gossip has a high enough rating, yes, on every television broadcast. Usually, this event is observed for artist updates that are currently viral at the time. So, you can also enjoy this category in this go live tv application.

8. Music

Like waiting for the latest music updates? This category is suitable for you to follow where this category will provide music references that you might like. Of course, you won’t miss updates if you take part in events in this music category.

9. Child

Apart from adults and teenagers, children also need entertainment in their daily life. Of course, this application also offers broadcast categories for children. Where the contents can be watched comfortably according to the age of the child.

download go live tv

After listening to the discussion above about the Go Live TV application, of course you can’t wait to download this application right away. So you need to know to download this application you must have a special link first to download it.

Because this application is a modified application developed by a third party, you must first find the special link. Now, you don’t need to be confused anymore because you can download it directly with the link below which we will share for free for you.

Application Name Go Live TV Apk
Operating system Android 4.0+
Version 3.2.2
Downloads Click here

So, you can download this application using the link above to get this streaming application for free. If you have downloaded the application, you can immediately install or install the Go Live TV application on your cellphone.

To install this application itself, use the manual method, don’t worry, the installation itself isn’t that complicated. Let’s look at the installation steps below:

  1. Connect android device with stable internet connection
  2. Make sure the device used can accommodate the application and is compatible
  3. Open the download link with click the download link on the table
  4. Click download and wait a moment for the application to download
  5. Open the application and install it on your cellphone
  6. Enjoy watching

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