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June 7, 2023

Do you know? Digital TV broadcasts are now being sought after by the public. This is because analog TV is no longer operating now. When analog TV is no longer operating, because of that many people don’t know how to watch digital TV broadcasts.

Therefore, here wants to tell the public how to watch digital TV broadcasts easily. Let’s see how to watch digital TV broadcasts so you can understand.

Reviews of How to Watch Digital TV Broadcasts


Digital TV broadcasts have been operating since November 2, 2022. This has been replaced by analog TV broadcasts which have been operating for almost 60 years in Indonesia. During the transition to digital TV, now people can still watch analog TV even though you are advised to change your antenna to digital.

Now how to watch digital TV broadcasts using digital signal modulation which has a clear, sophisticated and bright image quality system for technology for Indonesian people. therefore it is advisable to switch to digital TV nowadays.

As for other countries that have completed digitizing TV ten years ago. For those of you who need better television services using the latest technology. Therefore, TV with analog system is not efficient because it uses most of the 700 MHz frequency spectrum.

The ideal frequency spectrum used for internet services includes the radio frequency spectrum used for analog TV which is in the 700 MHz band. Therefore, all people implement digital TV technology. The reason is to save the use of the 700 MHz band for internet services.

From saving the 700 MHz band used for distance education systems, disaster warning and health services in Indonesia. Therefore equal distribution of quality television broadcasts in all corners of the country.

Here’s How to Watch Digital TV Broadcasts Without Using a Set Top Box


For those of you who don’t want to use a Set Top Box, you can also watch Digital TV broadcasts. There are several ways that you can understand to watch television again. Maybe for those of you who don’t know how to watch digital TV broadcasts without a Set Top Box, you can see the following method, which we will explain below.

How to Watch Digital TV Broadcasts on TVs That Have DVB-T2 Features

This method is a method that has the DVB-T2 feature for those of you who have bought a TV, you don’t need to buy a Set Top Box anymore. If you want to find out if the TV has this feature, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open the official Kominfo link at
  2. Then click the digital TV device menu
  3. Next, click on a category
  4. After that click television
  5. Next you write the brand and type of television

When your TV can receive How to Watch Digital TV Broadcasts. Therefore the brand name and type of television will appear. If not, then a description appears. Example “Sorry, the brand or device is not registered in our database or does not have a device certification yet.”

How to use Android TV

After you can use Android TV. Therefore, this device is the successor to Smart TV which is equipped with Wi-Fi and Internet connections. The differences with Smart TV are as follows.

This is different from Smart TV, which is a device that has an Android operating system such as a processor and smartphone. Therefore it allows the TV to connect with the Google Play Store and others on the cellphone.

How to use Smart TV

After you use the method above, then you can also use Smart TV. After that, this TV does not need to use a Set Top Box to receive How to Watch Digital TV Broadcasts. This device is known as internet TV which is capable of providing additional programs through an internet connection.

Those of you who don’t know about this feature can also watch movies or streaming sites via Smart TV and can access Netflix, Youtube and others. Therefore, without a Set Top Box, you can enjoy broadcast shows on How to Watch Digital TV Broadcasts and don’t need to be disappointed when Analog TV broadcasts stop.

Some of the Advantages of Digital TV Broadcasts


After the transition from analog TV broadcasts to how to watch digital TV broadcasts, the advantages of digital broadcasts have been examined. Therefore you will get the advantages of this digital broadcast as follows.

Clear Voice

Of course, the sound produced by How to Watch Digital TV Broadcasts is clearer and cleaner than the sound produced by Analog TV. Therefore digital broadcasts are better able to minimize noise, loud voices or sound disturbances. So listeners are more comfortable when using Digital Broadcasts.

Many Broadcasts Available

When you can enjoy a wide variety of shows on Digital TV, you can catch and accommodate more broadcasts on a variety of channels than Analog TV. This is because Digital TV uses less bandwidth than Analog TV. So you can watch a lot of Digital TV broadcasts.

Good Quality

Thus Digital TV has better picture quality than Analog TV. So you are more comfortable to watch and there is no blurry display like Analog TV. Therefore, it is recommended that you switch to Digital TV broadcasts so that you can enjoy viewing in clear and good quality.

Receive Better Broadcasts

If we usually use Analog TV, it will be a little difficult to catch television channels. Now if you use Digital TV it will be easier to catch television broadcasts with a stable image. This is what makes the use of Digital TV superior to Analog TV.

Several Brands of Set Top Boxes That Can Be Used


Discussing Digital TV broadcasts, you will definitely need a recommended Set Top Box. Now, in this last discussion, we will provide some recommendations for Set Top Box brands that you can use. Actually, this Set top Box can be easily found in stores around.

There are several Set Top Box brands that are ready to optimally capture digital signals. For this, we will provide a list of Set Top Box brands below according to the explanation we have provided. So, let’s take a look at some of the following Set Top Box brands so that later you don’t get confused when buying a Set Top Box.

  • Akari (ADS-2230, ADS-168 and ADS-210)
  • Evercoss (STB1)
  • Evinix H1
  • Tanaka (T2)
  • Nexmedia (NA1300/DVB-T2 MPEG4 HD)
  • Venus (Brio)
  • Matrix (Apple)
  • Polytron (PDV 600T2)
  • Ichiko (8000HD)
  • Nextron (NT2000-D and TR 1000)

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