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May 27, 2023 – GB WhatsApp has now become the most widely used application by many people around the world, are you also of course one of the users of the application commonly called WA GB?

This time the admin from will discuss how to download the latest version of the GB WhatsApp application. In today’s technological developments, more and more people are creating very good applications.

As at this time there are lots of the latest release applications that you can see and also use. Starting from video editing applications, even now there are also the latest communication applications.

WA GB is one of the newest applications which you can use and also has lots of advantages. Surely you can’t wait to find out about the application so you can use it right away.

For those of you who haven’t installed the latest version of this application, you can listen to the reviews in this article. So that later you will know more and not be curious anymore. Alright, no need to linger, let’s look at the review below.

GB WhatsApp Application Review (WA GB)

gb whatsapp

GB WhatsApp is the WhatsApp application that has undergone updates to the feature functions owned by third parties. With a modification to the GB WA application, it can read deleted WhatsApp messages and can use two accounts at the same time in one application.

As you already know, the original WA has very limited features and has a lot of rules. Unlike the GB WhatsApp application, the developer has created features on the updated GB WhatsApp. That way, original WA users switch to GB WhatsApp on the grounds that the features are very attractive.

In the GB WhatsApp application, there are lots of features that you can use to make chatting easier. For that, those of you who want to download GB Whatsapp, make sure to download via the link that we will provide below.

Before downloading the GB WhatsApp application, you should know that GB WA has lots of the latest versions. But the drawback is that not all of the latest versions of applications have a high level of security.

This will also have an impact on being deleted or blocked by the WhatsApp account that you are using. So, make sure to download via the link that we provide to you.

So, before you download the application, it’s a good idea to know what features you can use on the GB WhatsApp application this time.

Latest Features of the GB WhatsApp Pro APK Application

gb whatsapp pro apk

As previously discussed, GB WhatsApp is the latest version of the WA application. That way there are various benefits that you can get using the application.

You will not find these features if you use the original WA version. In the following, we will explain what interesting features you can use on the GB WhatsApp application.

1. Anti Delete or Block

Before you download an application, the thing you need to pay attention to is the level of security for the application to use. If the application does not have a security level, your account will be deleted or blocked, for example, your WhatsApp account.

If your WA account is blocked, your data, chat rooms and contact numbers will automatically be lost. This is what you should avoid, but by using WA GB the latest version and you download via the link that we will provide, then you don’t need to worry anymore.

Because this application already has security features that have been proven safe, this application is worth using. However, this security is not guaranteed if you don’t download the application from the link we have provided.

2. Anti Delete Status

The next feature you can use is the anti-delete WA status feature. With this feature, you automatically don’t need to activate the feature first. What is meant by this feature is if your friend makes a status but not long after that the status is immediately deleted and you haven’t seen it.

So you can still see the deleted status, usually in the original version the status will disappear by itself if it’s been 24 hours. With this feature, you will not miss the statuses made by friends who are in your contact.

As for how to activate this feature very easily, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open your GB WhatsApp application.
  2. Then, select “Point Three” as the icon in the upper right corner
  3. Next, select the “menu”GB Settings“.
  4. Then, select menu “Privacy and Security“.
  5. If so, then you scroll down to find the menu “Anti Delete Message
  6. So,”Activate” the feature.
  7. Finished.

You cannot get this feature if you use the original WA. Therefore you must use GB WhatsApp from us.

3. Provides Various Types of Themes

In the original version of WA, you can’t change the theme to be unique and interesting, because they only provide two themes, namely black and white. By using WA GB this is so you can change the theme to your heart’s content, you can apply the thousands of themes in this application to your heart’s content.

With the features of thousands of themes, it’s definitely very fun, because you can feel more at home chatting and don’t get bored with the same themes. As for how to change the theme in the GB WA application, you can see the method below.

  1. The first step, open the GB WhatsApp application.
  2. Then, select menu “Point Three” in the top-right corner of the menu section.
  3. Select the “menu”GB Settings“.
  4. Then, select menu “GB Theme“.
  5. Then various choices and theme categories will appear that you can use.
  6. After that, you click on the theme that you want to use.
  7. Then, click the install menu in the lower right corner.
  8. Finished.

That was how to change the theme on GB WhatsApp which you can practice later if you have successfully downloaded the latest version of the GB WA application.

4. Hide Appearance Status

Usually you don’t want to be caught if you have opened the status of your contact’s friend or you want to peek at your crush’s status without being caught. So, this feature is suitable for those of you who don’t want your WA status to be seen. You can activate this feature first before it can work.

Below is a way that you can use to take advantage of this feature, so you can follow the steps below, as follows:

  1. Open the GB WhatsApp application.
  2. when it is, open “Point Three” in the upper right corner of the main menu.
  3. Next, select the “menu”GB Settings“.
  4. Then, click the menu “Privacy and Security“.
  5. Then, you scroll down to find the menu and “Enable Hide Appearance Status“.
  6. Finished.

You need to know that this feature is only available on GB WhatsApp version 2023 because you cannot use this feature in the original WA application.

5. Hiding the Double Checkmark

As ordinary people, sometimes you don’t want to be disturbed by other interests. However, you still want to receive incoming messages on the WhatsApp application. Therefore you can use this feature, friends or contacts who send messages will not know that you have received the message.

Because the notification on the message they sent to you is still marked with one tick, which means it hasn’t been sent. The one tick display can change to a double check if you have read the message or you have disabled this feature.

The ways you can follow the steps to activate this feature are as follows.

  1. Make sure you have downloaded this GB WhatsApp.
  2. After that, open the GB WhatsApp application.
  3. If so, open “Point Three” in the upper right corner of the main menu.
  4. Next, select the “menu”GB Settings“.
  5. Then, click the menu “Privacy and Security“.
  6. Then, you scroll down to find the menu and “Enable Hide Appearance Status“.
  7. Finished.

6. Send Unlimited Files

This one feature is the best feature ever, because this feature is very useful and has an effect on your activities. If you use the original version of the application, of course you have limitations in sending files, photos or images and videos.

You can only send up to 30 pictures or photos, whereas when using GB WhatsApp you are free to send up to 100 pictures with just one send.

The quality of the images sent will not change or decrease to blurry. Therefore, it is not surprising that many users have switched to Download GB WhatsApp.

7. Eliminating Online Status

For the last feature, it eliminates online status when you open the WA application. That way you won’t be caught online or not.

You can use this feature by activating it first. The steps are as follows.

  1. Open the GB WhatsApp application.
  2. If so, click “Triple dot icon” in the right-hand corner of the menu
  3. Next, select the “menu”GB Settings“.
  4. Then, select menu “Privacy and Security“.
  5. If so, scroll down “Hide Online Status“.
  6. Then you”Activate” the feature.
  7. Finished.

So, those are the features that you can take advantage of when using the GB WhatsApp application. Next, we will provide a download link that you can use for free.

Safe download link for the GB WhatsApp 2023 application

download gb whatsapp

After you already know about the features of the application, of course you really want to download it, right? So, don’t worry, because we have provided the download link below.

Application Name GBWhatsApp
file size 50MB
New version v3.3.1
Developers GB Mods
Support OS Android 5.0+ or ​​above
Price Free
Download links Here

How to Install WA GB APK on Android

For how to install or install modified applications made by third parties, you have to do it manually. Don’t worry, because we will also provide a tutorial on how you can follow the steps below.

  1. The first is for you to download the application via the link that we have provided.
  2. Then you open the menu “Settings or Settings“.
  3. Next, select the option “Security“.
  4. Then install the application ” Unknown Source or Unknown Source“.
  5. Then, open “FileManager“.
  6. After that, look for the download file that you saved earlier.
  7. Then click “Install or Install“.
  8. Wait until the installation process runs.
  9. Finished.

How To Use GB WhatsApp APK?

gb whatsapp pro

Even though this application is generally almost similar to the original WhatsApp application, it seems incomplete if you don’t discuss how to use the GB WA application in detail.

So, here is an explanatory tutorial for using the GB WA application for your smartphone.

  1. The first step is to open the GB WA application that you just downloaded and installed on your Android smartphone.
  2. Then register by entering your phone number and verifying to make sure the number you registered is an active phone number.
  3. Wait a few moments when the GB WA application asks for an OTP code sent to that number.
  4. Then, enter the OTP code that you received via SMS message.
  5. If so, registration is complete and you can send various types of messages with the best chat application.

Thus the explanation of the application GBWhatsApp or better known as WA GB. This application is of course very useful because it has all the advanced features, but there is a drawback, namely that it cannot be used by iOS devices.

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