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May 28, 2023

The Spray Forum is one of the IP Addresses that has recently been very much sought after, especially by Indonesian netizens wherever they are. What’s more, the government, through the Ministry of Communication and Information, has blocked this forum, so that this site can no longer be accessed.

So, what are the interesting things about the forum so that many people want to access it and why was the forum blocked by the government? For those of you who are very curious about this, we suggest listening to this article to the end. Because we have provided a complete explanation below.

What Is a Spray Forum?

Spray Forums

In Indonesia, it is no wonder that such forums are very large because they have a large number of members. These forums are basically a means of discussion on various matters ranging from everyday problems to marketing.

Some of them that you may already know are the forum which is a forum for discussing marketing and buying and selling digital products. This forum is widely used by business people to get advice or profit by conducting marketing activities.

Then after that there is the Kaskus forum which contains discussions on problems or problems of everyday life. This forum has been wrapped up and discussed in a language that is relaxed and easy to understand. So that all of you will not be stiff and reluctant to participate in discussions in the forum.

And the last is the forum that we are discussing in this review, namely the Spray Forum. In the beginning, this forum discussed various issues and was also specifically about adult consumption only. The content provided is also only for the consumption of members in the forum.

However, this forum was eventually blocked by the government through the Ministry of Communication and Informatics because it was considered to have violated many of the norms that exist and apply in our country, Indonesia. So, what caused this forum to be blocked by the government and also the Ministry of Communication and Informatics? Let’s look at the following explanation together.

Why is the Spray Forum Blocked by Kominfo?

Spray Forums

Basically this forum is a forum for discussion of daily activities and job vacancies. But not infrequently in it many have special discussions about viral adult content to share it in this forum. Indeed, the content provided is only for the consumption of the members of the forum.

However, there were a number of things that were unexpected because a lot of viral content came from there, either in the form of pictures or videos. The reason is if you are a member of this forum, you will certainly be able to easily find whatever you want if something goes viral on social media.

Without having to have additional access, as a forum member you will get to watch very entertaining adult content for free. But there are also some members who sell exclusive adult content in it at quite high prices, and not a few people buy it.

What was unexpected in this forum was that there were a lot of pimps who used it as a means of selling prostitutes online through this spray forum. By doing so, they get a profit of IDR 2 million every day from the events they create.

Of course, it is the things above that make the government of our country Indonesia through the Ministry of Communication and Information take decisive action by blocking access to be able to open the Spray Forum IP. So what is happening now, no one will be able to access the site.

Are Spray Forums Still Re-Accessible?

Spray Forums

Indeed, the government and also the Ministry of Communication and Information have blocked the forum site, so that everyone will not be able to access it again. However, this is less effective because we see that our nation always has various ways to make backup sites or backups just in case.

It is proven by the fact that there are spray sites that still exist today and are already using the latest IP which is currently being sought. The new IP for the forum is 46.166 167 18, which you can only access by using a proxy from abroad, namely or proxysite.

So, why do you have to use a foreign proxy to be able to access the site? Surely one of you will wonder about this, and maybe some of you already know what the answer to that question is.

Yep, that’s absolutely correct, the answer is because by using a foreign proxy, the Forum Spray site will be safer and will no longer be blocked by Kominfo because it uses access from other countries. That way, you who were previously a member can easily access it again.

Then how do you access the site again using or another country’s proxysite? Let’s look at the reviews below. Because in this article we have also provided steps so that all of you can access the Forum Spray site again.

Steps to Open the Latest IP Viral Content Spray Forum

Spray Forums

By taking advantage of current technological sophistication, you don’t have to bother looking for steps or tutorials manually. Because most of them are already available on various social media or through articles available on search engines.

One of them is by opening Forum Spray’s newest IP, which is indeed being sought after recently. To be able to open a new IP is fairly easy, because with just a few steps you can access it for free. The following are the steps to open the IP.

  1. The first step, you have to visit proxysite or,
  2. After entering into it, select the proxy server you want,
  3. Then type in the Forum Spray IP Address server, namely 46.166 167 16,
  4. Press Enter or Ok,
  5. Wait for the proxy change process to finish,
  6. Finally, after everything is done you can access it again

By carrying out the steps above, now you, who were previously a forum member, can access and enjoy the various discussions in it again. You can also get viral content in the form of photos or videos very easily using this forum again.

Of course with the new IP, this forum will have a better appearance or maybe there will be other more interesting discussions in it. Then what are you waiting for, for those of you who were previously forum members or not, we recommend accessing it using the method above.

So that later you will be able to access this forum and enjoy every exciting viral content in it. It will provide many benefits by using it as a means of discussion.

With that, we have come to the end of this article about Forum Spray, I hope this review can be useful for you.

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