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June 7, 2023

To watch and get more sophisticated editor technology applications, please download Twitter Viral Video Museum Indonesia for free which supports all Android OS.

The problem is, as we all know, this kind of application has gone viral on the internet. That’s why, you can just listen to it below, okay?

List of the Latest Indonesian Viral Video Museum Twitter Applications

Twitter viral video museum indonesia

For those of you who want to watch Museum Indonesia’s Twitter Viral Video on an Android or iOS cellphone, you must first download the application. Therefore, Mimin I’ll give you the link right now, watch it right away.



If you often use photo editing applications, surely you already know this Picsart application. The problem is gangs, most people use this editing application to edit cool photos like that. But do you know what gang is in this application?

If you really don’t know about this Picsart application, then you can just go ahead and see the discussion here. Picsart is an application that can be used very easily too, you know, friends. All the features are ready in full, too, gang.

That’s why friends, if you really want to edit photos very easily, this Picsart application can help you guys. You can make your photos look like thisgrids like that or something else. Don’t you just download the Picsart application right away, gang? On Google Play for free, how come this is gang, come on, cuz.

Application Name Picsart Photo & Video Editor
Application Version Has a variety of versions
Minimal Support OS Has a variety of devices
Google Play ratings 4,2
Developers PicsArt, Inc.
Application Download Links Here



If you use the Photoshop Express application, then all of your photos will be cooler, gang. But that’s it, gangs, surely most of you know about the Photoshop application that’s on PC devices, right, gangs? The problem is that Photoshop is on the device.

It’s just that the Photoshop Express application is now on smartphones Yes, gang. So that you don’t have trouble using this application, you can directly download the application, gang. To download this application, all you have to do is open the Google Play Store, guys.

With this application, you can really maximize various kinds of editing tools, you know, gang. How cool is this app? That’s why, you can use this application to make even higher quality photos.

Application Name Photoshop Express Photo Editor
Application Version 8.3.979
Minimal Support OS Has a variety of devices
Google Play ratings 4,5
Developers adobe



For those of you who really want to do photo editing like it’s more enlightening and so on, gangs, you can just go ahead and use this Pixlr application. In this Pixlr application, later you can just use various kinds of tools, you know.

Everything will be easier if you use the Pixlr application, gang. It’s just like using a tool that can make your photos smaller in size. Or if for example you want to use the Pixlr application to make cool effects, you can too, you know.

Also, gangs, in using this application, you will be able to do it right away share the results of the edits to social media, you know. Just go ahead share all the edited photos from the Pixlr application to your favorite social media, gangs, let’s go straight on.

Application Name Pixlr – Photo Editor
Application Version 3.4.63
Minimal Support OS Android 6.0+
Google Play ratings 4,3
Developers Inmagine Lab



The application that can make your photos look more aesthetic is an application called VSCO, guys. In the VSCO application, all the things in the editing application will make your photos even cooler, gangs. So, don’t choose the wrong application, gang.

Right, gangs, if the VSCO application will give you lots of cool things, like for example, you will be able to immediately get editing tools for effects. It’s even cooler, your photos are definitely gangs.

Application Name VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
Application Version 283
Minimal Support OS Android 6.0+
Google Play ratings 3,7
Developers VSCO



This application called Tezza is an application that will help you in making Instagram photos stories you get cooler. Who here really likes to make Instagram stories is that gang? This Tezza application will be able to provide you with many kinds of things.

Like for example, yes, you will get a lot of things like that later. You can immediately use the Tezza application after downloading this application. How do you want to download the application right away or not? On the Google Play Store, it’s free, gang.

Application Name Tezza: Aesthetic Editor
Application Version 2.20.0
Minimal Support OS Android 4.4+
Google Play ratings 4,4
Developers Tezza



An application that is not left behind when used to edit photos is an application called Lightroom. In this Lightroom application you will be able to do simple photo editing, you know. It’s not just simple, gangs, but you will also produce cool photos later.

For using the Lightroom application as well, you will be able to create immediately presets you yourself you know. Wow, it’s really easy for you to edit photos using this Lightroom application. Do you want to download the application right away, gang?

Application Name Lightroom Photo & Video Editor
Application Version 7.5.0
Minimal Support OS Android 8.0+
Google Play ratings 4,3
Developers adobe



The application that you will be able to use for free is an application called Snapseed, guys. If you use an application like this, you won’t have any trouble. The problem is that this application already has lots of super simple editing tools.

Application Name Snapseed
Application Version Has variety
Minimal Support OS Has variety
Google Play ratings 4,6
Developers Google LLC



Edit photos easily using the Canva application, gang. To download this application, you won’t have any trouble, because it’s already on the Google Play Store, gang. Anyway, friends, in this application there are also many available templates you know, so you won’t be in trouble. Come on, download it right away.

Application Name Canva: Design, Photos & Videos
Application Version 2.180.0
Minimal Support OS Android 5.0+
Google Play ratings 4,8
Developers Canva

Applications such as the Twitter viral video museum of Indonesia are very helpful for beginners who want to learn to edit videos or photos with a bokeh effect, moreover this application can be used via a cellphone.

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