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June 3, 2023 – Social media is currently in an uproar with the viral Twitter video of Ukhti Salah Jalan showing scenes from the 18+ museum. Even though there are many pros and cons about this video, bokeh connoisseurs will definitely be happy with this kind of viral video. Because the scenes are considered flexible and satisfying.

Ukhti’s twitter video went the wrong way, which was considered satisfying, and many bokeh connoisseurs even watched it without a second thought. To watch this satisfied scene, you need the help of a link or application that can support it. If you want to know some of them, let’s look at the brief explanation below.

Twitter Ukhti Wrong Way

Watching bokeh videos is a pleasure for the audience, many of whom have even become a ritual. Seeing entertainment like bokeh can indeed relieve stress and various burdens that are being suffered. Therefore, currently many are looking for links to applications.

Mimin has shared the download link above to make it easier for you to access Ukhti’s Twitter videos on the wrong way. But to see the full version, you can see the platform recommendations below. You can access some of them to watch bokeh videos.

1. ShoCandy


If you are in the world of editing, it looks like ShoCandy will be useful for you. Because the effects that are owned are very diverse, from light to dark, so the results will look optimal and seem natural. You can also adjust the contrast in this cool application.

By relying on the available features, you can produce cool, natural-looking bokeh photos. Some of them such as contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure, temperature, and so on. The resolution that is presented is HD or High Definition so the results don’t need to be doubted.

Application Name ShoCandy
Size 27MB
Version 6.2.54
System Operation Android 5.0+
Downloads 10,000,000+

2. Pixtica


Bokeh video makers, both amateur and professional, should already be familiar with this application, because its existence is quite popular among bokeh video editing. Even though it has a simple appearance, in fact Pixtica is able to make cool and stunning videos.

Apart from video editing, Pixtica offers advanced DSLR-standard cameras. Where it has been equipped with panoramas, blur effects, contrast to a number of other things like modern shooting. Your shots can be edited directly in this application, you can add small things like photobooth until transition.

Application Name Pixtica
Size 18MB
Version 4.2.5
System Operation Android 4.1+
Downloads 5,000,000+

3. Funimate


Funimate will be a suitable choice if you like editing via cellphone. Not only is it easy to run, this application also has powerful features so that the editing results will look optimal. As well as transitions, backsound, filters, stickers, croma, panoramas, blending modes, brightness and several other unique things.

This application is available without a watermark so that your edits will appear clear to the eye. No more embarrassment when uploading it on social media such as Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and several other platforms. You can access everything for free without any fees.

Application Name Funimate
Size 22MB
Version 8.3.3
System Operation Android 5.1+
Downloads 20,000,000+

4. Smart Tools

Smart Tools

Maybe many of you don’t know about this smart application, because since it was first launched, Smart Tools wasn’t very popular. Even though there are many tools that can help with daily activities such as measuring speed, looking at a compass, stopwatch, flashlight and various other useful things.

There are various supporting features that can make your activities easier, such as location, morror, counter, night vision, converter, and various other features. With all the capabilities it has, it seems that this application is worth it for every user. Because there are many activities that require this application.

Application Name Smart Tools
Size 31MB
Version 9.3.1
System Operation Android 4.0+
Downloads 1,000,000+

5. Dumpsters

Twitter Ukhti Wrong Way

When cleaning your cellphone, surely many of you will accidentally delete important files, even though these files are really needed in the world of work or whatever. It is very possible to restore deleted files if you use this Dumper application.

You can restore files in the form of videos, audio, photos, documents, pdf, sound recordings, to several other files in the Dumper. This way you don’t have to worry about cleaning your cellphone, because your files can be restored quickly. Memorable photos or videos will never fade from your memory.

Application Name Dumpsters
Size 24MB
Version 7.2.4
System Operation Android 4.1+
Downloads 10,000,000+

6. Notepin


Mimin recommends Notepin for those of you who often forget about this and that. The main task of this application is to remind you of activities or things that you will do. The note you write will go to the control panel as a notification, so you will remember it.

Even though it’s simple, this application is able to encourage yourself to be more productive in doing something. Especially for those of you who are busy, of course you often leave small things like this even though they are important. You can combine with many colors to make it look colorful.

Application Name Notepin
Size 25MB
Version 6.3.2
System Operation Android 5.1+
Downloads 5,000,000+

7. VivaVideo


Video editing lovers are certainly no strangers to the name VivaVideo, because it has a series of unique features and has succeeded in stealing the hearts of its users. Evidenced by the number of downloads that have reached 50 million since it was first released. You can find standard to impressive features in this application.

Through VivaVideo you will get satisfying results, where you only need to create the available features with your creativity. With many resolution options, you can upload your edits to YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, and various other platforms with different resolutions.

Application Name VivaVideo
Size 19MB
Version 4.2.6
System Operation Android 4.1+
Downloads 50,000,000+

8. KineMaster


KineMaster is a mainstay of video editing because it has a lot of features, with this you can apply many things. Not only professionals, in fact KineMaster users come from many different circles. Whether it’s students, university students, to certain fields that are involved in the world of editing.

You can add pictures, videos, subtitles, music, dubbing, filters, stickers, and transitions here. If you want to remove certain objects or change the background, you can also do this in KineMaster. You can do dubbing in the application directly because there are already features that cover it.

Application Name KineMaster
Size 29MB
Version 3.8.0
System Operation Android 5.0+
Downloads 500,000,000+

9. Insta Bokeh Effect

Insta Bokeh Effect

Insta Bokeh Effect is an application that works optimally in taking pictures. You can take bokeh photos using this application, because Insta Bokeh Effect is able to take an image clearly without breaking it. Moreover, the location of the focus is always right with the object to be taken.

Many bokeh content creators use this application to take cool scenes. The visuals displayed are very beautiful, even the aura looks more alive. Every picture taken will look realistic and seem natural. It’s no wonder that many use this application to take pictures.

Application Name Insta Bokeh Effect
Size 26MB
Version 6.8.5
System Operation Android 4.1+
Downloads 5,000,000+

Download Bokeh Video Museum Viral Twitter 18+

Link to Watch Ukhti's Twitter Viral Video Wrong Way 18+

You can use the series of applications above to watch cool scenes with 18+ themes, which are sure to excite you. Some of them can be downloaded in the App Store or Play Store. But some require special links as provided below.

Actually there are many links and other applications that you can use to watch, but those few recommendations are enough for you. Take advantage of the link to watch the Twitter video, Ukhti is going the wrong way. If you need to take advantage of the VPN application to avoid all kinds of bans.

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