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June 3, 2023

If you really like using communication applications like WhatsApp, that’s it. Surely you already know a lot that this one application has many versions. All versions of this short messaging application are certainly very sophisticated, for example, WhatsApp Aero.

Now by using this one application, of course you can carry out activities easily. Especially if communication activities are like what you often do. It’s no wonder that so many people use this one application to communicate.

Lots of features are available in this one application and can be used for free. Now you can use various features to provide various conveniences for carrying out daily activities. You could say this one communication application can also support your mobility.

Apart from sending messages or calls as usual. Of course you can use this application to send various documents. So all documents will be sent quickly without you printing it first.

There are indeed a lot of advantages if you use this one communication application. Now for every BaikHati.id reader who is very curious about the explanation of the application. You can continue to follow the explanation below here.

Because all information regarding this short message application will be provided in full. Therefore you need to see clearly about the various information available. Immediately, we start discussing the various information.

This is an explanation about the latest WhatsApp Aero


You can easily send messages over long distances now. So you can easily communicate with various relatives or friends who are far away. That way you no longer need to say hello in person.

You can just say hello by phone. Right, but this situation is very necessary for those of you who are wandering, right? So no need to go far to find people. Those are the people who take good photos or videos.

Of course, all the activities that you can do using this one application are very easy. You don’t need to come all the way to see his face, you can already see his condition from the application. So that the feeling of longing will be relieved a little if you use this one application.

Lots of people have used this one application as a communication application. No wonder application developers are competing to create various modified versions of applications. Which all modification applications can certainly make you happy.

It’s the same as the users of the WhatsApp Aero application. You can use one of the modified applications to carry out communication activities. As we all know, the mod application will have lots of interesting features.

But if you are already using this one application you will be able to get its features. For those of you who want to know more about applications like this, make sure to follow the discussion to the end. In order not to miss the various explanations that are in the application one wants yes.

Next, we will give you lots of explanations about this one application. You just need to follow some of the explanations below, make sure you don’t miss anything so you can find it easily.

Download the Latest WhatsApp Aero 2022 Using a Special Link


Before you find out more about various information from this application. It’s a good idea for you to download the application first so you can immediately practice what you get.

You can only download this application using a special link. So, if that’s the case, you can download the application directly using the link that we will provide below.

Application Name WhatsApp Aero
Version Latest 2022
OS 5.0+
Application Size 52MB
Download links JUST CLICK HERE

How to Install WhatsApp Aero Manually

Now for those of you who have completed the application download process. Now is the time for you to continue the installation process of the application that was downloaded earlier. For how to install the application, you can do it manually.

The following are some steps that can be used to install the application manually.

  • You can start by going through the menu settings – additional settings – security and privacy – install unknown source apps. So for those who are still confused, you can follow the picture above.
  • Next you can go to file manager – find the name of the application – click install.
  • Finished

Here Are Some Interesting Features You Will Find On WhatsApp Aero


Using a short message application that is widely used is one of your favorites. Not only your favorite but lots of people use this one application. Of course, all the preferences that are owned are almost the same.

Because there are so many advantages that this one application has. In general, modification applications like this do have a lot of advantages. Even more so when compared to the original version of the application.

No need to worry about the various excellent features that you can use in this one application. Because all of its features can make it easier for you to use the application. All the features available in this application can also be used for free.

Now for those of you who are already curious about all the features provided in the application. You can immediately see the various types of information that you can use in this modified WhatsApp application. You have summarized some of the explanations for you.

You Can Eliminate Blue Checks

Now by using this one application you can get rid of the deep blue tick chat rooms yes. Actually this blue check can be removed in the normal version of the application too. But wait, in this modification application you can also remove two ticks at once.

You Can Use To Download WA Status

If while you’re doing scroll WA status in this one application. Not infrequently you will find various video or photo applications that are very interesting. By using this one application, you can definitely get the video or photo easily without the owner knowing.

Hide Online Status Easily

Apart from being able to hide various ticks in this one application. it turns out you can still hide other personal statuses. One of them you can hide the sign on line contained in your application. Anyway, you can find various status hiding in this one application.

Using the Theme As You Wish

The various kinds of themes that you can get in this one application are certainly very aesthetic. In addition to the many aesthetics, you can also find a theme that suits your wishes. You can use it as much as you like for free without the need to make payments.

Can Chat Without Saving Number

If this one feature is really cool, yes. Usually, we tend to be lazy when we save a new number on our cell phone. But when we need this person it’s hard to chat. But you don’t need to worry if using an application you can chat without the need to save the number.

Read All Deleted Messages

So, this one is indeed the most popular feature among modification applications. You will still be able to read messages that have been deleted by the message owner. So you won’t be curious anymore if you can’t read messages that have been deleted.

Important Things You Must Know Before Using WhatsApp Aero


As we all know, modification applications will definitely be more risky. Therefore you have to be careful when using a modified application like this one. So that you don’t get the various risks.

This modified application will have nothing to do with the official WhatsApp developer. Therefore applications like this are very vulnerable to leakage of personal data. So that it can harm the account or personal data that is used.

It’s no longer a public secret if you use this modification application. Because even though there are many risks, many are still comfortable using an application like this. Because there are so many advantages that are available in it.

So besides being able to leak personal data or damage the device you have. One of these things will be very detrimental for you modification application users. Do you all know what are the next risks that you can get if you use this one application?

That’s right, if you are caught using a modified version of the application by the official developer. The account or number you use will be immediately affected banned. Which form banned from there is the blocking of cell phone numbers so that they can no longer be used.

After knowing some of the risks that you can get if you use this one application. It’s good for you to be careful when you want to use a modification application like this.

Tips and tricks that can be used to fix expired WhatsApp Aero


Do you know that WhatsApp modifications this one will require updates periodically yes. If you are a little late to update the application, it will definitely expire immediately. After the account expires, you won’t be able to use it again.

Lots of people feel confused if the WhatsApp they use has expired like that. You don’t know how and you’re really, really confused about where to start? So that’s why you really need to know how to handle WhatsApp that has expired.

Because we have prepared several steps that you can use to fix your WhatsApp. Immediately, you can follow a few steps so that you can use WhatsApp that you have right away.

  • First you can open modified WhatsApp application that is on your device.
  • Then just go to you press dot three in the top corner of the application.
  • There will be lots of them options > select Aero settings > Upgrade Aero.
  • Later WhatsApp will terupgrades automatically yes.
  • If it means the process is complete and you can immediately use the application.

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