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May 30, 2023

Places or sites to download bokeh full lights videos or in film form can be via the Xnview Full Download site.

Bokeh Editor Video Application Recommendations at Xnview Full Download


This time, rumahkeadilan.co.id will share how to download videos on Xnview Full Download so you don’t need to be connected via VPN.

Here the admin has also prepared several links that you can use to view and download bokeh videos or something like that.

LightX Photo Editor


A very useful editing tool for editing a photo to make it easier to create everywhere is LightX Photo Editor. The concept of photo editing in LightX is arguably more free and not focused on just one thing.

At first, maybe those of you who want to edit photos here just want to delete the background in the photo. However, over time you will definitely be interested in all the features that are there.

If you want to use the LightX application as the main photo editor, it’s also very possible. The capabilities of this feature in LightX are magical and also perfect for fixing and touching up for you.

For those of you who want to edit photos close-ups also can do retouch so that the results are much smoother. When you enter this application, you can use the various features that are there.

Download at Google Play
Requires Android 6.0 or more
Ratings 4,5
Name LightX Photo Editor

Cymera Apk


There are many iOS users asking about the Cymera application? This Cymera application has quite a lot of uses, you know. Its main function is to replace the default camera with far more advanced features.

Another additional feature is that you can edit multiple photos in the same template. So, if you want to choose a template or collage, there are still features there.

Like other photo editor applications in general, Cymera has text and cute stickers that you can use for free. You can even add these stickers to your photos as accessories that look sticky.

Cymera Apk now can’t only be downloaded by Android users, but iOS users can too. Just download it through the respective app store.

Download at Google Play
Requires Android 4.1 or more
Ratings 4,4
Name Cymera – Photo Editor Collage



Want to edit the photo background or delete it, without wanting to change the resolution of the original photo? The editing app that you can download and use on your cellphone is the MagiCut Apk.

In MagiCut, there are several main feature options listed on the initial appearance of the application. The editing tools that will appear will be in accordance with the main features that you previously selected.

For example, if you choose the remove background feature, it means that the editing tool will only revolve around removing it. And if you want to try using other features, such as spirals, cutouts, you can choose a different menu.

There is also a free VIP trial that you can get from the MagiCut application so you can unlock tools that were locked before.

Download at Google Play
Requires Android 5.0 or more
Ratings 4,6
Name MagiCut

Resso Premium


What can you get if you change your regular Resso account to Resso Premium for free? Maybe you just found out that there is a premium version of the Resso application that doesn’t need to pay anything.

This time we will offer an interesting application, namely Resso Premium, a third-party modification. You will get all kinds of premium features that are there even if you don’t update the pro account.

When using Resso, which is a pro, listening to songs will be more comfortable and also smoother. You can open and listen to all kinds of songs that are there.

Other premium features that are profitable are also open and you are obliged to try them.

Download at Google Play
Requires Android 5.0 or more
Ratings 4,3
Name Music Reso

Photo Face Editor Face App


See yourself if you are changed to be older or even younger than you are now using just one application called FaceApp. This FaceApp application has a variety of features that are quite unique.

Because there you can change your face with just one click to another. You can edit your face to make it older and even to become a grandma or grandpa.

And you can also, you know, modify the hair in the photo, starting from the shape of the cut to the color. Or if you want to turn a photo of you that didn’t use makeup into a make-up cake?

Just try to edit what you want in this FaceApp application to produce better photos to look at.

Download at Google Play
Requires Android 7.0 or more
Ratings 4,7
Name FaceApp Editor



Still in the same field of application editors as above, Artista is also an application that can change your photo up to 360 degrees different from the original.

However, in Artista you have to play with the effect features and also filters that are suitable to be applied to your photos. The filters in Artista are art themed and the results will look like a painting.

Starting from a combination of color effects and others, there is everything in this Artista application. You can edit this application to print photos so that they are not monotonous and also certainly very unique.

There aren’t many features available in this Artista edition because the main editing tools are these art effects and filters.

Download at Google Play
Requires Android 4.4 or more
Ratings 4,2
Name ArtistA

VN Video Editor Mod Pro


If you want to try to make vlogs like today’s kids and upload them to Tiktok. Just try editing using this VN Video Editor. It doesn’t take long to edit in the VN application, the duration is only 1 minute.

You have to choose which scene in the video you have recorded that you want to show. That way you will really need a cut and trim tool so that each video can blend together as one.

Most of the daily vlog content uses a different voice actor from the video so that the sound is much clearer. If you want to use the voiceover feature in the VN application, it’s also there, you know.

It will be clearer if you fill in the sound of the video using earphones or similar attachment.

Download at Google Play
Requires Android 6.0 or more
Ratings 4,8
Name VN Video Editor



You can use this Magisto application not only to edit ordinary videos. You can also include multiple photos to turn into a slideshow filled with fun music.

When you import files into this application, the process will be fast and there will be no changes. Or you can try to find the title of the music you want to use first.

So, you can also cut the music into each part because it’s impossible to use it in full. Likewise, if you want to trim a song with certain lyrics, you can do it directly in the Magisto application.

Download at Google Play
Requires Android 6.0 or more
Ratings 4,3
Name Magisto Video Editor & Maker

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