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June 3, 2023

The Xxnamexx Nvidia 2020 Apk is currently being targeted by internet users, especially bokeh video lovers. Because in this application you can find a lot of bokeh content from various countries.

Not only can do stream online just here, you can download the application. By downloading the bokeh video application at rumahkeadilan.co.id this time, you can easily access bokeh without the need for additional applications. So that you know more details, please refer to the following.


Simply download the application via the link provided in this review. By using the bokeh application, later it will be easier for you to find what you are all looking for.

The contents provided on this bokeh viewing platform are of various types. Those of you who use the application will certainly be made to feel at home for long and very comfortable to use.

Not only can you use the xxnamexx nvidia 2020 application to access the bokeh museum video, but you can use a number of applications on the PlayStore or AppStore. Please refer to it for more details as summarized below.


The VLLO application itself is an application that can be used for quick editing. There are many advanced features in it to assist in editing.

With many excellent features provided, making a quality video edit is no longer a difficult thing to do. You can do all of these things automatically and it’s very easy to do.

Developer VLLO – Intuitive Video Editor
size 99MB
Ratings 4,3
Number of Downloads 10M+
Price Free

Real Bokeh

This one recommended application is called Real Bokeh, from the name alone maybe you already understand that this apk is an application that presents real bokeh content in it.

You as a user will find it easy to find a lot of original bokeh video content with quite high quality. Finding the desired bokeh you can do here easily.

There are lots of excellent features in this one application to make it easier for you to edit a bokeh video yourself. By taking advantage of these advanced features, producing bokeh content is no longer a difficult thing.

Name Real Bokeh
Developed accordions
Size 20MB
Ratings 4,9
Download Links Here

Blur Videos

By using Blur Video as our recommended bokeh editor application, maybe now you can make video edits with arguably very good quality for editor applications on cellphones.

You can easily download this one application through the official download market. By downloading it through the official platform, there is no need to doubt the security of the application.

As a popular bokeh editor application, Blur Video provides a variety of features for all users to use later. You can easily do editing here with the help of its features.

Details Blur Videos
size 30MB
Version 2.2
Operating system Android 4.0.3 and up
Price Free

Video Nodes

The Node Video application is a professional video editing application that can easily create various bokeh content. There are tons of features support which you can use as a user later.

You can make the display even more beautiful and the results will look like professional edited videos. The quality of the videos that you can choose in this apk is quite high and is full HD.

Developer Node Video – Pro Video Editor
size 35MB
Ratings 4,4
Number of Downloads 1 million+
Price Free

Mago Video

This Mago Video application has presented a variety of attractive superior features for you to use. You can find this Apk easily on the official download platform at smartphones each.

With Mago Video, you can use it as an editing tool with the advantages that are available in it for users users. You can easily make a variety of interesting videos and can be accessed immediately uploaded on social media.

For those of you who want to download the application, please just go to the Google Play Store or App Store. You can get this application for free and please use all the features in it.

Details Music Video Editor – MagoVideo
size 30MB
Version 5.5.6
Operating system 5.0 and up
Price Free


The Splice application is an editing apk that provides lots of advanced features in it to make it easier for all users to do editing. There are lots of supporting features to use as elements for making bokeh videos.

Splice itself can be used to add filters, text, overlays and various effects. The appearance of this one application also looks like most other similar professional applications.

Details Splice – Video Editor
size 78MB
Version 1.19
Operating system 6.0 and up
Price Free


Cap Cut is a photo and video editing application that offers tons of interesting filters and effects to beautify edited videos or photos. By taking advantage of the various advantages available, it will be easier for you to do editing here.

There are also templates available in Cap Cut, this feature is useful for those of you who don’t want to be complicated in editing videos or photos. When you have finished editing, you can immediately save and upload it to social media.

Details CapCut – Video Editor
size 30MB
Version 4.2
Operating system 5.0 and up
Price Free


Pixlr is an application that can edit photos easily, you can use this application by taking advantage of the many beautiful filter effects in it to use.

There are lots of beautiful filters here to be used as a supporting factor for bokeh photo or video editing. To be able to use all of them, you can first download Pixlr on the Play Store or App Store.

Developer Pixlr – Photo Editor
size 40MB
Ratings 4,3
Number of Downloads 50 million+
Price Free

Square Videos

For those of you who like editing bokeh video content and want to upload it to social media accounts. Maybe Square Video can be one of the best choice editor applications to use.

You can download this Square Video through the Google Play Store or App Store for free with various excellent features in it to be used as editing support features.

To download the application is not difficult, you can use the download link that we have provided. Just click the link that is already in the table below.

Name Square Videos
Developed CodeEdifice
Size 20MB
Ratings 4.0
Download Links Here

Lens Blur

Lens Blur is an application that has been widely used by photo editors to edit their camera shots. You can find many services on this apk and it can be said to be quite complete.

There are lots of effects and filters that can increase the resolution of your edited video as a result. You can use this bokeh editor application to serve as media editing on Android.

How to use this application is very easy, so you don’t need to be afraid to use this one apk. The UI in this application is very simple and simple, so anyone who uses it can easily use it.

Name Lens Blur
Developed Gambling Studios
Size 25MB
Ratings 4,7
Download Links Here

Click the following link:

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