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May 28, 2023

Yandex Blue China is one of the applications that many people use to find various kinds of HD quality bokeh videos for Android phones and iPhones.

By using this application, you no longer need to use a VPN to be able to access various bokeh effects, because the latest version of Yandex Blue China already provides them for free.

Intrigued by this APK? Read on for more information from which is already available below to the end so that you don’t miss the information.

Yandex Blue China Bokeh Application No VPN Latest Version 2022


Anyone can make a bokeh effect in a photo or video nowadays and the results will look like a professional’s.

To create their own bokeh or blur effects, many people use sophisticated Android or iPhone cameras, which are quite expensive.

But for now you don’t need all of that. All you have to do is use the Yandex Blue China Bokeh 2022 Museum No Sensor application as shown below.

Bokeh Camera Effects


You can’t miss these Bokeh Camera Effects to be one of your best choices before editing photos or videos.

You can add a bokeh or blur background in this video to make it look more interesting and cool, of course. You don’t need to doubt the edits either.

There are dozens of effects available in this application to beautify your edited bokeh content using this Bokeh Camera Effects.

Details Bokeh Camera Effects
Developers Pahava Lab
Total Downloads 1M+
Size 27MB
Download links Here

Blur Bokeh Background


This one application turns out to be quite good for use as a bokeh editing tool, its name is Blur Bokeh Background. You can find it on PlayStore and can be downloaded for free.

Editing with various kinds of contemporary effects can be done easily here. The simple UI display makes it easier for you as users to understand.

There will be lots of advantages to this application, but there are also disadvantages to this Blur Bokeh Background. You will more often encounter ads that might be annoying.

Details Blur Bokeh Background
Developers AppZone Studio
Total Downloads 100K+
Size 18MB
Download links Here

Real Bokeh Apk


This one application is a must have for Android users, because with this Real Bokeh Apk application, you as a user can edit with various kinds of effects and various bokeh styles.

More or less, there are 36 bokeh effects and 33 style effects that you can use freely later. If you are not satisfied with the effects that are already available, you can make these effects yourself.

You can edit it according to your wishes so that the results look neater and look realistic and unified. Immediately, to try this application, you can click the link provided as follows.

Details Real Bokeh
Developers Maxelus Net
Total Downloads 100K+
Size 22MB
Download links Here

Mago Video


You can make Mago Video an alternative to other bokeh editor applications. Here you can use various editing tools classy to make a quality editing.

In Mago Video you can use various effects that will beautify the appearance of your videos, such as glitch, wave, rgb, vintage, aesthetic effects and so on.

Create videos slow motion or time lapse This can also be done easily by using the Mago Video Editor bokeh application.

Details Mago Video
Developers MyMovie Inc.
Total Downloads 10M+
Size 28MB
Download links Here



This application has two different versions, you can use the free version first before using the paid one.

AfterFocus this bokeh editor is specially made for the users smartphones. By using AfterFocus, you can edit videos to your heart’s content.

By using this application your edits will look like using a DSLR camera. You can download it via the link below.

Details AfterFocus
Developers MotionOne
Total Downloads 10M+
Size 31MB
Download links Here

InShot Photo


InShot Photo is an alternative application that you can consider to be one of the best video editing and bokeh photo applications today.

You can install this application on various devices, such as iOS and Android. Correcting videos with this application can be done quickly without any interruptions and problems.

You can add effects, filters, music and more here according to your wishes so that the videos you edit look attractive.

Details Video Editor & Maker – InShot
Developers InShot Video Editor
Total Downloads 500M+
Size 39MB
Download links Here

Blur Videos & Images


The Blur Video & Image application itself functions to correct videos and photos. You as users yourself can use bokeh effects here.

The results you get if you edit the video here will look much neater. However, there is a slight drawback in this application, namely the edits look less natural.

However, all of you can still use various other advantages in this application. You can also use it to correct long videos.

Details Blur Videos & Images
Developers Arsal Nazir
Total Downloads 1M+
Size 31MB
Download links Here

Blur Videos

yandex blue china

You can use Blur Video to edit bokeh videos in various formats, such as 3gp, Mp4, Wmv and others.

You can make bokeh videos by taking advantage of the various advantages found in this one bokeh video editor application.

The Blur Video application can only be used to correct videos that have been recorded from the start on the cellphone that you are using.

Details Blur Videos
Developers AlphaProject
Total Downloads 1M+
Size 30MB
Download links Here

CapCut Video


CapCut Video is a video editor application that can be installed on all Android and iOS devices. This application is light enough to be used on devices that have standard specifications.

With you using this editor application, later you can edit various kinds of photos and videos with effects, features as well editing tools others are already available therein.

Take it easy, how to use this application is very easy and there are also various kinds available templates who can help you.

Details CapCut – Video Editor
Developers Bytedance Pte Ltd.
Total Downloads 100M+
Size 35MB
Download links Here


yandex blue china

PowerDirector is one of the popular video editor applications and its performance cannot be doubted. This application can be used on Android and iOS devices.

The editing process in this application is very simple and effective. Because of this, many users like it.

The advantage of the PowerDirector application is that it can export videos with resolution quality up to 4K UHD. Very interesting isn’t it?

Details PowerDirector
Developers Cyberlink Corp
Total Downloads 100M+
Size 42MB
Download links Here

You can find not only high-quality bokeh videos here, but there are many other interesting features that you might not be able to access using regular applications.

Yandex Blue China itself is an application that is very similar to Kinemaster Pro, but another advantage is that it can remove watermarks on edited bokeh videos.

So, with you guys using the latest Yandex Blue China Bokeh Application recommendations above from I hope you can access it easily.

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