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May 27, 2023

Through the latest Yandex Blue Indonesia update, you can search for various kinds of digital applications, including the bokeh museum video, which is already available for Android smartphones.

Those of you who access the Yandex application can immediately enjoy the live viewing or video streaming service and certainly without any disturbing sensors.

Curious to try it? Let’s look at the complete information about the latest Yandex Blue Indonesia No Sensor 2022 at the following

Yandex Blue Indonesia Video Application Full Video Bokeh Museum

yandex blue indonesia

Before you can download the application that we will share later, of course you have to know a little information about this Yandex Blue Indonesia Apk.

Yandex itself is a platform that you can use to watch videos of various genres exclusively. Well, the Yandex Blue Indonesia application itself is a useful search APK and has a way of working that is not much different from Google.

Meanwhile, if you use Yandex Blue, you will not be given any limitations or obstacles. You also don’t need to worry about privacy security in this application.

For those of you who are very curious and want to try it right away, please take a look at the following applications first to be used as access tools.

Bokeh Camera Effects


You can use Bokeh Camera Effects to get a contemporary and attractive video appearance. You can use this application very easily, the results are very satisfying.

Many users are helped by the advantages of this application, moreover, it is supported by a size that is so light that everyone can use it.

Application Name Bokeh Camera Effects
Developers Pavaha Lab
Apk size 27MB
Total Downloads 1M+
Link Downloads



InShot is a useful application for you to create bokeh videos, where in this application you will be presented with various kinds editing tools which is very helpful.

It’s just an ordinary video that you have, by using InShot, later the video can look high-quality and very interesting.

You can use this application on various devices such as iOS and Android, so it won’t make it difficult for you to edit videos from anywhere and anytime.

Application Name Video Editor & Maker – InShot
Developers InShot Editor
Apk size 37MB
Total Downloads 500M+
Link Downloads

Blur Videos & Images


To get more satisfying results on Yandex Blue Indonesia bokeh videos, you should probably try this Blur Video & Image application.

In this application you can get a variety of excellent features that really help you in editing later.

You can adjust the part you want to give a blur effect, even this application is not only for editing videos but you can apply a bokeh effect to photos very easily.

Application Name Blur Videos & Images
Developers Arsal Studios
Apk size 39MB
Total Downloads 1M+
Link Downloads

Blur Bokeh Background


The bokeh or blur effect itself is very interesting in a photo or video, where the resulting impression has a focus on the front object.

With a view like that the results look even more beautiful and sharper, of course this bokeh effect is one of many people’s favorite effects.

You can also create this using the Blur Bokeh Background, which we have prepared for the download link below.

Application Name Blur Bokeh Background
Developers AppZone Studios
Apk size 24MB
Total Downloads 100K+
Link Downloads



No less interesting than other bokeh editing applications, AfterFocus is very popular because it has the ability to give realistic bokeh effects.

Those of you who use this application, don’t doubt the results you get. The results are fairly perfect like you use a DSLR camera.

For those of you who want to try this application, please click the link below to make it easy for you to download it.

Application Name AfterFocus
Developers MotionOne
Apk size 35MB
Total Downloads 10M+
Link Downloads

Square Videos


This Square Video application has the ability to edit videos with bokeh backgrounds and can make videos with frames rectangle.

Square Video has main features, such as real-time editingchange the background color, set background bokehresize videos, add music and many others.

Application Name Square Videos
Developers Momentic Apps
Apk size 20MB
Total Downloads 1M+

Power Director


This next application is called Power Director, you can use the application to do video editing on Android.

You can find not only bokeh effects here, you can rely on Power Director to do simple and simple editing.

You can find this HP bokeh application on the Play Store download platform, you just go there to be able to download this Power Director.

Application Name Power Director
Developers Cyberlink Corp
Apk size 38MB
Total Downloads 100M+

Bacon Camera


Bacon Camera is one of the bokeh video editing applications on cellphones that you can use to edit bokeh effects directly using only smartphones.

This bokeh camera application has manual controls, such as Full Manual Focus, Manual White Balance, Full Exposure, Manual ISO Speed and many more.

In Bacon Camera you will be given extensive control to create high-quality edits. You just have to take advantage of the variety tools which is available here.

Application Name Bacon Camera
Developers Bacon Studios
Apk size 21MB
Total Downloads 10M+

Mago Video


Mago Video itself is a bokeh application that provides a very UI display fresh And fullcolor. Not only that, you can use Mago Video to combine a number of videos, music, photos and so on.

The results of video editing that you make can later be directly shared on your social media so that you can insight your account can be added.

You can download the Mago Video application through the Play Store to be able to try it or you can click through the following.

Application Name Video Editor Star Maker – Mago
Developers MyMovie Inc.
Apk size 35MB
Total Downloads 10M+

InPics Shot


InPics Shot is an application that you can use to make bokeh videos only with Android. This application can also do video editing easily.

The InPics Shot app allows you to add text as well as stickers. You can rotate the direction of the video on the camera in this application. If you have finished editing, you can export the video in HD quality.

To be able to directly try the InPics Shot application, you can download it directly on the Google Playstore or by using the link below.

Application Name InPics Shot
Developers Delusional Studio
Apk size 25MB
Total Downloads 1M+
Link Downloads

By utilizing the application from above, you can easily access the Latest Yandex Blue Indonesia No Sensor Site to find various pleasures.

For those of you who are confused about which one to use, our advice is for you to choose the bokeh application that suits your needs and also the device used.

Watching bokeh content without a sensor itself has a different feeling of satisfaction compared to watching one that has been given a sensor.

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