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June 1, 2023

Yandex Red Kebaya Video – You must already know that the Yandex Red Kebaya video is currently viral in Indonesia where the video shows a woman in a red kebaya entering a hotel room in Indonesia.

It was also reported that the video came from a hotel in one area, namely Bali. The video shows a woman walking into a room with a man.

This Red Kebaya video also seems to have been made by a professional video editor, and of course using an image and video editing program. So, below we will recommend several video or photo editing applications with bokeh effects.

List of Yandex Red Kebaya Video Editing Applications


There are many editing applications that can be used to make videos such as the Red Kebaya Video, whether using a video editing application on a PC or a video editing application on Android.

Below is a brief description of applications that can be used to create Indonesian cinematic videos.

Adobe Premiere

Yandex Red Kebaya Video

Who has never heard of the Adobe Premiere Pro application? where this application is known as one of the best video editing applications for PCs or laptops.

Adobe Premiere Pro Android also has many features to edit videos and then automatically save them directly to Gallery.

Here you can also edit videos manually by entering various effects and music that are already available in the application. The results of the processing can then be directly shared on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and so on.


Yandex Red Kebaya Video

The Filmora video editing application is a very popular application for PC devices. This application was developed by a well-known developer named Adobe.

If you frequently use your PC to edit videos, then you probably already know all the tools included in this app. Now you can only use FilmoraGo from Android gaess.

Even though it differs in a small capacity, this application has capabilities that are not inferior to the PC version.

Most of them use FilmoraGo to create beautiful bokeh video effects. Focusing on things just got better with the effects in this app. One of them is the production of videos such as the Red Kebaya Video which is now viral on social media.


The next video editing application is InShot. This application is very popular in the Playstore because of its ease of use. Many people use the InShot apk to make bokeh video effects.

The application has also offered several automatic editing features, especially when making videos with bokeh effects. All you have to do is decide which video you want to add a bokeh or blur effect to.


This application is a bokeh video editor application for Android which is widely used by video makers. The features of this application are probably the most complete for editing videos on Android.

You can do many things from creating bokeh effects to adding effects or transitions to the videos you edit.

Interestingly, there are many online plugins or presets that can be used in the Kinemaster application. So video editing doesn’t need to start from 0 and just make a few changes.

Using Kinemaster to edit videos like the Red Kebaya Video is very easy. In addition, there are many tutorials on the internet, both on blogs and on Youtube. Become a great video editor with just one smartphone with Kinemaster.


Apart from Kinemaster, Power Director is also a very popular video-making application on the Playstore. The quality is proven and the rating is 4.5 and the number of downloads is more than 100 million.

Power Director has full functionality and can also create effects that no other Android video editor can. How to make videos that are viral again will definitely be very easy.

Videos created with Power Director look really good. This is because there is a very good level of customization in the app. Perfect for those interested in details or experienced in video editing.

However, to enjoy all the features of this application, you must use the premium version, which of course requires you to make a payment to subscribe to this premium version.


For those of you who want to edit bokeh videos without having to think about any techniques, you can try this application called Action Director. Action Director offers automation of various effects with just one touch.

You can easily make a bokeh video effect and of course the results will be better because the background will look blurry, especially on bright objects.

Even though Action Director is not as popular as the application above, actually this one application can also be used by video editors on Android. It is proven that this application has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Playstore.


When asked about the best photo editing application on the web that can also be used by Android and iOS users, Picsart is the best. Why can the Picsart application become a favorite of many people?

It seems that this application looks normal, at least only for editing photos with ordinary collages. Although this application allows you to make photo edits with your own artwork. This application is very helpful for those of you who want to try exploring the world of editing.

It can be said that the Picsart application is quite complete with features ranging from filters, stickers, collages to background removal. You can also look for an aesthetic background to match the photo you are editing.

If you want to replace the photo background with another, use the background removal feature. The background removal function is provided in Picsart, whose pattern matches the shape of the body in the photo. So you don’t need to bother cropping images anymore.

Prisma Art

For those of you who like artistic effects and want to explore more similar filters, just download the Prisma Art Editor app. The effect function here is indeed the highlight of the application editor, which makes it different from other applications.

The main focus is to make the images you edit more artistic according to the photos you take. For maximum results, you can also adjust the composition such as brightness, contrast, sharpness and so on in the image.

The advantage of the Prisma application is that every feature is updated every day, so users can always find new things. This Prisma app is specially designed for photo editing with various select effects, so the features here are especially for that.


Loyal Instagram users who love Korean style vintage aesthetic effects will surely know about this hidden photo editor. Tezza is the king of apps with lots of really aesthetic vintage 90s style effects.

The filters here give your photos a vintage feel but are still beautiful to look at. For those of you who prefer this kind of filter, this Tezza application must be on your cellphone, gaess.

Besides being able to add filters to edited photos, there is also a camera function that allows you to take pictures directly from the application. There are various types of vintage filters here, and the added dust effects will make your photo editing more aesthetic.

Aesthetic photo lovers will definitely have an application like Tezza, because it doesn’t require much effort and only edits photos in Tezza, so there’s no need to ask anymore about the quality of the results. Android users can also use this app.

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