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June 6, 2023 – When you open a bokeh 18+ site, you will definitely see some of them that have been blocked and cannot be opened. To open it, you need a special application that can help, one of which is Yandex Russia Videomax Indonesia, which has been used as an alternative for several years.

Through Yandex you can open many sites that were blocked by the government. With this application, you can open many bokeh videos easily. Not only Yandex, in fact there are currently many platforms that are developing and capable of doing many things. Let’s look at the reviews below.

Yandex Russia Videomax Indonesia

There are many keywords that can be accessed in Yandex Russia Videomax Indonesia, all of which can be opened for free without being banned. You don’t need to worry about this and that, because Yandex is one of the safest applications and is even available in application stores such as the app store or play store.

Through the link that has been shared, you can open one of the most sought after museum videos lately. There are distinct advantages if you watch here. Where there are no distractions when viewing existing content. Check out the explanation below to see other unique platforms.

1. Anima


You can use Anima to get rid of loneliness, because through this application you can communicate with many people around the world just by using it. There are many exciting and interesting experiences when you run Anima on your Android phone. Many make this application a virtual girlfriend.

Uniquely what is meant by boyfriend is not a real human being, because those who run this program are robots with more capabilities. This artificial intelligence is able to make you communicate at any time, whether it’s inside or outside the house. You can ask a lot of questions to this tiny robot.

Application Name Anima
Version 3.7.1
size 31MB
System Operation Android 4.1+
installed 10,000,000+

2. SimSimi


In the past few years, this application has become popular because it provides exciting entertainment. Not much different from the previous application, where you can get in touch with the intelligent robots in the application. This bot is named SimSimi by the developer.

Currently, the languages ​​understood by robots are diverse, even including regional languages ​​such as Javanese and Sundanese. You can present questions to Simsimi, then this robot will answer them correctly. You can get the application yourself easily in the application store.

Application Name SimSimi
Version 4.2.1
size 23MB
System Operation Android 4.0+
installed 5,000,000+

3. Picture Insert


If you like scientific things, I think you will like this application called Picture Insert. With your shots of insects, later this application will provide detailed specific information about these insects. You can photograph spiders, butterflies, beetles and more.

You can skip the subscription option on the main screen when you open the app. This way you will get clear and detailed information about the insects in the photo without the need to subscribe. The resulting lens is fairly slick with good quality.

Application Name PictureInsert
Version 5.24.3
size 28MB
System Operation Android 5.1+
installed 20,000,000+

4. Dual Space

Dual Space

Sometimes there are applications where each user is not allowed to have two at once, such as WhatsApp. The quick solution that you can take is to use this Dual Space. You can clone and finally duplicate the specific application you want.

So on one cellphone you can have two of the same platforms with different accounts. This is very unique and of course so needed for some people. In one account you can use it to communicate with business partners, and in another account for your closest family and friends.

Application Name Dual Space
Version 8.24.3
size 40MB
System Operation Android 4.0+
installed 1,000,000+

5. Ultrasound Barriers

Ultrasound Barrier

There is another way to get rid of rodents such as mice, namely using the Ultrasound Barrier application. You only need to turn on the speaker before running this application. The sound produced cannot be heard by humans, because it has exceeded the hearing range.

This application operates by emitting ultrasonic sounds that can only be heard by animals. You can turn it up loud because you won’t hear it. Not only rats, you can also get rid of naughty mosquitoes that are in your house. Simply clicking the “mosquito” button on the application.

Application Name Ultrasound Barrier
Version 6.2.7
size 27MB
System Operation Android 5.0+
installed 10,000,000+

6. Bugs in Phone

Yandex Russia Videomax Indonesia

This application is solely used as entertainment by the developer, because an animation will appear like a walking insect on your Android phone. When observed carefully, these insects will appear real because the animation is produced in 3D.

It looks like this platform will be suitable if you want to prank a friend who is having a birthday or just for fun. You can adjust the size of the insect to its original size, so you can customize it yourself. You can also choose whether you want to bring up the sound or not.

Application Name Bugs in Phone
Version 5.2.8
size 19MB
System Operation Android 5.0+
installed 500,000+

7. Ghosts


This application claims that the software is able to detect the presence of ghosts around you. There are already several sophisticated tools available to detect these ghosts, such as ghost camera, magnetophone, radar map, paranormal detectors, ghostfinderto several other tools.

How to use it yourself is fairly easy, first you need to open the application first, then click on one of the available tools. For example, like a radar map, later this application will automatically detect the presence of ghosts around you. There will be a red symbol to mark the ghost.

Application Name Ghosts
Version 9.33.5
size 25MB
System Operation Android 4.0+
installed 5,000,000+



In the past, to send news to distant relatives you needed stamps and had to send them through the post office. If you miss that, you can use the SLOWLY application as an alternative. Here there are many choices of cute stamps and stickers that you can arrange according to your taste.

Voice delivery will be adjusted to where you live, if the distance between one user and another user is far enough then the message delivered will also take quite a long time. As with sending letters, you can use stamps in general, this way you can flashback to old times.

Application Name SLOWLY
Version 5.4.8
size 28MB
System Operation Android 5.1+
installed 100,000+



It seems that this application is quite popular among editors, because there are many advanced tools available in VSCO. With this application you can produce videos with maximum results, both long and short duration. You can add music to contemporary effects in the VSCO application.

You can do contemporary creations to video montages in this application. What’s even cooler is that you can make stable transitions, whether fast or slow. Many professional and novice users use the VSCO application because it has good quality when extracted.

Application Name VSCO
Version 6.2.6
size 26MB
System Operation Android 4.0+
installed 50,000,000+

Watch Bokeh Videos on Yandex Russia Video Indonesia

Yandex Russia Videomax Indonesia

Through several recommended applications, you can choose one of them to be your mainstay in watching bokeh. Some of them need to be downloaded using a special link, because they are not available in the app store. Through the link that has been shared, you can watch bokeh videos faster.

If you successfully download the Yandex Russia Videomax Indonesia application, you can easily get a collection of bokeh videos. What is certain without the need to fear being blocked and other things. Through Yandex you can open many sites that have been blocked by the government, so you can see more videos.

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