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June 6, 2023

RumahKejudi.co.id– Increasingly sophisticated technology makes the link 1111.90 l50 204 Korea 192.168 ll very easy to find. In addition, anyone can create such content with just a smartphone.

While the applications that can be used make it very diverse. You only need to download it from Play Store or Appstore. Therefore, rumahkeadilan.co.id provides the following recommendations for use, see the article to the end to find out.

Application List 1111.90 l50 204 Korea 192.168 ll

1111.90 l50 204 Korean 192.168 ll

In the following, we will recommend several video or photo editing applications that you can access via your Android and IOS phones, gaess. The application has a myriad of features that you can use to make your videos or photos more attractive and aesthetic. Following are the recommendations:


Artisto is a bokeh video editing application with various features. You can not only insert videos but also photos in the middle of the video. The superior feature is Paint where users can add stripes to the video.

Interestingly, this application can also be used to directly add effects to recorded videos. This way users don’t have to worry about editing it again, especially with a simple look and feel that’s easy to understand and use.

App name Artisto – Video & Photo Editor
Developer My.com BV
Version 1.11.3
Ratings Play Google


1111.90 l50 204 Korean 192.168 ll

The second 1111.90 l50 204 Korean 192.168 ll application is VideoMaker where this application is specifically for the Youtube Video Editor. As the name suggests, this one apk can be used to edit videos that you want to share on Youtube, but can also be shared on other social media.

Its function is quite simple, namely trimming, adjusting the speed from 0.5x to 2x, adding effects and background music. Apart from that, there are several features to add a custom watermark so that videos don’t fall into irresponsible hands, and all of these features are free.

App name VideoMaker
Developer Inshot Inc.
Version 1,444,115
Ratings Play Google


1111.90 l50 204 Korean 192.168 ll

Next comes an application called Androvid. The superior feature of this application is the many filters that make bokeh videos more colorful. Not only that, there are many other editing features in this application.

An example is the Fast Timer feature which is used to speed up the duration of a video without having to trim it first. Apart from that, you can also remove the unused middle part of the video with just one click, guys.

App name Video Editor & Maker AndroVid
Developer Forgosoft Ltd
Version 4.1.44
Ratings Play Google

Video Effects

The fourth editing application for Android and IOS, namely the Effects Video application, is an application for editing videos with the addition of various interesting filters. Through this application, you can use the real-time filter feature to add filters directly.

There are many filter options in it, even up to more than 40 filters. Don’t forget the beauty filter to enhance the appearance of the video. This application is small in size so it is not heavy to run.

App name Effects Video – Filters Camera
Developer MeiHill Man
Version 2.1.30
Ratings Play Google


One of the professional bokeh video editing applications that can be accessed via smartphones is WeVideo. With this application you will produce videos like a pro with features such as adding music, text, transitions and other special effects.

weVideo can be used free of charge while for the premium version you get many benefits such as no watermarks on videos, special themes for premium members and many more.

App name WeVideo Video Editor & Maker
Developer WeVideo Inc.
Ratings Play Google


App name Triller: Social Video Platform
Developer Triller LLC
Version v46.0b88
Ratings Play Google


Next is the Efectum Bokeh video editing application which can be used to create 3 motion effects. Including Slowmotion is used to make video effects slow and Fast effects are used to make video effects fast.

While the latter is reverse which is used to play videos from behind. You can adjust the video playback speed for these three functions. Of course, this application can be used for free.

App name Efectum – Video Editor and Maker
Developer Craigpark Limited
Version 2.0.61
Ratings Play Google

Reverse Movie FX

The next application 1111.90 l50 204 Korea 192.168 ll can also be used to reverse video playback, the name of the application is Reverse Movie FX. You can also record videos directly and get the video playback results from behind.

Through this application, you can be creative according to each other’s creativity. Because not only that, this application also offers other features such as adding background music to the video, and making the video play repeatedly or loop.

App name Reverse Movie FX – magic video
Developer Bizo Mobile
Ratings Play Google


Next, there is an application for editing videos that is even more unique, namely VLLO. Through an application that has a myriad of unique features that cannot be found in other similar applications, you will gain experience in making videos that are more creative and innovative.

Some of these challenging features include adding motion stickers and moving text. In addition, the video results edited with this application will look professional, unique and attractive so that they are suitable for uploading to various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on.

App name VLLO – Intuitive Video Editor
Developer vimosoft
Version 8.1.2
Ratings Play Google


The next bokeh video application is ActionDirector. Users previously used this application not only for editing videos but also recording videos directly from the application as it gave good results.

While its function is almost the same as other applications, such as adding and cutting videos, adding text, effects and transitions, editing audio in applications and many others. The resulting video also has various formats and HD quality.

App name ActionDirector – Video Editing
Developer Cyberlink Corp
Version 6.18.2
Ratings Play Google

Bacon Camera

The next editing application recommendation is the Bacon Camera application, where this application can produce very beautiful photos. Every time you use the HP camera feature which is supported by the Bacon camera, the images that can be created are definitely very beautiful.

Even if you are good at capturing interesting photo moments, you can be sure that the photos you take will be even more amazing. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using this one application, guys, because everything you need to take pictures is already available in it.

App name Bacon Camera
Developer Bacon Camera. Inc
Version 6.18.2
Ratings Play Google

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