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June 1, 2023

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164.68 l27 25

You can use the following applications as an alternative to make interesting videos or photos on your cellphone. Maybe you can look for references from 164.68 l27 25 so you don’t get confused.

What are the types of applications? Everything has been explained by the admin of rumahkeadilan.co.id below.

1. Google Camera 4K

Every smartphone device certainly has its own camera features without having to download it. However, not all of these built-in cameras have complete and good features to use when shooting something.

For those of you who feel that the cellphone camera feature is lacking or problematic, it’s better to just download the camera application, namely Google Camera. If you already have the Google Camera application, everything will be safe.

The photo features and other photo tools here are very complete so you can take pictures of objects or photos yourself without having to use effects. And Google Camera can also be used to record videos.

The recording results are much more stable and there is not too much movement in the videos that you record and what’s even better is when you record videos using the front camera, the results will not be mirrored.

Name Google Lens
Version 1.14
Star 4,6
Size 19MB

2. Splice Video Editor


When you record a video, it’s usually impossible to record it in one full hour, right? You will take video clips to merge them into one later.

To combine these video clips, you must use a video editor application because there is no built-in editing feature on a smartphone that is as complete as an application. Confused about which application to use? Just download the Splice Video Editor app.

If in this application you can directly import the video clip you want to edit. Then just adjust where if the part you want to cut and then reconnect it whether it’s using transitions or other effects.

You can set the duration of time for each appearance of the items that are there. For example, if you want to enter text, but only at the start, please set the time using the existing features.

Name Splice – Video Editor
Version 1.19
Star 4,8
Size 68MB

3. Huji CAM

huji-cam-164.68- l27-25

Have you ever tried the Huji Cam app? Or you never know about this one camera application? This application can be said to be similar to the original Fuji film camera. However, Huji Cam is a minimalist version so it can be downloaded via your cellphone.

If you like captured photos and Fuji Film, then you can use this application as an alternative. There are not many features here because the appearance is also very simple.

When you enter the application, it will immediately appear in the camera feature and users can also choose the effect before taking a picture. In the lower corner there is a feature to view the captured photos before saving them to the gallery.

Name Huji CAM
Version 2.4
Star 4,3
Size 18MB

4. B612

If Huji Cam is an application with a vintage effect theme or has light leaks, B612 is one of the beauty camera applications that users like the most.

B612 offers a variety of beautiful and funny effects that users can use for free. You don’t need to look for effects anymore because all the filters that are there are already in one feature.

So, as soon as you click the effect tool, various types of filters will appear according to the category. There are just pretty filters and there are also effects that have stickers or other items in them.

If you already know this application, you don’t need to worry anymore when you want to take a selfie alone or a wefie with friends. Choose which effect you want to use and if you want to get lots of photos at once use the layout tool for up to 9 grids.

Name B612 Camera Photo & Video Editor
Version 11.4.10
Star 4,3
Size 145MB

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Link 164.68 l27 25 has several variations, all of which you can search for on Google. So, if you’re curious about the types of links 164.68 l27 25, the admin of rumahkeadilan.co.id will provide a list below.

You will find discussions that are not much different from one link to another. Therefore, continue to listen to the discussion here until it’s finished.

1. Insta Bokeh Effect Video


A type of photo effect that is quite popular with many people, but is not easy to find in ordinary applications, is the bokeh effect. This time we will share a bokeh effect application that has a variety of filters and not just blur.

This bokeh effect is known as one of the camera effects that makes the background in a photo look more blurry than the object in front of it. However, this bokeh has a type of bokeh lights effect that makes the photo even more beautiful.

The name of the application is Insta Bokeh Effect video and this application can be used as an application to edit your photos and videos. You will find a wide selection of light bokeh effect full lights in the application.

And if you are interested in one of them, then immediately apply this effect to your photos and videos.

Name Insta Bokeh
Version 1.2
Star 4,5
Size 21MB

2. Photo Grids & Collages

photo-grid-164.68- l27-25

The basic tooJls editor that is most frequently used by all users is the collage and grid features. Even though they don’t add effects and other items, but people like to make collages and combine their photos in a grid way.

If you are one of those people who likes to make grid photos, then just download the special application, namely Photo Grid & Collgae. Here several forms of collages and photo grids have been provided that users can use for free.

The number of photos that can be made into a grid in this application can be up to 10 photos, you know. So, if you’re looking for an application that has frames for editing large numbers of photos, this application is the answer.

Name Photo Grid & Collage
Version Latest
Star 4,9
Size 13MB



Who’s going to edit a photo that has to include a lot of components and the result is aesthetically pleasing? If you don’t want to be hard or take out effort great when editing a photo to make it look aesthetic.

So use an application that is certain without the need for many things to be included that will make your photo aesthetic. For example the PREQUEL application which specializes in aesthetic photo editors.

Editing photos in the PREQUEL application is guaranteed to be safe because you just have to use every editing tool that is there. Still, you have to select every component in the application. Instead of being curious about the application, it’s better to just download it on the Play Store.

Name PREQUEL Aesthetic Photo Editor
Version 1.47.0
Star 4,8
Size 122MB

4. SUXOV App Photo Editor


Has anyone ever heard of the SUXOV app yet? This is an effect editor application where the types of effects in it are truly unique and don’t exist anywhere else.

However, if you download this application, don’t be confused by the default language of the application, which is not Indonesian. But you can still change the language if you really have trouble editing the photo.

The photo editing here is pretty cool and you have to try it, especially if you’re looking for unmarketable photo effects and filters.

Version 2.2.4
Star 3,5
Size 31MB

Of the many application recommendations that we provide, please choose the best application from 164.68 l27 25 that you want to use.

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