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May 28, 2023

Workers or employees are required to know some of the information that we will provide at this time. Or maybe you are really looking for the discussion that we will provide at this time? Yep, the discussion is about how to check BSU.

The assistance distributed by the government is intended for workers affected by the increase in fuel prices. This assistance is distributed by the Ministry of Manpower for employees. The distribution of this assistance was also carried out in stages so that it reached the hands of workers properly.

Do you all know that this program is one of the advanced programs in 2021? There’s only a slight difference from the assistance that was launched in 2021. That lies in the nominal and also the aid distribution scheme.

To find out whether you are registered or not in the distribution of BSU, the workers really need to check. For those of you who don’t know how to check this help. You can just look at some of the explanations here.

Because in the article, we will provide several explanations regarding the information you are looking for. For that, you need to see some of the explanations that we have provided here. Immediately we started discussing the information that is currently available.

Details Regarding the Ministry of Manpower’s Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU).


In this day and age the cost of living will be even greater and also very expensive. Because the more here the price of staple materials or other costs is increasing. This is what sometimes makes workers complain about salaries that are not in accordance with the fulfillment of needs.

But do you know that currently there is a lot of assistance launched by the government. In order to help meet the needs of society in this day and age. In an era that is all expensive, you will need a lot of money, right?

One of the assistance provided by the government is BSU. BSU stands for Wage Subsidy Assistance which is intended for workers or employees. This assistance is in the form of cash which is given directly by the Ministry of Manpower.

Assistance in the form of cash is also directly provided by the Ministry of Manpower for workers. In order to help the Indonesian economy, which had fallen due to the pandemic, it lasted quite a long time. In other words, this assistance was given to help the Indonesian people’s economic recovery.

In the first program, the nominal amount of assistance given to beneficiaries is IDR 500,000 per month. But this fee can be disbursed within a period of every two months. By getting this help you will be a little helped to meet your needs.

But now the nominal amount of assistance has increased to IDR 600,000 per month. From Kompas, we summarize that BSU funds in the early stages will be disbursed to 4.36 million workers or one Indonesian worker. Even then, not all potential recipients can receive assistance in stage one.

Because there were 5.09 million prospective BSU recipients at that time. Now to get this BSU you need to fulfill several conditions. For those of you who don’t know the conditions. Continue to see the discussion after this discussion.

Requirements that must be met by prospective BSU recipients


If you want to get various assistance, surely the first thing you do is register. At the time of registration, you need to fill in a number of conditions in order to be selected as a candidate for assistance. Each aid must have conditions that must be met.

The conditions for receiving wage subsidy assistance are very clearly written, yes. For those of you who are registering, you must first look at the conditions. In order for you to become one of the candidates who will be accepted, you need to fulfill several conditions.

The existing conditions cannot be changed anymore. So for that, you really have to meet the requirements that apply if you want to register. Did you know that if you want to register as a candidate for BSU recipients, you need to meet a number of requirements?

Now for those of you who don’t know some of the conditions available in BSU registration. Don’t worry, we will provide the information for all of you. Here are the conditions you need to fulfill:

  • You must be an Indonesian Citizen (WNI).
  • Second, you must also be an active worker in the BPJS Ketenagakerjaan insurance program until July 2022.
  • Furthermore, workers must have a maximum salary of IDR 3.5 million per month.
  • You are not included in the members of the Police, Civil Servants, and the TNI.
  • Finally, prospective BSU recipients have never been enrolled in the pre-employment card, family of hope, or Productive Assistance for Micro Enterprises programs.

Here are some ways to check BSU


For you workers who have seen various terms or explanations regarding BSU. Maybe you already want to find out whether you are included in the potential recipients of BSU or not. Before that, you have to make sure you have met the criteria or not.

How to check BSU is indeed an easy thing. But maybe those of you who have never participated in several assistance programs like this will be very confused. Maybe you will also feel confused when you are going to check the BSU.

There are many ways that you can use to check this BSU. The government has also prepared various websites that you can visit to check. Don’t worry, the website provided by the government will definitely be safe.

So don’t hesitate to use some of the websites below. Now for those of you who don’t know how to check wage subsidy assistance. You can see the explanation below from for its loyal readers.

Here are two ways you can check the current wage subsidy assistance.

Through the website

The first way you can do to check BSU is to use the website. Take it easy how to use the website is very easy and also simple. You don’t need to worry about very troublesome checking and so on.

So, here are the steps to checking BSU through the first website:

  1. Open one of the browser applications available on your cellphone first. Continue by visiting the website through address bar which is at the top.
  2. Continue with you login account yes. If you don’t have an account on this website, please create an account first. After the list you need to do Activation account using the OTP code sent via SMS.
  3. If the account registration is complete, then you can continue to log in to your account.
  4. After logging in you will immediately be asked to complete your personal data.
  5. Done and you can check some notifications that will appear. The following are some of the notifications:
  • Registered : You will get this one notification, of course you are already registered in this BSU program. This notification will be the same as when submitting data on prospective BSU recipients from BPJS Employment to the Ministry of Manpower.
  • Defined: You will get this notification if you have been assigned a BSU recipient.
  • Distributed: You will get this notification if the funds have been channeled to Himbara or BSI banks for those of you who work in Aceh. If the distribution is at the POS office, it will be sent by mail.

How to Check BSU Through the Website

For the second method, you can check via the website If this one way it will be quite simple. And it’s also simpler than the method we have given you above.

If so, here are some steps that can be used to check BSU:

  • Open the browser application on your device first. Visit on column address bar in your favorite browser.
  • After the website is open you can go straight to it input owned NIK.
  • Will be asked to fill in full name and date of birth according to KTP.
  • Direct enter the mobile number which is still active and in use, retype it to confirm.
  • Continue with enter e-mail which is still active and retype it to confirm too.
  • For you to enter a phone number that is still active and also an email that is still used. Later in order to be able to get various BSU information easily.
  • Then can click continue.

Here’s How to Disburse BSU in Two Easy Ways


After you register like this, it’s not certain that you’ve been accepted. To find out whether you are accepted as a recipient of BSU funds, you have to wait for the next confirmation. So that you can also find out various information easily, you can see it via SMS or email.

Therefore during registration you are asked to fill in an active email. And don’t miss an active telephone number to be able to send various information. So if you have been accepted as an official BSU recipient. You can disburse aid funds in two ways.

Which methods of disbursement can be done easily. We will be happy to provide you with several ways to withdraw BSU funds that you can easily do. Here are some ways for you.

Disbursing BSU Through the POS Office

Disbursement is very easy and we are sure that everyone can definitely use it through the POS Office. Because you don’t need an account or anything else to make a disbursement. The POS office has also prepared disbursements made by workers.

Here are the steps for withdrawing money through the Post Office that everyone can do.

  • You need to receive an invitation from the local RT or RW.
  • Then you can go directly to the nearest POS Office.
  • Just show identification such as KTP / KK to the officer.
  • Later the officer will check if the data matches you will be immediately given cash.

Disburse BSU Funds Through Himbara Bank

Then you can cash out through Himbara Bank. This method can be done if you have an account from this Himbara bank. You can make withdrawals through a teller or an ATM. The following are steps that can be taken:

  • If you already have a Himbara bank account, you can check directly through an ATM by clicking check ATM balance.
  • Or you can go directly to a Himbara Bank teller and bring an ATM card to withdraw the relief funds.
  • You can see the Himbara bank account mutation from the bank statement that is printed at the ATM machine.

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