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June 3, 2023

Trading Binomo is a platform for trading and investing. Currently, Binomo has become one of the best platforms in the world.

It is recorded that Binomo Trading is available in many countries, namely around 133 countries and one of them is Indonesia.

This Binomo Trading Platform uses many currencies that are used to invest or buy shares in it.

Binomo is a trusted Trading Platform, you can double your money in Binomo by investing or buying and selling shares that are definitely safe.

The Advantages of the Binomo Trading Platform

The Advantages of the Binomo Trading Platform

As we know Binomo is well-known worldwide and one of the safest trading platforms to use. Binomo also has several advantages that are no less interesting than other trading platforms.

Here are some of the advantages that Binomo has:

  1. One of “trading platforms” the best in the world.
  2. platforms” which is definitely safe and reliable to do “investment“and buying and selling”share“.
  3. Already available in many countries as many as 133 more countries.
  4. Providing service”tutorials” or trials so beginners can learn how to do “trading” And “investment“.
  5. It has been recognized by the world as platforms safe and good forinvest“.
  6. platforms this puts forwardsecurity” And “comfort” for its users.
  7. There are many currencies that can be used for “invest” inside it.

Some Benefits Obtained From Binomo Trading

Some Benefits Obtained From Binomo Trading

Trading Binomo benefits its users and provides the best service. one of which is comfort and safety for investing.

On this platform, every user can learn how to invest properly and safely. Binomo provides learning services that can be accessed free of charge by viewing tutorials from professional traders or by using a demo account provided.

At Binomo users can start investing if they fill in a minimum deposit of 10 dollars or if the dirupikan is equal to 140,000.

Users can invest with a minimum of 1 dollar or if converted to 14,000 rupiah. with a relatively low nominal, this will be useful for users to invest without worrying about using excess funds.

In Binomo, there are more than 75 assets available that can be invested, usually users will be given a graph to analyze before trading or investing.

The Binomo platform provides 24/7 service for its users. this is done to provide comfort to each user.

To trade, the user will usually be shown a graphic of the asset that the user wants to invest. users can analyze the stability of assets via the graph and reduce the risk of loss.

Every user can also take part in the tournaments available on this platform and you can get big profits through this tournament.

Method Making Trades On the Binomo Platform

How to Trade on the Binomo Platform

Binomo Trading is safe to install on all devices, both computers and smartphones. Therefore it is highly recommended for beginners to use the Binomo application. Here’s how to install Binomo:


  1. Open “Playstore “or “App Store“on your device,
  2. Then search for the application by typing “Binomo
  3. then wait a few moments until it is installed then open it.

Create an Account

For registering a new account, there are usually two sessions for filling in personal data, here’s how to fill in the first personal data:

  1. Open the official app or web page “binomo“,
  2. click create account on the main page,
  3. After that, fill in the email data and no telephone you are active and select the type of currency,
  4. Then click list,
  5. After that you will get a notification verification from “binomo” which was sent past e-mail,
  6. After that click the link in the message to verify your account
  7. Finished

to fill in the first data you will only get a demo account or a trial account, to get an original account you have to fill in your personal data again. here’s how:

  1. Open profile on the main page of the application
  2. Choose verification number telephone
  3. Fill in the number telephone you are still active then click save
  4. After that click profile back and click confirmation email
  5. Input e-mail you come back for verification
  6. Next you will get a message verification through e-mail You
  7. Open gmail click message verification from “binomo” then click the link for verify your account.

How to Trade

After registering and getting a real account, then you can do it trading or investment. Here’s how to do it trading on binomo:

  1. Choose “asset” what you want invest
  2. Fill in the nominal amount of money you want invest
  3. Choose a trade”Binomo” and choose a time to trading
  4. Then click Buy to buy or sell to sell
  5. Wait a while until the time trading finished
  6. Then look at the results from trading what you do

If your guess is correct then you will get a profit and your deposit will increase. However, if it is wrong, your deposit will be reduced.

Features Provided by the Binomo Platform

Features Provided by the Binomo Platform

Binomo Trading Features are easy to understand especially for new users. Binomo has many interesting features, here are some of them:


In this feature the user can take part in several ongoing tournaments in it. Users will also have the opportunity to win a very large prize if they win it.

This feature is very useful for users who want to get bigger prizes than usual trading.

What needs to be noted is that users can only take part in ongoing tournaments, can also see the participation costs and can also see the prizes to be won.

Likewise, the prizes that can be obtained through this tournament are very large. Therefore, users will choose to play through this feature because they are interested in the big prizes.


In this feature, each user can learn strategies for trading with careful calculations.

Users can also learn the right time to trade and invest, usually trading will be carried out in the afternoon until late at night.

Because at that time the price will move very quietly and stably within an affordable price range. small fluctuations so that they can be predicted and can trade.

Users can learn at what time to buy and sell the shares they own and can also calculate whether they will get a profit or loss.

This feature provides learning to users to start investing with a mature strategy.


This feature provides training to users, especially beginners, to trade and invest.

Users will be trained to trade with tutorials provided by the application.

Each account will have a demo account to carry out trial trades regardless of the standard or account status VIPs.

Each demo account will get 1000 dollars which can be used for trading on the demo account.

This 1000 dollar nominal is fake money that is given to each user as a substitute for real money.

If you still have doubts about trading, this feature is very useful for trial trading and investment.

Trading can be done with the nominal you specify with a minimum of 1 dollar or 14,000 rupiah.

This demo account can be used to the fullest by every user, because this account will always be updated every day.

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