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May 28, 2023 – The application is a support in the device operating system, without an application, of course, a lot of work will be hampered, for example, office assignments and school assignments. The existence of an application can also make you see various uncensored museum videos that arouse passion.

With the help of an application, you can see whatever is currently viral, whether in the field of entertainment, technology, or so on. Useful applications can make your tasks and work feel lighter, and can make you feel enjoy going through the day.

The application opens viral content for the 2022 Indo Museum Video


To open the viral museum 2022 video, you can use several applications that Mimin will recommend for you, in which there are several platforms that people often use to watch similar things.

Of course, it’s very fun to watch it with your friends, because it can make your eyes open because of the beauty and the various interesting scenes in it. To find out what applications people often use, you can see the following reviews.

1. MAXStream


You can use the MAXStream application to watch museum videos that are currently viral on social media today. If you are a Drakor lover, of course you are no stranger to this application, indeed MAXStream is often used to watch Drakor for its lovers.

Moreover, Indonesia is one of the most connoisseurs of Drakor in the world, of course MAXStrem and several other popular applications are already known, in Drakor you can find many adult scenes ranging from hugging, kissing, sleeping in one bed, and so on.

MAXStream has quite a wide reach because it provides series to films that are not only in Indonesia and Korea, but cover several neighboring countries in Asia. There are also various film genres that you can choose, such as comedy, romance, thriller, to action.

You can see various Drakor titles in this application, because MAXStream provides access to watch lots of them, often accompanied by broadcast schedules from their country of origin. Then with this completeness, you won’t miss any series that are currently viral.

With the many capabilities that MAXStream has, Mimin thinks this application is worth it for everyone to have. You can find it in your app store like the App Store or Play Store. The size of this application is standard so it won’t burden your storage memory.

Application Name MAXStream
Size 28.48MB
Version 3.14
Downloads 10 million+
Updates September 18, 2022
OS Android 5.1+

2. HOOQs


HOOQ is the next application that you can use to watch Korean dramas and various other adult scenes. The facilities they have are very good and quite complete for the world of drama, because HOOQ always updates the latest series and dramas.

There are many countries that work with the HOOQ application. Call it like Korea, Indonesia, Japan, USA, Canada, India, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Thailand. And of course there are still several other countries around the world that are collaborating with this application.

In Indonesia itself, HOOQ has collaborated with XL and Telkomsel companies. Where if you buy a data package according to the criteria then you will get free from the HOOX application. In other words, you can watch as much as you want when you buy the specified XL and Telkomsel quota.

Film genres that you can see include Comedy, Horror, Action, Relationship, Friendship, Romance, Fantasy, Adventures, Historical, Crime, to Sport. You can enjoy these various films if you install them on your cellphone, you also won’t harm people because this application is considered legal.

Application Name HOOQ
Version 2.1
Size 1.28MB
Downloads 1k+
OS Android 5.1+
Updates May 18, 2022

3. Vicki


Another application that you can use to view hipe films is Viki, although it provides a variety of Indonesian films, this application is better known as a Drakor service provider. The Drakor collection here is very large, from those that were once popular to those that are currently popular, all of them are in the Viki application.

Viki Mimin recommended it because I could see what was going viral in the museum video yesterday. Of course you already know, there are several adult scenes that are shown and are able to arouse the appetite of the connoisseurs. You can also watch other 18+ scenes for free here, all you have to do is install them.

As Mimin said earlier, Viki doesn’t only provide Drakor, but there are several drama collections from other countries. For example, you can see dramas from Thailand, China, Japan, Indonesia, China, and several other countries.

With the excitement that is presented, you can just invite your household to your friends to watch together. Subtitles in Indonesian are here so you don’t need to worry about that. Having subtitles also makes you understand what the plot and storyline are like.

Application Name Viki
Size 13.48MB
Version 22.10.0
OS Android 6.0+
Downloads 50 million+
Updates October 16, 2022

4. Dailymotion


K-Pop and K-Drama lovers, of course, already know the existence of this application, because Dailymotion is quite popular among Korean lovers. The working system of this application is almost the same as Youtube, where you only need to search for the drama you want in a search engine, several top choices will appear.

All you have to do is choose one of the viral video museum films you want, then watch it carefully like when streaming YouTube. It’s very easy and simple and can even be done by anyone, including people who have just downloaded it.

Previously, this application could only be used for you desktop users, but now dailymotion is also available in mobile form. If you want to download this application, now it’s available on PlayStore for free. Starting from Android 5.0 and above, you can run dailymotion on their smartphone.

Application Name Dailymotion
Version 1.74.20
Updates September 30, 2022
OS Android 5.0+
Downloads 50 million+
Size 30.36MB

5. SBS


SBS On Air is the official platform for providing television broadcasts from Korea, so you can watch Drakor from the country’s TV directly. Of course you will feel a different sensation when you enter this platform, as if you were transported to your country of origin.

There are many TV channels that you can find, there are also many dramas that you can watch, all you have to do is decide according to your taste. This application is perfect for those of you who want to feel the original sensation of their country directly. Because it is the Korean language, writing, and characters that you will encounter while watching.

For you K-drama lovers who want to hone your knowledge about Korean culture, you can immediately try this application. Because often you will be presented with dramas without subtitles, either Indonesian or English. But you can just look for other dramas that are equipped with subtitles.

Application Name SBS On Air
Size 33.51 MB
Version 2.119.2
OS Android 4.1+
Updates October 20, 2022
Downloads 5 million+

6. Bee Movie

Bee Movie

Maybe many of you don’t know about this application, it’s only natural because Bee Movie is still relatively new among K-dramas. Even though you can use this application for free and you can get many advantages, one of which is providing 18+ content.

This application is not suitable for minors who have not reached the age of 18 and above, because it can damage the mental and brain performance in learning so that it will be difficult to understand the material provided by the teacher. So, you need to keep an eye on your younger siblings or children so they don’t use similar applications.

Bee Movie provides many genres such as Action, Romancem 18+, Frandship, Horror, Fantasy, Comedy, Relationship, Historical, and several other genres. The dramas that you can watch also vary, starting from China, Korea, India, Indonesia, Canada and Canada.

Application Name Bee Movie
OS Android 5.0+
Size 55.47MB
Version 2.11.1
Downloads 10 million+
Updates October 24, 2022

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