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June 1, 2023

Fans of fun videos will surely be very happy after hearing this information. RumahKejudi.co.id will share with you several Xnxubd 2020 Frame Rate video links. Through various applications we will give you the video link.

So those of you who are curious can just take a look at some of the fun video app recommendations below.


Now there are lots of applications that can be used to watch fun videos. So, friends, who are already curious about applications that can be used to watch fun videos. We will immediately start discussing the Xnxubd 2020 Frame Rate application link.

VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow


Now, for those of you who have used video editing applications very often, you will definitely understand this one application. An application that was very popular at its time as the best editing application. Most who use this one application are professional editors.

People who often make video editing content also definitely use this VN application. Editing videos using the VN application can usually be used to make effect videos. The transition effects in this application are really, really cool.

Not only that, but you can use the various effects provided here. Make your videos aesthetic by using this one application. You can use all the features and video editing tools which are very complete in this VN video editing application.

Application Name VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow
Version 2.0.0
OS 5.0+
Google Play ratings 4,7
Download links CLICK HERE

Alight Motion


Next, there is a cool application for you to use. This video editing application provides lots of video designs. So for those of you who can’t do editing activities using your own editing style, you will definitely be very happy to find this one application.

Besides that, you can also use all the very sophisticated editing features here. You can use the visual effects available in the application, as well as all the effects that make your videos beautiful. This one application is arguably a versatile application.

There is also a camera in this application. You can arrange taking pictures or videos using the camera available here. You can also get many video save formats. Choose according to what you want and need.

Application Name Alight Motion
Version 4.2.3
OS 6.0+
Google Play ratings 4,3
Download links CLICK HERE



All applications must have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to use an application, you will definitely choose an application that has many advantages. So one application that is suitable for you is PowerDirector.

Because by using this application, you can create videos in a cool style. Not only cool but you can also use this application easily. Many features are available that can help you use the application easily and quickly.

If you don’t like lingering in video editing applications. Surely you have to use this one application. By using this application, the editing process will run comfortably and quickly. The results will definitely never disappoint.

Application Name PowerDirector – Video Editor
Version 10.4.1
OS 5.0+
Google Play ratings 4,2
Download links CLICK HERE



Many of you like to wonder if youtubers where do you edit the video? So, you will find the answer to that question in this discussion. Maybe we can find a lot Youtubers who use the YouCut application to edit their videos.

by using this YouCut application, the editing process will run smoothly and also quickly. Because in this one video editing application all the features can be used easily. The appearance of the application is also very simple so its use will also feel easier.

If you want to edit with an easy application. You really can use this one application as an editing tool. It is very suitable for you video editing beginners.

Application Name YouCut – Music Video Editor
Version 1.531.1149
OS 6.0+
Google Play ratings 4,3



If you are looking for an application that is very up-to-date and can make cool videos. Use the application that we will recommend at this time. Because you are guaranteed to really like the recommended application from RumahKeadilan.co.id right now.

You can use the Vidma application as an everyday video editing application. By using this one application, you can definitely use the application properly. Because this one application offers lots of advanced and contemporary features.

Application Name Edit Music Videos – Vidma
Version 1.26.0
OS 9.0+
Google Play ratings 4,8



If earlier you already know the various types of music videos that are famous and frequently used. Now is the time for you to know various applications that have cool and aesthetic effects. Usually people will prefer to use an application that has many effects available.

Maybe this ShortCut application can help you fulfill your dream application. By using this one application, you will definitely find various types of effects. All the effects available in the application will certainly be able to make your videos more aesthetic and also interesting.

Application Name Video Editor Effects – ShortCut
Version 1.33.0
OS 6.0+
Google Play ratings 4,6



Next, we bring you the Magisto application which can be used for various types of editing applications. If you use this one application, of course all work or editing tasks will be easier. Because there are various kinds of editing features that are very complete.

Not only editing features, but you can also find various editing tools that are very complete. Like you can make a video collage using this Magisto application. Then you can also add various contemporary music to the edited video.

Application Name Magisto Editor : Video Editor
OS 6.0+
Google Play ratings 4,3



Now, for those of you who really like making videos every day, you’ll really like it when you hear information about this one application. You can use cool and aesthetic applications when editing with this one application. The use of this one application is very easy as well simple yes.

In the FilmoraGo application you can find various music collections of more than 1000 pieces of music. Not only music, but you will find various types of stickers that can be used to enliven videos. Videos will look more interesting and also fun if you use this one application.

Application Name FilmoraGo: Video Editor & Maker
Version 6.9.11
OS 7.0+
Google Play ratings 4,7

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