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May 28, 2023

RumahKejudi.co.id – There are several choices of Android applications that you can later download easily through the Playstore application store service. For example, the Xxnamexx Mean In Korea application, which is currently quite popular and is always in demand by most people.

Applications that provide entertainment content in them have indeed become the best-selling applications for download at this time. Even in this case you can also find a Mod version of the application which of course will provide many more advantages for you as a user.

Download the Latest APK Xxnamexx Mean In Korea Viral 2022


The Playstore service is indeed the most important application store, for anyone who uses an Android cellphone device. Because by opening the application store, each of them will later find various types of applications with their respective functions.

Of course there are lots of applications that are similar to Xxnamexx Mean In Korea, where for the existence of these applications they also often share the latest 2022 content. And the existence of these applications is certainly very interesting for you to use, so Mimin also wants to recommend them as follows.

1. VidNow


From the name of the application, of course you already understand that this application provides lots of interesting videos in it. All interesting videos that you can watch from the VidNow application will later provide an additional reward in the form of coins that can be exchanged for real money.

Your task to make money from this application is of course only to watch videos, so that you can get more coins later. Download the application for free, so that later you can start looking for coffers of money through this application.

Application Name VidNow
Size 19MB
Version Latest
Updates August 2022
Price Free

2. Bling Stories


Searching for various interesting information from all corners of the world can indeed be done very easily through the Bling Story application. Interesting information that is summarized in this application, later you can find it in the form of videos or it can also be in the form of articles.

To listen to all this information, of course you only need to open the application, because this information is already available on the initial display. And if you have succeeded in listening to all of this information, then at that moment you can get a coin that can be played.

Application Name Bling Stories
Size 37MB
Version Latest
Updates August 2022
Price Free

3. ClipClaps


ClipClaps is the best video watching application that you can use right now, where with all these videos you can definitely get a lot of knowledge. There are lots of video genres that you can get in nature, and that you can watch for free.

By watching the video you can also receive rewards in the form of coins which you can immediately exchange into a balance. If you manage to collect a large number of coins, then you can definitely get quite a large amount of money too.

Application Name Clip Clips
Version Latest
Updates September 2022
Price Free
Size 56MB

4. Vote


To get money from an application, later you can also take advantage of the latest application called Vote. Thanks to the presence of the Vote application you will find lots of exciting missions, where one of these missions is to fill out a survey.

Then when you successfully fill out the survey, the system from the application will give you a reward in the form of a thousand in cash. And after that you can complete several missions doing the next survey, so that the income you get from this application will be even greater.

Application Name Vote
Version v3.5.3
Size 46MB
Updates September 2022
Price Free

5.Fizo Novels


Those of you who use the Fizo Novel application can later read various types of novels from all over the world. You can use all of these novels for free, and this will help you spend your free time in a way that is not boring.

By reading all the novels in it, you can also get lots of prizes that can be collected. One of them is like getting coins from reading novels which of course you can immediately exchange in the form of money or with a FUND balance.

Application Name Fizo Novels
Version v7.3.4
Price Free
Updates 202
OS Android 10+

6. CapCut Mod APK


Doing the video editing process which can be done in less than 5 minutes, later you can find it from using the CapCut Mod APK. So in this one application, you will be presented with a feature that will allow you to edit videos quickly.

You only need to find an interesting video later, then take advantage of the edited files from the video for free. So that the editing file from the video that you got before, you can later own it without having to bother re-editing it from the start.

Application Name CapCut Mod APK
Version Latest
Price Free
Updates 2022
OS Android 10+

7. VivaVideo Pro


To edit a video so that it looks attractive, later you can use a sophisticated application called VivaVideo Pro. In this one application you will find several editing features, all of which you can use for free.

Editing a video through the VivaVideo Pro application, later you can do it with a very fast process. Moreover, the appearance of the application is also very simple, so you can later use this application called VivaVideo Pro right now.

Application Name VivaVideo Pro
Size 28MB
Price Free
Version Latest
Ratings 4,3



Snapseed is a photo editing application that you can download right now, because in it there are lots of excellent features that you can find. By opening this application, you will be presented with lots of advanced features that are free for you to use.

Apart from that, you will also find several choices of music that are currently popular, to add them to a photo that you edit. Until now, you can get the Snapseed application on the Playstore, and use it to do whatever you want.

Application Name Snapseed
Version Latest
Price Free
OS Android 9+
installed 10,000,000+

9. WhatsApp clone


Thanks to the presence of the WhatsApp Clone application, each of you can later run one WhatsApp account on two devices. Which is certainly very interesting for you to have, because Mimin is sure that many of you don’t have just one cell phone.

Apart from providing these sophisticated capabilities, later you can also find several other functions that are no less interesting for you to use. What is clear is that you can get all of them because of the superior features that were previously provided by the developer.

Application Name WhatsApp Clone
Size 45MB
installed 50,000,000+
Updates 2022
OS Android 10+

10. LithMatch


On a platform called LithMatch, later you can get acquainted with everyone who is another user of the LithMatch application. The existence of this application is quite new in the Playstore and Appstore, but for now there are many enthusiasts of the application.

To make it easier for you to communicate, later you will also be presented with an excellent feature in it. Where it all consists of call features, and also clear video calls that you can easily get without the need for an additional download process.

Application Name LithMatch
Version Latest
Price Free
OS Android 10+
installed 10,000,000+

Mimin deliberately included the Mod application in the review above, because the Mod application itself has a lot of advantages that you can get in it. In fact, this can exceed the performance of the Xxnamexx Mean In Korea application, which actually provides a lot of advantages in it.

Whatever type of application you choose, of course Mimin will guarantee that the application has maximum functionality. And this will support all your needs, especially if you often do several activities using the smartphone device that you are using now.

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