Yandex Blue North Sumatra Full Bokeh 2022, Duration 15 Minutes – MOBAREZ PRESS
June 3, 2023

Various Yandex applications have always been the target of people, especially Yandex Blue Browser. If you want to get the application, let’s download it now.

Here we have also provided a download link for the bokeh video apk which you can enjoy on Android phones and iPhones.

Download Yandex Blue Apk Video All Countries


The following is a complete Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian bokeh video from all countries on Yandex Blue. Or just download the Yandex application one by one.

Mago Video Editor App

Mago Video Editor is an application for creating and editing music videos right in one. You can use existing music in the app’s music library.

Or use a music file that you have prepared beforehand. Don’t forget to sync the video with the music you put in so that the results are more consistent.

Or if you want to arrange the music, like speeding up or something else, you can use this Mago video application. There are also many video effects that will make your video projects more attractive and different from the others.

Rated For 3+
Reviews 4,5
Name Mago Video
Download at Playstore



Get beautiful sunset photos with the right brightness settings and also according to the situation using the Pixtica application. In camera mode on Pixtca, it’s not much different from a normal camera.

It’s just that the features are much more complete and more detailed than the usual cameras on your cellphone. There are also several camera mode features such as portrait, landscape, panoramic, and many more.

Then Pixtica is also equipped with tools for editing photos so you can immediately improve or perfect the photos that have been taken before.

Rated For 12+
Reviews 4,3
Name Pixtica
Download at Playstore



There is another video editor application that you can find on the Play Store and can make your photo edits even cooler, namely Video Shop. In this Video Shop you can insert templates or other photos and combine them with your videos.

Features that you can use are add overlays and for the opacity of the added photos so they don’t look overlapping.

And yes, Video Shop has a selection of interesting features to make your videos look more creative.

Rated For 3+
Reviews 4,6
Name Videoshop
Download at Playstore

ShotCut Video Editor


Cut and merge videos into one place in the ShotCut Video Editor app. This application is very helpful for those of you who are still learning to edit videos. Feel free to create videos based on your own creativity.

You can find many other new things in this ShotCut application because the video editor tools in the application are very interesting and also varied.

Rated For 3+
Reviews 4,5
Name VideoEditor Shortcuts
Download at Playstore

This Yandex application still has many other variations, apart from Yandex Blue. Look for other interesting discussions at

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