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June 3, 2023

Recently Yandex Chrome Video japanese has been in great demand by many people to fulfill their biological needs. Because with this application you can watch various viral videos of the 18+ genre which are sure to fulfill your every desire. There is a certain satisfaction when watching these videos one by one.

The benefits you receive are very diverse, ranging from information about health insurance to peace of mind. By watching sites like Yandex Chrome Video, you can de-stress in no time. You will also not miss the latest scandals through this link.

How to Watch HD Quality Viral Videos Using Yandex Chrome Video

Yandex Chrome Videos

There are many things that can be obtained easily just through the gadgets that are in your hands. It is enough to connect to a stable internet network, then all things can be obtained in a short time. It is undeniable that technological advances have had a good influence on enjoying bokeh videos, because everything is practically available.

You only need to access sites like Yandex Chrome Video to get various interesting things related to museums. This site has indeed been sought after by various bokeh circles to enjoy a solid video. You can see various other sites and applications related to bokeh through the discussion below.

1. Movavi Clips

Yandex Chrome Videos

The first application available to you is Movavi Clips. This platform has good functionality when you run it on your device. The main function of this application is to edit videos to create immersive masterpieces. There are several transitions that you can combine while editing.

You also won’t be confused when editing in the Movavi Claps application because this application has a simple system with extraordinary usability. The interface that is presented is very easy to understand, so you can run it well. There are also various choices of music that you can enter as a backsound.

Application Name Movavi Clips
OS Android 5.0+
size 36MB
installed 50 million+

2. SodaCamera

Yandex Chrome Videos

Photos will look better if you edit them using Soda Camera. Where you can add many simple ornaments like lighting, contrast, saturation, effects, filters, etc. Later you can rearrange these things, either adding or reducing.

Adding these things gives you great results. And finally able to increase self-confidence for each user. The reason is, every photo produced has good quality with natural photo results. You can upload it directly to social media if you want.

Application Name SodaCamera
Version 7.2.43
OS Android 4.1+
size 23MB
installed 20 million+

3. FilmMaker Pro

Maybe many of you think that this application works for watching movies because the name smells like a movie. But that’s not entirely true, because this application is used to make movies. When run, Film Maker Pro can work well on all Android devices.

The features and editing tools here are quite complete, such as overlays, transitions, intros, interludes, filters, backgrounds, fonts, green screens, santuration, and others. You can mix and match the tools freely as they are all available to you for free.

Application Name Movie Maker Pro
Version 4.6.82
OS Android 4.4+
size 29MB
installed 10 million+

4. Bling Stories

Bling Story is an entertainment platform that is currently booming, so many people use it. The content here is nicely presented with a short duration. The genre itself is quite diverse, from comedy, beauty vlogger, food vlogger, 18+ to other entertainment.

If you use this application well, you can not only get entertainment. But also certain income, namely through the implementation of a given mission. Such as inviting friends, watching videos, calling applications every day and several other simple tasks.

Application Name Bling Stories
Version 7.2.78
OS Android 6.1+
size 25MB
installed 5 million+

5. Like it Like

The next entertainment service that you can choose is Likeit Like where this platform provides interesting content every day. You can not only watch but also become content creator by uploading your daily life. And, you guys can share a lot of things too, from food to beauty.

Even though it hasn’t been released for a long time, this application already has many fans around the world. This is due to the availability of lots of content and earnings. By completing certain missions, you can easily get additional money. Later you can transfer funds to your e-wallet.

Application Name Likeit Like
Version 8.2.57
OS Android 4.0+
size 27MB
installed 20 million+

6. Drakor ID

If you like dramas like Drakor, Drama ID can provide it for you. The reason is, this application has lots of drama titles, both classic ones and those that are currently popular. There are 2 display options for you, namely free and premium. You can choose according to taste.

There are definite advantages to using the premium version where you won’t find ads that are now usually scattered everywhere. And you can get drama happening much quicker than usual. In the free version, you get the play a week later.

Application Name Drakor ID
Version 3.6.89
OS Android 6.1+
size 34MB
installed 1 million+

7.Photo Lab

To edit photos in an easy way, you can use the Photo Lab application. The reason is, this one application has a variety of features that you can rely on in the editing process. A simple view will help you understand each existing tool layout.

Today, its users are spread all over the world, and many rely on Photo Lab as their bokeh editing platform. It is undeniable that the features here are very unique to produce unique images as well. You can zoom to widen certain parts in this application.

Application Name Photo Lab
Version 4.7.04
OS Android 5.1+
size 25MB
installed 5 million+

8. Insta Bokeh

This platform has various effects that you can rely on to beautify your photos. Such as blurry, santuration, lighting, details and several other things related to photos. When all of them are combined into one, the result is a feast for every eye that sees.

This causes many people to search for and use the Insta Bokeh application on their devices. Even cooler, you can get this filter for free without monthly fees. Things that used to be ordinary are now more stunning and hot when seen by naked eye.

Application Name Insta Bokeh
Version 8.21.57
OS Android 4.2+
size 18MB
installed 50 million+


Magisto is very popular and widely known, perhaps the main reason is its versatility. Where you can edit photos and videos on the same platform. Practically everything can only be done in this Magisto application, even its functions don’t need to be doubted.

You can get a number of excellent features such as adding backgrounds, background sounds, effects, filters, transitions and much more. These things can make your photos and videos look better and more attractive. In addition, the layout is easy to understand and will certainly make it easier for you to remember.

Application Name Magisto
Version 7.27.83
OS Android 5.0+
size 36MB
installed 10 million+

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