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June 3, 2023

You are already familiar with the Yandex Student Apk application, the old version and the latest version 2022 for Android and iPhone. Because of this application you can enjoy dozens of students with the yandex apk.

Before you install the apk on your cellphone, make sure there isn’t a similar Yandex application, be it VPN or something else.

yandex student

With the Yandex Student apk application, download videos for free from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media. Anyway, you can get full HD bokeh videos.

Snapseed Apk

Do you want a photo editor application that is simple but has detailed and sophisticated editing features? Maybe Snapseed is the answer.

This Snapseed application is more likely to be used to edit important details in photos. Instead of including lots of effects or templates, you’ll find editing tools that will make your photos neater.

So, you could say that the Snapseed application is more suitable for use if you want to fix a photo that doesn’t quite fit. Whether it’s a part that is too tilted or too many objects in your photo.

You can adjust each of the tools for editing photos here yourself, starting from white balance, blur effects, and others. The size of this application is not big and it’s still just right for you to download to your cellphone.

Name Snapseed
Updated On April 14, 2020
Rate Downloads Everyone
Available in Playstore

Kinemaster Diamond


The first step you can take if you want to become an affected content creator is to know the concept of the video or content you want to make. After you have to understand what application you want to use to edit the video.

Use an editor application which includes all editing features so you don’t need to download other applications anymore. Here, just use the Kinemaster Diamond application if you want to start becoming a content creator.

This Kinemaster application includes all editing features for both beginners and pros. The videos produced from this application are also very detailed and whatever type of video you want to edit, the solution is the Kinemaster application.

If you feel that you don’t really understand the world of editing, but are forced to make cool videos, then just use the free templates provided by the diamond version of the Kinemaster application.

Name Kinemaster Diamond
Updated On August 30, 2022
Rate Downloads Everyone
Available in Playstore

Picsart Photo Editor Pro


For those of you who want to make photo editing fans edit with very good results real or in other words it doesn’t look like edits, then use the Picsart application.

There is no doubt about the editing features in Picsart, especially if you understand how to operate each of the features. The proof is that users can edit their photos with idols or combine two photos into one.

And the results look very real, indicating that the features in this application are really that cool. Take advantage of all the features listed there and don’t be afraid to explore if you don’t know what they are used for.

There’s a feature undo/redo which will help if when entering an item or using a feature it turns out that it doesn’t match the photo being edited.

Name Picsart Photo & Video Editor
Updated On August 26, 2022
Rate Downloads Everyone
Available in Playstore

Nichi Templates & Collage Maker


For those who want to have edits for instastories that are good and not boring. Try editing using the Nichi application.

This application has many types of interesting templates so that every time you edit a photo you don’t need to be confused about what theme to choose. Just choose which photo template you want to use.

You can estimate how many photos you want to edit and just find which template has the number of frames you want. To make it even more varied, edit the shape of the frame or background again from the available templates.

Every frame in Nichi is equipped with different effects. Well, if you don’t want the effect to show then just reduce the opacity so that your original photo is showing.

Name Nichi Collage Maker & Stories
Updated On July 1, 2022
Rate Downloads 3+
Available in Playstore

Types of Videos on Yandex 2022 Indonesian Students

When you have downloaded the Yandex Student download this video application, what kind of video will you find?

If you are curious about the contents of Student Yandex, maybe the explanation below will really help you.

DSLR Camera HD


A high-quality camera application that will make your photo shots clear is DSLR HD Camera. There is no need to doubt the quality of the photos produced by this application.

All types of Android applications can download the application and you can upgrade your photos to be cooler. This application is liked by users because from there they can make photos that are similar to professional cameras.

If you want too then don’t forget to download this DSLR Camera HD application.

Name DSLR Camera HD 4K
Updated On December 21, 2021
Rate Downloads 3+
Available in Playstore

The Tezza Effect application


Download the Tezza application with effects features fullpack so you can use all the features here without having to buy it again.

So, you can use all the effects here for free even though they were premium Tezza effects. Combine filters and also texture effects, the results will be even more amazing.

The Tezza application is famous for its aesthetics and also the majority of the effects contained in the application are vintage. If you want to try editing photos with a vintage effect that has vibes the 90s then please just download this Tezza application.

Name Tezza Aesthetic Photo Editor
Updated On August 22, 2022
Rate Downloads 3+
Available in Playstore

Blur Background App


Edit your photo to be blurry or blurry with just one drag with the Blur Background application. Both manual and automatic features will not make it difficult for you to edit photos.

Just point your finger at the screen and tap which part you want to blur, the result will appear immediately.

Name Blur Background Image
Updated On August 29, 2022
Rate Downloads 3+
Available in Playstore

Vieka Video Editor


Vieka is a video and music editor application that can be used for free. In Vieka there are also several items that you can buy to vary your edited form.

In the Shop feature of the Vieka application, you can also buy ready-made templates filled with cool transitions, effects, and music. The easiest way to edit videos is to use templates.

Because you only need to insert photos and or video clips into the template. So, the Vieka application is a special editor application for Android users only.

Name Vieka Video Editor
Updated On August 27, 2022
Rate Downloads 3+
Available in Playstore

You can see and check the download link for the latest version of Yandex for students at

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