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June 3, 2023

What information can you find from the keyword 45.76.33.x.4? One of them is the Android bokeh video application with the best quality and full HD viewing.

Come on, download the apk below, besides being able to get bokeh museum videos on your iPhone, you can also generate a balance of funds for additional income.


And what are the discussions that come out if you search for ip 45.76.33.x.4 apk in Yandex or Chrome browser? The full discussion is at rumahkeadilan.co.id.

Prisma Art Effects Apk

The application of choice for editors in the Play Store which is the best apk for turning a photo into a work of art and more meaningful is Prisma Art Effects Editor.

Prisma Art will turn your photo with just a few effects into a painting. Maybe you’ve seen photos that are similar to paintings, right?

Well, you can get the same result for your type of photo editing by editing it in Prisma. Each effect you use will give its own results and no one is the same.

What photos are good for editing through this application? All the photos you have, be it selfies, landscapes, or anything else, can be transformed into works of art through the Prisma Art Effect Editor.

Downloads 50M+
Name Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor
Feature Pro
Price Free

Fotor Apk application


An application with quite professional editing capabilities in editing photos is Fotor. All the tools that are here can be used to edit photos and also create designs in these photos.

The capabilities of the photo editing features and also the graphic design in Fotor will be perfect if you combine them with the available photo effects. If you want to readjust the brightness or want enhance photos easily.

Then, just edit it in the Fotor application because what you process only requires one tap on the screen. There are still many other editing features that you can use according to your individual needs.

Create photo edits that suit your style and combine all the features that are there and don’t forget to share the results on your social media.

Downloads 10M+
Name Photo Editor Collage – Fotor
Feature Pro
Price Free

Video Trillers


Where else can we have an application that can edit videos while having lots of video content in it if not Triller. This is one of the music video editors that everyone can choose.

You can create useful content or just for fun in the application. Of course when using this application you will not feel bored.

Why so? Apart from editing videos, you can also explore various other interesting video content. Where does the video content come from? The videos you see on Triller are shared instantly by every user of the app.

You can also make videos that are trendy in the application using the default music that is already available there.

Downloads 10M+
Name Triller Social Video Editor
Feature Pro
Price Free

After Focus Pro App

after focus-45.76.33.x.4

An application that is less busy being sought after by editors to produce bokeh photos that look like the original is the pro version of After Focus. If you have tried the regular version, then we recommend trying the pro version as well.

After Focus is different from some of the applications that admin has discussed above. For others, the average editing feature is full of various effects and other tools.

In After Focus, the focus on editing is only a little because the user only wants to make the photo bokeh. Yes, at least they only need the auto blur background feature or other adjustment tools.

However, the pro version of After Focus has more additional features and also the type of blur that will make your photos look more real.

Downloads 10M+
Name AfterFocus
Feature Pro
Price Paid

ArtistA Photo Editor


Wanting to make an artistic photo is actually not as difficult as you might imagine, especially since there is already a special application, namely ArtistA. With this application you can create artistic photos that are suitable to be used as your new profile photo.

Maybe people think you edit it using a sophisticated application and it also takes a long time. Even though it’s enough to download ArtistA and enter the photo you want to edit. Then determine which art effect you want to add to the photo.

For a more natural impression, you can still rearrange the effect for each photo being edited.

Downloads 10M+
Name ArtistA – Art Photo Editor
Feature Pro
Price Free

Meitu Apk


Download the Meitu App application if you want to have a photo and video editor application at the same time in only one place. Once you download this application, the features you will get are as follows.

  • Photo Effect: There are more than 100 photo effects that you can apply to your edits
  • Magic Brush : Use this tool if you want to block an area or design a doodle with various brush options available
  • Collage: There is a collection of photo collages that you can use for free
  • Body shape: Change or edit parts of your body shape in the photo to make it more beautiful
  • Video editing tools: You can also edit videos with all the existing editing tools
Downloads 50M+
Name Meitu Photo & Video Editor
Feature Pro
Price Free



Who wants to try to make a Live Photo, but don’t know which application to use? Make your edits even more professional by editing in VIMAGE 3D.

Every feature here can make your photos that previously had no movement become live photos. The photos that you have edited there can be used as live wallpapers too, you know.

The quality of the 3D effects in the VIMAGE application is no joke and you must try it now. Get the app for free on the Play Store.

Downloads 10M+
Feature Pro
Price Free

LineCamera application


Line Camera will make your photos more attractive and funnier with all the effects and stickers available. Not only can it be used as a selfie camera and so on.

You can also use the tools in Line Camera to edit your photos.

Or if you want a photo grid to be divided into several parts, in the LINE Camera application you can do that too.

Downloads 100M+
Name LINECamera
Feature Pro
Price Free

There are still many applications that you will find at 45.76.33.x.4 and don’t forget to check the articles at rumahkeadilan.co.id.

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