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June 3, 2023 – The blue kebaya video has gone viral again on social media, where a woman in a blue dress flaunts her body while dancing to attract the lust of men. This woman, unmitigated, dances like a tiktok player by slowly opening the clothes that cover her body while gently squeezing her breasts.

There have been many viral videos lately using kebaya from various female versions. it’s as if they are competing with each other to produce the best bokeh video, thus making netizens curious about the videos they display with various characteristics of kebaya covering parts of their bodies.

Download the Smooth Viral Squeezing Gunung Gede Blue Kebaya Video

A video of a woman in a blue shirt circulating on social media has made netizens even more curious about this next video of a woman in a different version, because this video in a blue shirt is even more obvious for her to reveal her body parts for the men watching the viral video to see.

Here is a link for you to download viral kebaya videos, without using layered access, available from trusted sources that you can get easily. By utilizing a variety of ways you can definitely get what you want, here’s an application that can help you.

1. Twitter

This social media application, which is always up to date, is one of the applications that is always at the forefront of conveying the latest news, which many people talk about both on social media and even in the real world. The whole world uses this application to chat and carry out any discussion.

This application, which always uses hashtags, tweets, and retweets, is very convenient to use, because there are many unique entertainment options that you can use to refresh your mind when you feel tired and have a lot on your mind. For those of you who haven’t used this application, download it immediately and enjoy its features.

Version Varies by device
Android version Varies by device
Content Ratings 12+ Recommended with parental guidance
Updates Jan. 3, 2023
Review 4.0

2. MeWe

This social media application is a new generation application that will be trending, thus complementing social media applications that have been popular beforehand, informing reliable news without any fabrications and hoaxes, providing interaction features for all users with complete information.

This application at a glance is similar to Instagram and Facebook, you could say that this application is a similar application, a combination of applications that are widely used by many people. that’s why they call mewe a next generation social media application, download this application immediately on the playstore and appstore on your cellphone.

android version 7.0 and up again
Content Ratings 12+ Recommended with parental guidance
Updates 23 Dec 2022
Review 3.0

3. LITT – Social Media & Rewards

This social media application is no less interesting than other social media applications with interesting offers and features for you to get and enjoy, social media while collecting points so you can get rewards that you can take in this application, what are you waiting for, let’s use this application.

You can get a lot more while playing social media with friends, friends, relatives and family too, this application also provides viewing tickets for you friends and family to watch together for free. how curious about this application. download immediately on playstore & appstore.

Version 2.2.39
Android version 7.0 and up again
Content Ratings 12+ Recommended with parental guidance
Updates 6 Dec 2022
Review 2.9

4. Tiki – Short Videos

This short video application is an application that you can use to socialize with many people, friends, family, or people you just met. You can appreciate yourself by using short videos that you can make as creative as possible using existing editing features.

Also watch various kinds of popular videos available in this application, many available short animated videos, motivational, funny and unique videos and many others. Also find communities for you to add friends and also develop yourself in a real way by gaining useful knowledge.

Version 3.15.1
Android version 4.4 and up again
Content Ratings 12+ Recommended with parental guidance
Updates Jan. 6, 2023
Review 4.2


Pinterest is a place or medium for you to explore inspiration so that it makes your life more colorful, by using this application you can find inspirational creators who can build you to be even more creative. let’s immediately download this application and you can inspire freely.

Living life with whatever you dream of being able to turn into reality is something that rarely happens, but with the creativity that you have and developed again, it is something that is very possible. what are you waiting for, immediately have this application on your cellphone and feel the benefits.

Version Varies by device
Android version Varies by device
Content Ratings 12+ Recommended with parental guidance
Updates 6 Dec 2022
Review 4.5

6. Weverse

You can feel a real means of communication in this application, with live video you can communicate freely with your interlocutor via video. be it real chat or live video comments that you can watch, there is a lot of content from famous artists, especially artists from Korea or what is commonly called Keypop.

Lots of top artists, top girl bands and boy bands, can be found in this application, you can communicate directly with your favorite Korean artist. it’s very rare not to have a platform that provides a means of communicating with your favorite artist. what are you waiting for immediately download and have this application.

Version 2.5.1
Android version 6.0 and up again
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7. MeetMe

Meetme is an application that is provided for you to date or get a partner as your life partner, you can communicate using chat and you can exchange phone numbers and make out with each other using this application, there are also many games for you to be more suitable.

Communicating with new people is an exciting thing to add to your network of friends, not least for those who are suitable to continue to have an intense relationship with each other. wow, so interesting isn’t the fun you create with this application, download it immediately and enjoy the fun.

Android version 5.0 and up again
Content Ratings 18+
Updates 20 Dec 2022
Review 3.9

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