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May 28, 2023 – A service in the social media category, of course, is something that you always use almost all the time. And one of the newest ones is TikTok Asia, where by using this service you can watch all the interesting content that you can watch every day.

This application will provide it all for free, or does not require each user to subscribe. But in this case you can’t find TikTok Asia through the Playstore, so you need to find out how to get the app first through this article.

Overview of TikTok Asia APK


TikTok Asia is a social media application that allows you to search for various music videos shared by everyone. The various videos that are shared through this application are especially in the Asian continent such as China, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and India.

Each of you who use application With this, of course you can feel the sensation of entertainment that you may have never found before. You can also download all the interesting things from this application for free, so you can watch this interesting content offline.

Apart from watching the talents shared by someone, of course you can also share your own talents, so you can become one of the famous users. Because with your popularity in this application, you can later have the potential to generate large amounts of money.

The system or advanced features in it will support all your activities, in doing interesting things from TikTok Asia. So for those of you who have just heard of this application, of course you can download it to try all the unique things you can do in it.

Here are cool features from TikTok Asia 2022


A service that is related to the TikTok application, of course, will always provide the latest colors for each of its users. TikTok Asia itself is included in the TikTok service whose existence is not much different from the original version of TikTok.

What distinguishes TikTok Asia from TikTok in general, namely, for this variant, is a TikTok where the existence of the application system is very old school. Or rather this application is the old version of TikTok which first appeared around the world, especially in the Asian region.

The TikTok application, in its previous version, did provide lots of cool features that could be run simply. So anyone who uses this application, can definitely see a sophisticated performance of the application with a display that is easy to understand.

For those of you who are using the latest version of the TikTok application, of course you will feel interested in trying some of the features of the old version of TikTok Asia. Therefore you can find out what features are in it, through a summary listed in the following review.

1. Get Live Broadcast

For those of you who want to broadcast live, later you can do this in a very easy way. The reason is you don’t need to have followers that reach 1000, you can already do live broadcasts to get lots of followers.

2. Abundant Photo and Video Filter Effects

When you are creating content, you can immediately add some interesting features to the content. More precisely, you don’t need to do the editing process manually anymore, because all the filter templates that you can find are abundant.

3. Can Delete Comments

When you upload content, of course there are lots of viewers who provide comments on your content. But if the comment is really inappropriate for you to read, then you can immediately delete the comment easily.

4. Complete Music Collection

The provision of music that you can add to content, of course, has a very abundant and interesting amount. And most importantly, you can find a collection of old songs that were viral at the time, especially in 2017.

5. Voice Changer Filters

For those of you who like to create tutorial content, of course you need to include a direction in the form of a talk on that content. Uniquely, you can change the type of voice you speak by using the voice changer filter in it.

How to Download the Old Version of TikTok Asia Easily


The developer of the TikTok application, of course, will always provide an update process that can be done by each user. So in this case, downloading the old version of the TikTok application is very difficult for anyone who doesn’t know how to do it.

Downloading an old version of the TikTok application like this, you certainly won’t be able to do it through the Playstore application store. Because for app stores like Playstore, of course there will always be an update process according to the time set by the TikTok developer.

But here you don’t need to worry, because for sure Mimin will share the easiest way you can do to download TikTok Asia. In fact, this method is so easy to do, you only need to download the application by using the link listed here.

Application Name Asian TikTok
File Size 92MB
Old Version v19.5.5
Region Asia
Requires OS Android 5+
Download links Here

From now on, you can use the link listed above to download the very first version of the TikTok application. Because it’s enough to click on the link listed above, later you will be immediately directed to a menu to download this application.

Tips for Using Asian TikTok in the Long Term


As Mimin said earlier, the developers from TikTok themselves always apply updates to the application system. So for those of you who are using the old version of TikTok, of course you will be forced to carry out the update process as well.

Thus, it is possible that you will experience a difficulty when you are required to make the update. Because according to you personally, the superior system and features on TikTok Asia are the best versions that you can use so far.

That way, here Mimin has found a tip to maintain the performance of the old version of the TikTok application that you downloaded. So even though the developers from TikTok always provide instructions for updating, here you don’t need to do it later.

At least there are some tips that Mimin will convey, and all of them Mimin has provided in summary form. So instead of that, you can immediately see all the summaries that Mimin has made, through a summary that is presented as follows.

1. Clean Junk Files From TikTok Asia

A collection of videos or content that you have uploaded on TikTok, of course, will eat up data stored on your cellphone. And here Mimin invites you to delete all the trash files from the TikTok application, so that the performance of the application system does not need to be updated.

2. Do Not Allow Updating Apps

For those of you who download TikTok via Playstore, you can turn off the Playstore notification feature via the settings on your cellphone. Because by doing so, you will not always be given confirmation to carry out the update process for the application.

Even though you have turned off notifications from Playstore, you will definitely always get update notifications from the TikTok application directly. Of course you can deal with this kind of thing very easily, to be more precise, rejecting all the proposed updates that you need to do.

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