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June 6, 2023

The following is a recommendation for the iPhone XR Full Bokeh Video Application with the best specifications that you can download for free on the App Store.

The row of applications below is sorting for the iPhone XR bokeh video application for free without paying, just install the apk until it’s finished.

Download the iPhone XR Full HD Bokeh Video Application

iphone-xr-full bokeh-video-app

On this occasion the admin of will share a collection of iPhone XR Full Bokeh Video Applications that have the best specifications and features.

The combination of the quality of the iPhone camera will produce a cooler photo if you use the bokeh video application on this iPhone. Want to know what the application is?

Focos Apk

A bokeh camera photo application with photography capabilities that will make your photos look like a DSLR Camera is the Focos application. Maybe you’ve found this application also on Android.

It turns out that not only on Android, those of you who use the iPhone XR can also download the Focos application to their respective cellphones. The photo shots from Focos will be much more focused and you can also set automatic blur which is similar to photo bokeh.

There are also features aperture shapes which you can use to add elements to your photos and similar to bokeh effects lights. This kind of application does indeed produce good photos when used with the iPhone XR.

Intrigued by how the results of the photos from the application? You can directly download the free Focos application on the App Store.

Name Focos Apk
Evaluation 4,8
Requires iOS 11.2 or later
Download links HERE

Blur Bokeh Background


Blur Bokeh Background is one of the applications most sought after by smartphone users on both Android and iOS for editing bokeh full lights photos.

The blur effect given by this application is indeed different from the bokeh camera application or the like. You can choose other blur effects or additional shaped bokeh lights effects.

Use the brush feature so that every component of the bokeh effect lights that you put in the photo looks better. Please, if you want to download this bokeh application for iPhone users, you can go directly to the App Store.

And the price of this application is free as well as the use of all the features in it.

Name Blur Bokeh Background
Evaluation 4,5
Requires iOS 8.1 or later
Download links HERE

Focos Live


Make the photos you take using only your iPhone device more cinematic without the need to edit them again with the Focos Live camera. You can also use Focos Live to edit videos recorded through the application.

You can also make blur bokeh background videos with the Focos Live application or add similar effects and filters. The functions of the Focos Live application are quite diverse and in general people prefer to use this application to edit blur bokeh videos.

The solution to making the videos you take more stable and also not shaking a lot is to use the stabilizer feature.

Name Focos Live
Evaluation 4,8
Requires iOS 12.0 or later
Size 105.2MB

Blur Photos


A blur photo editing application that has more than 20 different types of effect photos is only in the Blur Photo application. This Blur Photo is very useful for those of you who want to vary various types of blur edits.

The details of this Blur Photo feature can be clearer and you can also use the brush feature to make it even easier to see the final result. Even though there aren’t many editing features in the application.

Still, people like this application because you can say the size of the application is quite small. So, you don’t need to worry about storage and this application is also fairly light for cellphones.

Name Blur Photos
Evaluation 4,3
Requires iOS 12.1 or later
Size 61.2MB

Bokeh Video Application Benefits For iPhone

A bokeh video application that is no less interesting than the recommendations that have been provided by the admin of above, which we will present again below.

Just look for a camera application that fits your criteria to make your photos even more amazing.

Tok Cam Analog Camera


Does the iPhone XR have an analog camera application too? We have recommendations for the best analog camera applications that we will tell you about.

You can use the Tok Cam application, which is one of the cameras with the best analog filters in the application. The experience of using this application will make your photography results even cooler.

The uniqueness of the analog filter is unmatched and you can also choose frames or photo frames that are no less aesthetic.

The choice of analog camera effects in Tok Cam is quite diverse so you won’t feel bored when using this analog cam application.

Immediately search the App Store and have the application right now.

Name TOK CAM – Analog Camera
Evaluation 4,8
Requires iOS 9.0 or later
Size 198.6MB

Calla Apk


A special camera application on the iPhone that has a collection of vintage, analog, and other filters is Calla. Maybe some of you don’t know much about this application.

Calla includes a special vintage camera application that is only available on iPhones and the default language is Korean. So, don’t be surprised when you are looking for this application, the language content is Korean.

But this application is really worth trying, especially for those of you who like vintage-style photos to make it look more aesthetic.

Name Blur Calla
Evaluation 4,6
Requires iOS 12.0 or later
Size 195.3MB

WeTV application


WeTV is an application service that offers hundreds of the best Asian drama titles that you can watch for free. WeTV also presents original series from Indonesia and other countries.

The dramas in the WeTv application are K-drama, C-Drama, and there are also several dramas from Indonesia. You can enjoy all the shows here for free with full HD quality and are also equipped with Indonesian subtitles.

Starting from dramas that are still airing to dramas from the previous year, you know, you know, in this application. And of course WeTv broadcasts dramas officially so you don’t need to watch Korean dramas unofficially, OK?

Name WeTV
Evaluation 3,8
Requires iOS 10.0 or later
Size 177.3 MB

1998 Cam Vintage App


Selfie photos will be even cooler without the need for many other effects with just 1998 Cam Vintage. Even though this application offers photos with old school style effects, it turns out that many people, you know, prefer this kind of color.

You will return like you were in the 90s, but don’t lose the aesthetic that you have.

Try downloading the application on your iPhone right now.

Name 1998 Cam Vintage
Evaluation 4,9
Requires iOS 11.0 or later
Size 121.7MB

All of the recommendations for the full Iphone XR bokeh video application that we convey at are available on the App Store.

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