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June 6, 2023

It’s really best to play games while relaxing, because all the fun is always in it. One of the games that you should try is the Mega Store Mod Apk.

In this game, you are focused on running a retail business that you have started from the start. To see other excitement, you can see the discussion below.

Summary Regarding Mega Store Mod Apk Tycoon

The retail business that you want to develop must have unique items that are influential for the progress of the store. You can start with simple items that people are used to, such as clothes, electronics, and jewelry.

You can also choose the items you like because this game has more than 200 different items and is divided into 20 cool categories. Don’t forget to make your own items to attract people’s attention.

With unique items, of course, customers will be inclined to shop at your store. This is what makes your shop progress more rapidly and eventually has branches everywhere.

When the shop is more advanced, then you can hire employees in your shops. Assign them to do cleaning work, display design, create items, and so on.

Money can be obtained when customers buy the items they need in your shop. With this money, you can grow your retail business more rapidly and grow.

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Features That Are the Reasons Why Mega Store Mod Apk Is Played a Lot

Reasons Why Mega Store Mod Apk Is Widely Used

The variety of user tasks is a concrete reason why Mega Store Mod Apk is in great demand until now. Where you can become a cashier, retail item maker, businessman, pirate, and attacker.

You can apply a crazy and wild business if you want things that challenge your adrenaline. Such as attacking and raiding other players’ shops, in order to get customers from them.

With a variety of tasks and not fixated on just that, then you can play many things at once. If you want to know the full reason, then you can see the brief discussion below.

1. Various Retail Stores

This game has a variety of retail stores, so you can choose your favorite business that suits your fashion. Electronics, jewelry, clothing, wholesalers, and home appliances are examples of retail that you can choose from.

About 200 items in 20 different categories can be your reference in choosing your favorite business. You can also make your own unique items that are immediately extended to your shop.

Make items as unique as possible to attract the attention of customers. With the uniqueness of goods, of course people are more interested in your products. Earn money and grow your business.

2. Attack Opponent’s Shop

As someone who likes challenges, you can try and switch to this method. Because this method is somewhat crazy and wild, because you are required to attack other businessmen’s shops.

With this method, you can make multiple and more money than usual. The way to play is very simple, where you have to attack and then steal goods from customers in the shop.

If you can attack the warehouse and rob the money that is there. Join a guild to increase the business you have, because the guild is able to expedite your actions.

3. Customizing Characters

Customize your dream character by resetting everything in the settings section. You can remodel the hair, eyes, nose, teeth, clothes, to the gender you want.

With the alignment of these things, the spirit will certainly appear in you, because the desired character has now been realized. Character changes will also make people’s views different.

Without you realizing it, appearance also affects your business improvement. For that, dress as best as possible to look more charismatic and authoritative.

4. Own a Pet

Pets don’t only exist in the real world, but in unique games like Mega Store Mod Apk. Uniquely, you can train these animals to help your business progress.

You can buy these animals in stores that are prepared and have certificates. Some of them are like cats, dogs, owls, doves, and so on.

With good training, your pet will help you with all your needs swiftly. Usually these animals are used to guard shops, carry out piracy, and so on.

5. High Visual Resolution

Cute visuals are unique to this game, because the characters depicted are in a made-home style cartoon. It is full of humor and fun in it.

The resolution described is fairly high, so you can play it comfortably. Without worrying about shackles, you can play this game to your satisfaction without fear of tired eyes.

Instead of displaying the usual view from top to bottom, this game prefers a side scrolling view from right to left. This adds a real and realistic impression when playing it.

Download Mega Store Mod Apk Idle Tycoon Unlimited Money + Unlock All

Link Download Mega Store Mod Apk Idle Tycoon

With concrete and realistic reasons, many people prefer this game over other games. You can see all of that clearly through the previous discussion.

If you are also interested in the Mega Store Mod Apk gameplay, then you can download it via the available button. That way you will immediately feel the superiority.

Through this download process, you can easily get the Mega Store Mod Apk game. Because there is no specific password to open and download this game.

Name Mega Store Mod Apk
Version 1.1.3
Size 66MB
Minimum OS Android 4.4+
Developers Creative Logics

Tips for playing Mega Store Mod Apk v1.0.7 for beginners

How to Play Fun Mega Store Mod Apk

To make your game look more fun and challenging, you can try playing by pirating and plundering other businessmen’s shops. With this you can get money multiplied.

This method is highly favored by people who like a challenge. Because you will get resistance from several people, whether it’s in the form of beatings, tugs, or other exciting scenes.

You can experience other excitement if you try this method. Have fun while collecting valuable items from the loot shop. If possible, enter the warehouse to get the safe inside.

Try joining a guild to improve your business skills. If necessary, build a good relationship with him to be able to establish cooperation. If this is done, you can get a lot of benefits.

It doesn’t even hurt if you start building your own guild for bigger profits. Invite other people to do business and cooperate with you.

Other Advantages of Mega Store Mod Apk Latest Version

The uniqueness of the Mega Store Mod Apk

The uniqueness of this game lies in the pets that you can train, so they can be useful for the progress of your personal shop. Apart from being an encouragement when you’re tired, animals can also be useful.

Examples of animals that are often kept here are dogs, owls and cats. The cute visuals will add uniqueness to playing the Mega Store Mod Apk game in your spare time.

You can remodel your shop to be fresher by decorating every room in your shop. To make it look more attractive to buyers, you can hire a guide to decorate it.

So it can be concluded that this game has its own uniqueness, especially in terms of visuals, quite a variety of retail characters, useful pets, and so on.

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